Shattered Glass Aerialbots

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    So Spiderus Prime came up with an idea for SG Aerialbots, I had the brilliant idea of repainting them as G1 Seekers... I liked the idea of these 'mirrored universe' Aerialbots so much, I came up with some histories for them... thinking of turning it into a short story... tell me what you think (rough draft, I know it needs some ironing out)

    Silverbolt (G1 Skywarp colors, Energon Storm Jet’s body)
    Background: Silverbolt is the ruthless commander of the Aerialbots. Before the war, he was a low flying, cargo pilot, transporting materials short distances, and hated it! Began running illegal contraband for Cybertornian criminals, not to prospers from the financial gain, but rid himself of the boredom. That is how he first came into contact with the Autobots. Silverbolt was bringing in the first shipment of weapons for the Autobot movement, and that is when he first locked optics with the Mech who would change his destiny, Optimus Prime. Prime found Silverbolt’s courage and his ease at breaking Cybertornian law, refreshing. Immediately Prime demanded Silverbolt join the Autobot ranks as a courier at first, bringing in weapon systems, troops and upgrades. At first ‘Bolt found his new life exciting, until he realized he was still doing the same job as he had done before, piloting a transport ship, only this time, he was doing it illegally. ‘Bolt began looking for like minded pilots, hoping to gain further favor with Prime by doing hit and runs on Cybertron installations from the air. This is where he found the Mechs who would become his squadron.

    Slingshot (G1 Dirge colors, Energon Skyshadow’s body)
    Background: Before the war began, Slingshot was a stunt pilot for Cybertron, flying visually stunning stunts through Cybertron, both authorized and illegal. Slingshot functioned only for the thrills, and hated any and all moments where he was not in a cockpit. His risky and illegal stunts landed him in jail more then a few times, the last time, he met a law enforcement agent named Fireflight, who handed him a datapad and agreed to ‘look the other way’ as Slingshot escaped, as long as he would head to the coordinates indicated on the datapad. Fireflight promised Slingshot would find himself back in the cockpit of the most advance jets ever. Slingshot agreed excitedly and ran all the way to the coordinates. There, he found himself amoung the Autobots. Slingshot didn’t care about the Autobots’ politics, he just wanted the rush, and he wanted to be in the air again. As an Autobot, he would perform as distraction for Cybertronian police before Autobot forces made their attacks, but even this would lose its luster for Slingshot. He wanted more, and that is when he met Silverbolt.

    Fireflight (G1 Thundercracker colors, Energon Skyshadow’s body)
    Background: Before the war began, Fireflight worked for the Cybertronian Police force as a law enforcement agent. Because Cybertron was at a state of peace, Fireflight found himself daydreaming about battle, more then anything else. One day he found a secret report about a renegade group, stealing weapons and equipment. Intrigued, he followed the path the reports would point him, finding himself amoung the Autobots, and finding himself being forced to join. Fireflight agreed, using his position as a Law Enforcer, to recruit new Autobots from the cells he guarded. Doing this, he noticed a reckless young pilot named Slingshot, and brought him into the fold. Shortly after, Fireflight’s activities were discovered by his Cybertron superiors, Fireflight ran to his Autobot comrades. Unable to go back to his old life, Fireflight was placed as a Reconnaissance Pilot, flying small stealth jets to spy on the very Bots he once called friends. Fireflight soon became bored with this as well, and would day dream while he was supposed to be gathering intel. On one mission, where he was supposed to be assuring the path was clear for a contraband shipment, he met Silverbolt.

