SELLING MY ENTIRE BEAST WARS COLLECTION!!!!!TOYS, Books, puzzles ect.... need to sell

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    Im selling my entire collection of Beast Wars toys and books and puzzles I need to sell them cause Im in college and I have to pay for bills I hate to do this but it is my loss your gain I want to sell everything for $1100 OBO I think this is a reasonable price specially now because of the Live action movie, Transformers should be a big hit again. 68 toys have been opened but I still have most the back boards, 29 still have there boxes but some have been opened i will post pictures and a list
    all are in good condition and complete except for some minor toys
    PM me if interrested as I said before Im selling the entire thing for $1100 OBO

    Beast Wars

    optimus primal (bat) (opened)
    Rattrap (opened) (knock-off)
    Terrorsaur (opened) (missing weapon)
    Iquanus (opened)
    Dinobot (opened) (knock-off)
    Tarantulas(opened) (knock-off)
    Cheetor (opened)
    Rhinox (opened)
    Insecticon (opened)
    Polar Claw (opened)
    Blackarachnia (opened)
    BuzzSaw (opened)
    Snapper (opened)
    optimus Primal (gorilla) (opened)
    cybershark (opened)
    Megatron (opened)
    inferno (opened)

    Beast Wars

    Air razor (opened)
    Claw Jaw (opened)
    Snarl (opened)
    Razorclaw (opened)
    Spittor (opened)
    Lazorbeak (opened)
    bonecrusher (opened)
    k-9 (opened)
    grimlock (opened)
    jetstorm (opened)
    manterror (opened)
    retrax (opened)
    B-Boom (opened) (has box)
    magnaboss (opened) (has box)
    Transquito (opened) (has box)
    Tripredacus (opened) (has box)
    Transmetal cheetor (opened)
    Transmetal Rhinox (opened)
    Transmetal tarantulas (opened)
    Transmetal optimus primal (opened) (has box)
    Fuzor Silverbolt (opened)
    Transmetal Megatron (opened) (has box)
    Fuzor Quickstrike (opened)
    Fuzor sky shadow (opened)
    Transmetal rattrap (opened)
    Transmetal waspinator (opened)
    Transmetal scavenger (opened) (has box
    Fuzor Noctorro (opened)
    Fuzor Bantor (opened)
    Fuzor torca (opened)
    Fuzor terragator (opened)
    Fuzor Buzzclaw (opened)
    Fuzor injector (opened)
    Transmetal depth charge (opened) (has box)
    Transmetal Optimal Optimus (opened) (has box)
    Transmetal Rampage (opened) (has box)
    Tm2 optimus minor (opened)
    Tm2 sonar (opened)
    Tm2 ramulus (opened)
    Tm2 dinobot (opened)
    Tm2 stinkbomb(opened)
    Tm2 Nightglider(opened)
    Tm2 Jawbreaker(opened)
    tm2 spittor(opened)
    Tm2 iquanus(opened)
    Tm2 cybershark (opened) (has box)
    TM2 Tigerhawk (opened) (has box)

    Beast Wars
    Tm2 Blackarachnia (opened) (has box)
    Tm2 Megatron (opened) (has box)

    Fox Kids Repaints

    Series 1
    Cheetor (opened)

    Series 2
    transmetal cheetor(opened)
    transmetal tarantulus(opened)
    transmetal rattrap (complete never been opened)
    Transmetal Airrazor (complete never been opened)
    transmetal Waspinator (complete never been opened)
    transmetal rhinox (complete never been opened)

    Walmart exclusives

    Blue Transmetal rattrap (complete never been opened)
    TM2 Dinobot Walmart (opened)
    Tm2 Prowl Walmart (opened)
    TM2 Tripredacus Agent Walmart (complete never been opened)

    Mutant Beast wars

    Soundwave (complete never been opened)
    Poison Bite (complete never been opened)
    Icebird (complete never been opened)
    razor claw (complete never been opened)

    Transformers Beast Machines Dinobots???

    Magmatron (complete never been opened)
    T-wrecks (complete never been opened)

    Beast wars Mcdonalds toys (some have been opened)

    Beast Wars Books

    Rare Beast Wars Universe all in Japanese (great condition)

    Beast wars Games

    Beast wars (opened)
    Beast wars Transmetal (opened)

    Rare Beast wars Mutating card game (never been opened)

    3 rare Milton bradley Beast wars puzzles

    Microverse Beast wars Playset
    Orcanoch (opened)
    Arachnid (opened)

    Beast Machines Tankor (opened but has box)

    Tansformers animorph (Ill included for free)








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    pm asking for price

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