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    I'm really trying to track down the bruticus (universe or rotf) set to go along with fansproject crossfire figures. After looking on ebay I'm kicking myself for not picking it up when released. Anyway I went through my collection and found some figures I could part with. Most are duplicates that I left in the package, and a jewel to any Transformers collection: Brave Maximus. My prices are flexible, as I just did a quick ebay search for the figures listed. The prices don't include shipping and if you're near DFW then I'm open to local pickup too. I'm open to trades and have listed some of the figures I'm looking for down below.

    For Sale

    RID Brave Maximus loose* $275.00 -- SOLD
    RID Dreadwind and Smokejumper MISB $50.00
    RID Clear Spychangers Set of 6 MISB $24.00 ($4ea)
    Armada Predicon w/mini-cons extra MISB $40.00

    DC Universe Classics
    Big Barda MISB $20.00
    Zantanna MISB $20.00

    Marvel Universe
    Archangel MISB $15.00 -- SOLD
    Vision – Clear variant MISB $15.00 -- SOLD

    Marvel Legends
    Deadpool w/snoop MISB $80.00
    Doc Ock w/display MISB $15.00
    Man Thing w/display MISB $15.00
    Cyclops – variant (white cross chest) MISB $15.00
    Angel – variant (blue suit) MISB $15.00

    *I have the box for Brave, but it has been in my attic for a few years. I don't know what type of condition it is in or if any critters have made it into a trendy resort or not. Let me know if you really want it, or I'm going to leave it where it is.


    Bruticus Maximus (Universe or ROTF) -- Removed
    Superion Maximus (Universe or ROTF) -- Removed
    Fansproject (Would really like the appendiage kit for superion, or the crossfire kits.)
    Perfect Effect (Anything)
    Generations Cliffjumper
    Generations WFC Optimus Prime-- Removed
    Generations Red Alert -- Removed
    PCC Heavytread

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested in anything.
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