Selling off some of my collection. Transformers ranging from G1 to 2007 movie

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    Various Item in this post are on sale on amazon with the lowest listed price on the site. (highlighted in blue) I am willing to sell said items for less than the listed prices if the sale is through this message board instead of amazon. In this way we do not need to worry about the commission prices and everyone makes out better in the end.

    G1: All G1 are in played with condition and are as is. Make an offer on any or all of the G1's via PM. Images will be added shortly provided I can figure out how, or I can send images upon request. Most G1's are incomplete and are in played with condition.

    Pretender Grimlock complete minor paint wear on head. Rare Complete Pretender

    Sludge as is joints are a bit loose

    3 Constructicons

    2 Insecticons

    Thundercracker incomplete






    Power master Optimus Prime

    Doubledealer Green/grey/aqua missile truck/bird

    Snaptrap Aqua/pink sea turtle w/gestalt head

    Rumble Cassette

    Freewheeler Yellow/red Lamborghini Diablo
    Roadhandler Red/yellow Chevrolet Camaro
    Micromaster rocket base Countdown

    Beast Wars: All are in mint condition all parts and documents are included. Make an offer, but please be advised that shipping is around $17 dollars for larger Transformers. (based on rates as of the 13th of may for RID Megatron)

    Transmetal 2 megatron dragon mint in open box. Taken out of box for display only sold

    Transmetal 2 tigertron mint in open box. Taken out of box for display only sold

    Torca Loose but complete excellent condition

    Cybershark Mint in open box

    Spittor mint on sealed card

    Stinkbomb mint on sealed card

    Beast Machines

    Buzzsaw mint on sealed card

    Blastcharge mint on sealed card

    Transformers Energon
    Landmine mint in sealed box minor box damage see picture
    Unicron Mint in open box displayed only
    Energon Saber mint on open card
    Optimus Prime mint in sealed box
    Sideswipe Mint in open box display only sold

    Robots in Disguise Megatron mint in box (sold)

    Transformers Cybertron
    Ransack mint on sealed card
    Optimus Prime Mint in open box displayed only

    Rare Grimlock mint on sealed card rare error on back of the card (jet fire labeled as astrotrain) sold
    Jetfire Mint in sealed box

    Transformers the Movie
    Target Exclusive Bumblebee two pack Very Rare

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    How much for just the '74 camaro bumblebee?

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