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    "Prepare for drop!" Yelled the commander. "You ready for this?" Asked flashbolt "shut up dude!" Said freezerburn "ah hes just worried that were gonna have all the fun" said backlash. Freezerburn was worried just 3 days into the decepticons and his unit was selected to be on a bombing run of iacon. Freezerburn was a seeker as they called his body type along with his comrads flashbolt always talking like he knew what what's best but he was about as helpful as an unloaded gun on the battlefield and then there's backlash his one of few friends. The war was rising they told him what seemed like forever ago but he just ignored them now here he is in a decepticon drop ship "seekers now!" Yelled the commander a really anoying guy with a voice that could break glass. The hatch to the ship opened. All three seekers changed form and jumped. It was then and there that he reposed how big this truly was he saw the decogon burning and falling all of iacon was in utter chaos as autobot fought decepticon on both land and air. "There's a group of the bugs now!" Yelled flashbolt. The jets lined up to drop the explosives "lookout! its a-BOOM! A turret opened fire on the seekers "backlash!" Yelled freezerburn as he was shot out of the sky. Flashbolt hit the ground hard as he slowly went offline he saw his attacker a young purple autobot "that was almost too easy" he said

    To be coninued

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    sounds interesting :thumb  please do more !!!

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