Selling Some super awesome Comics for 'Formers take a look!

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    May 27, 2010
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    Well no 'Formers on here this time since I'm selling some comics but thought some of you might be interested. Selling to buy some more Transformers...

    -Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 11-15 This is what the next Nolan Batman film is supposed to be based on
    -Y The Last Man 1-60 Complete run of the classic series all 1st prints
    -Ex Machina 1-50 + Specials All 1st Prints
    -All Star Superman 1-12 complete series best superman i've ever read
    -Avengers Assemble 1-5 oversized Deluxe hardcovers listed individually
    -Entire Geoff Johns Flash Run 164-225 + all the various specials that Geoff did during his run Iron Heights, 1/2 and Secret Files and Origins

    all on ebay if anyone wants to make me an offer I will end the listings early.

    Heres the link

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