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    Here is a small list of Transformers I am selling (I accept payments by Paypal)

    Cyclonus KB Toys exclusive (never been open) 15$
    Demolisher KB Toys exclusive (never been open) 15$
    Minicons 2 packs (never been open) 8$ each

    Transformers Movie
    Final battle Jazz (Never been opened) 10$
    Jazz, Bonecrusher and Brawl SAMS exclusive (never been opened) 30$
    Arcee (never been opened) 10$
    Bumble bee vs. Barricade Exclusive two pack (never been opened) 20$

    well make me an offer :)  though I do not want to go under the price I payed for them (since they are still mint) but if you want to pay exact price (well plus shipping) then let me know.

    Will add more later

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