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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Troxler, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Hey folks,
    I'm selling a couple of my custom WST on ebay soon, I posted a thread on them when they were made. See pics there.

    My WST Bashes!!! - Radicons Transformers Customs

    I'm only selling the Scorpinok, Metroplex, & Trypticon.

    My question is, Being kabaya repaints with minor sculpting, how much do you think I could ask for? Honestly, if you were into collecting WST what would you logically pay?

    Thanks for any help!


    If anyone is interested here is a list of everyone I have for sell.

    As far as price according to ebay and various other sources I've used to collect, KO seekers and primecabs/trailers usually go for $10 to $15, Officials go for $20-30 for mid tier (With box and tech spec), official trailer about $40-50 (if you have tech spec and box as proof its official), Non xmas dinobots about $30, Xmas grim and combo go for about $80 each, and my customs about $100 since I slaved away for days on em. (If the quality dont get ya, keep in mind each took over 10 hours to do)

    Of corse I can give discounts if a bunch of them are bought in one group, I'll even ship em free! =D

    If you have any questions or want to negotiate a deal for any or all listed, let me know!

    Thanks for looking!

    -Ghost Starscream
    -Ghost Thundercracker
    -Ghost Skywarp
    -Ghost Dirge
    -Ghost Ramjet (missing 2 back fins)
    -Ghost Sunstorm
    -Crystal clear Starscream
    -Crystal clear Thrust
    -Crystal clear Dirge
    -Crystal clear Ramjet
    -G1 accurate Skywarp (not official release, has longer guns and adjustable fins)
    -G1 accurate Thundercracker (not official release, has longer guns and adjustable fins)
    -Starscream Official Takara with box & tech spec

    -Ghost Optimus Prime Cab
    -Chrome Optimus Prime Cab
    -Glow in the dark Optimus Prime Cab
    -Diaclone Trailer
    -Coke-a-cola Trailer
    -Black trailer (Same as regular trailer but black)
    -G1 prime w/ Trailer Official Takara with box & tech spec for both (Prime cab is actually official anime version but i painted the windows black. looks awesome with the silver edging around the front windows the official G1 doesnt have)

    -Red Desert Warrior (open box but has everything, even unused sticker sheet!)
    -Green Toronto Exclusive Flamethrower (open box but has everything, even unused sticker sheet!)
    -Blue X-mas exclusive Commander (open box but has everything, even unused sticker sheet!)
    -x-mas exclusive comander and bombarder (open box but has everything, even unused sticker sheet! Swoop is the blue version however, I used the red in my G1 dinobot set, and the 4 rocket launchers for the other dinobots is in some of my other customs so other than that it is complete. Swoop still has his launchers)

    -Hotrod (Official Takara loose)
    -Megatron Official Takara with box & tech spec
    -Jazz Official Takara with box & tech spec

    My Customs----------------------
    -Scorponok (One of the scorpion legs is loose, the O ring it hinges in split so it is more like a C, the leg holds fine, however when moving it it has a tendency to pop off)
    (Keep in mind my customs are made from kabaya toys, who have week bonding plastic so paint flakes easily. Not recomended for repeted transformations. The toys them selves are quite sturdy because of the kitbashing job, but the paint can still flake.)
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    The only logical answer is this: How much do you think it's worth to you? and How much time was spent making them?
  3. marshall dusty

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    those are some really really nice customs. but yeah like he said, it all depends how much they are worth to you. how much works/hours you put into them. i like WST but i don't have a lot of them. i'm building my other collections before i get the WST's.

    being that your stuff is like art to me i dont want to insult you by lowballing your work. but i mean as a rough estimate. if i was actively seeking wst's and loved yours i'd probably offer or maybe you can sell them for about 60 to 80 dollars each. shit even more considering the work and time worked on.

    just my .02 cents.

    good stuff though

    edit: like i said i'm fairly new to collecting, but what are the kabaya repaint toys?
  4. Troxler

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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Kabaya is like a gumball toy in japan.
    They usually fall apart easily and have horrible colors like poo brown and pee yellow... =(
    But in skilled hands can be quite nice & sturdy, as you can see from the pics.
    I'm not sure about trypt and Metro, but I know scorpinok is no longer available as of a couple years ago.

    The problem with these guys is the plasitc they made them with does not like to hold on to paint so they are infamous for chipping if handeled to much.

    I was toying with the idea of about 75 to 100 bucks each, because most wst customs go for that, but I've never seen this type of custom sold before (only mass produced customs like arcee), maybe because they are such a pain to make, but unfortunatly, I'm am financially in need of parting with my babies to a good home. So I'm just trying to get an idea of what others may feel is a fair price.
    Thanks for the input!!!

    I'm also selling alot of mass produced customs and rares from my collection like the ghost seekers and various prime trailers and christmas & exclusive dinobots ect. for a much lower price as they are somewhat easily available through ebay once in a while.

    If anyone is looking for this stuff PM me for anything paticular you are looking for or ask for a list and I'll work out a fair deal for ya...

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