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    a few I'm just finishing up.

    -'Mission City Jazz'
    Now a Solstice Convertible, Jazz is ready to fight the Decepticons till his spark fades!

    -'Dark of the Moon: Shockwave'

    -'Dark of the Moon: Topspin'

    -'Dark of the Moon: Laserbeak'
    Added magnets to Laserbeaks feet, now he can attack from the fridge!

    -'Revenge of the Fallen: Wheelie'

    -'Transformers Prime: Dark Energon (zombie) Cliffjumper.
    Beat up and back from the dead, Cliffjumper has a dark energon finish and glows in the dark.

    -'Revenge of the Fallen: Decepicon (Hatchling)
    Decepticon protoforms land on earth only to be out matched by the Autobots. can change into comet or hatchling pod.

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