    Air Raid (G1 Ramjet colors, Energon Windrazor’s body)
    Background: Before the War began, the term “Devil Without A Cause,” best suited Air Raid. Air Raid worked as Bouncer at an Enriched-Oil Bar, because it was the most violent job he could find without joining the Cybertronian police. His pistons burned to get into fights, so anytime he had the chance, his fists were pounding faceplates. His violent tendencies are probably what drew him to Optronix. Air Raid was one of the first to join Optronix’s underground movement after hearing the mech speak. Air Raid was made a pilot, and given the most powerful single-meched aircraft Optronix had to offer. Air Raid thought himself the most powerful dog fighter ever (of course that was only ego talking) and took any chance and any mission he could, so when a young pilot named Silverbolt approached him, Air Raid jumped at the chance.

    Skydive (G1 Thrust colors, Energon Windrazor’s body)
    Background: Before the war, Skydive worked for the Cybertronian Aeronautics Research Center as an Aeronautics Scientist aboard a single-mech orbital exploration vessel. He enjoyed his work, studying updrafts and air patterns and watching other pilots, and studying their moves, but he longed to know what it was like to fly as they do, the maneuvers, the stunts, something his tiny vessel was incapable of doing; and then started the Autobot uprising. He watched and studied the Autobot pilots and their ship, and began adapting his vessel to compete with their’s. His retooling was crude, but surprisingly effective as was saw the first time he engaged the Autobot renegades, flying against their Air Commander, Jetfire. Although Skydive’s vessel was severely outmatched by Jetfire’s military aircraft, it was Jetfire who ended up grounded, not Skydive. The Cybertronian government officials cheered for Skydive’s success, but it left the young mech empty inside. Jetfire, burning for revenge, tracked Skydive down. Jetfire captured the focus of his vengeance, but instead of seeking to destroy Skydive, he decided the Autobots could use him, and brought him into the fold. The same day Skydive joined the Autobots, was the day Skydive met Silverbolt.

    Background: Their first night together, with a Recon vessel, a retooled orbital exploration ship, a stunt jet, a cargo ship, and only one military jet, they attacked the Sentinel Production Plant in full force; stealing weapons, materials, and finally destroying the installation completely. To the squadrons dismay, their attack went against Prime’s plans. Prime had intended to take control of the Sentinels to be cannon fodder as the Autobots began their take over of Cybertron. While he was furious with the five pilots, Prime was also amused by their attempts to better their function. He renamed the pilots the Aerialbots and refitted all their vessels with full armaments, and placed Silverbolt as their Commanding Officer. When the Decepticons arose with their Transformation abilities, the Aerialbots would once again need to take their destinies into their own hands. As their fellow Autobots were being upgraded with the stolen Decepticon Technology, the head of the Autobot Air Force, Jetfire, decided it would be unwise that the Aerialbots went through the Upgrade. He saw their piloting abilities to be an invaluable resourse, one which the Autobots could not afford to lose if something went wrong with their transforming upgrades. Enraged, Silverbolt took his troops on an unauthorized stealth mission, following a group of ground based Decepticons to their hideout. They found themselves within Shockwave’s laboratory, where he was conducting experiments on improving transforming technology. Without delay, the Aerialbots were able to take control of the laboratory, and seal it off from the outside world. Without an understanding of Shockwave’s equipment, they used it to make themselves Transformers. When they awoke, they found themselves not as five individual Mechs, but as one Super Warrior. Thus the first Autobot Gestalt was born, Superion. Superion blasted his way out of the lab and back to Autobot HQ, where he found Jetfire, begging the Air Commander/Scientist for assistance before Prime find out about the Aerialbots misdeed. Intrigued by the Gestalt process, Jetfire agreed, and quickly found the activation code to separate the five Warriors from each other, but had also informed Prime of the Aerialbots situation. The Aerialbots were bound by Energon Bonds and brought before Optimus. Expecting Termination, the five were shocked to find Prime once again, simply laughing. Prime was impressed with the Aerialbots, recovering advanced technology once again; but for their transgression, he smashed up half of Silverbolt’s face, exposing circuitry and internal components, and ordered that it never be repaired. Silverbolt wears his injured face with pride as his Aerialbots and he now rule the skies. They are without equal when together in the air, and without mercy as Superion.

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