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    Senki Zessou Symphogear (English Translation: Swan song of the Valkiries Sympogear) is an anime that aired early this year spanning 13 episodes in lentgh. It proved to be one of the better animes I watced in a while but that may have been because I also like music and the anime was rather musically orintated featuring 3 girls, (4 if you count the dead one, not naming names for anyone whos not seen it,) that use song activated 'relics' to fight an enemy called the noise.

    The relics wjen activated become the Symphogear which is worn by the characters as they fight and sing some more.

    In the last few weeks at college this year alot of my deadlines had passed (not completly met I will admit.) So I had to find a way to fill my time so I jumped on a MOC opened Photoshop and did the first thing to come to mind and this just happened to be it. I did the blue one first with the intent of using it as my sig on another site, thus it has my other screen name, which is also my Minecraft username. I then did the second one intending to do a full set but I never finised the 3rd. This is what I did manage though.



    I feel I could have anti-aliased better on the second one but I'm mostly satified with the pair.

    The words in pink on the first banner/sig are the lyrics of the Zessou (Swan Song)

    C&C welcome and appriciated. Thanks.

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