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    I've gathered more stuff that needs to be sold off, as I've no longer the space to store or display any of it. Everything was stored in dry, controlled environments out of direct sunlight for years. Everything goes for what it goes for, or it goes in a land fill.

    Transmetal II Arcee, BotCon 2001 exclusive - The inner box packaging is long gone, but this is otherwise complete. Instructions are in the box, the box is in very good condition. Arcee is in excellent condition; figure was on a shelf for display for a few years, then put in storage for even more. Light-activated voice chip IS there, but the battery will need to be replaced.

    Transmetal II Tigatron BotCon 2001 exclusive - Figure was removed from pakaging for display, but all packaging is complete. Figure is back in the original packaging. Box and figure are in excellent condition.

    Vehicon Cyclonus BotCon 2002 exclusive - Beast Machines Thrust redecoed as Cyclonus. Inner packing was removed from the box at one point, but the figure has never been removed from the card-backing to the best of my recollection. It's possible I did, but subsequently tied it back to the cardback. That is not important. What is important is this figure has NO flaking of the vacuum-metalized chrome, and it is in the box as new. All packaging is intact.

    Beast Wars II Dirgegun - Removed from the box for display purposes, but put back in. All packaging is present. Figure and box are in excellent condition. How can you not want Waspiterminator?

    Choro-Q Optimus Prime and Megatron - I bought these in Japan in 2001 at Tokyo Tower. They have been played with! Good god are these things fun! A little gun that zips across a table? Yes please! Why am I selling these? These are awesome! Oh well. They gotta go. Packaging is complete, box tops don't quite close anymore, but otherwise packaging and figures are in great condition. I keep good care of my toys.

    Transformers Jr. Hero Set - Miniature versions of Chromedome, Convoy/Optimus, and Fortress Maximus. Chromedome and FortMax have removable heads that turn into even tinier guys! Figures were removed for display purposes, but packaging is complete. Figures and box are in great condition.

    Animated Swindle - So, I bought this as a gift, but then that person already had Swindle. I never got around to returning/exchanging the toy so now YOU get to have a shot at having a super-cheap, never-been-opened Animated Swindle. Who is awesome.

    Classics 1.0 Grimlock The story behind this one is pretty much as with Swindle. Mint in package, though there is the remnants of a price-tag affixed to the front of the package.

    NOT "Heinrad" Technically speaking, this is NOT Beast Wars Neo Heinrad. This isn't even a Transformer. This is a "Space Warriors BEAST-Tech Fighter" that just happens to look for all the world like Heinrad. Really exactly like Heinrad, but with a yin-yang instead of an alarm clock and no electronics. Also comes with some weird translucent alligator guy. This thing is too awesome to let end up in a land fill. Hilarious addition to any collection.

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