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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by unicronsupreme, Dec 26, 2008.

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    TFW picks 'em: Best transformers of '08

    Considering that figures could still pop up at retail the voting won't begin until jan 1st at the earliest but I figured that we can set up the details prior to then. The contestants will be any figure that first showed up at retail (no stolen chinese tranformers) sometime between January 1st and December 31st. I'm thinking the following catagories would be a good start and others can be added later:

    Size class awards:

    Best Legends class figure
    Best Robot Hero
    Best Scout class figure ( I would include activators here, but that can be debated)
    Best Deluxe class figure
    Best Voyager class figure
    Best Ultra class figure
    Best Leader class figure

    Line awards:
    Best of line: Movie
    Best of line: Animated
    Best of line: Universe

    Special awards:

    Best repaint
    Best paint scheme
    Most articulated
    Most accurate to media representation
    Best Retailer Exclusive
    Best re-imagining of a character (could be say, movie cliffjumper or animated bumblebee, not just universe characters)
    Worst toy

    Overall best toy of 2008

    If there isn't a reliable way to judge which figures were and were not available before the new year then we can fudge it a little bit, but not so much as to defeat the purpose. The voting will be done in posts to the topic which I will start on or slightly after January 1st. To avoid making the voting take forever all of the topics will be voted on at once and the voters will fill out a ballot in their post with their picks for each catagory. Voting will be open for one week. One vote per user.

    If you have ideas for changes that should be made to the rules or categories as I have proposed them then please feel free to share here so that the actual topic can be set up when the new year rolls around.

    Thanks y'all,

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