Selling some of my collection - TRU G1 reissues, Santa Commander, Comics, + more!!

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by MrBigFeathas, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Trying to clear out some stuff so I don't have so much of it in my daughter's room. I'd like to give her, her own bedroom and not have her live in Daddy's "stuff" room. So I am getting rid of a fairly large chunk of my TF collection. Here is what I have for anyone who's interested:

    Lot of 17 Transformers G1 TRU Commemorative Reissues

    Transformers G1 Comics from Marvel #1-70 full run

    Worlds Smallest Transformers WST Santa Commander MISB

    Starscream Transformers MegaSCF 07 NM in box

    Optimus Prime Transformers MegaSCF Convoy NM in box

    Starscream Transformers RobotMasters RM-12 MIB

    Mirage Transformers RobotMasters Rijie RM-03 MISB

    Megatron G1 Transformers Collection Reissue #6 Takara

    Breakaway Transformers Club exclusive figure MINT

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