Sectaurs: Need Help Pt. 1

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    This is the first of two threads I will start needing your help on a project. I came across some interesting information on the internet which compelled me to re-collect Sectaurs after 23 years. Had the original line of Sectaurs figures and beast continue we would have seen some really interesting figures in the second series, but unfortuantely the line was cancelled. I am planning to work on customizing a figure called Night Fighting Spidrax. My goal is come close to the original prototype concept as possible and need your help. I would like to get your opinions on aquiring several pieces similar to the one on the photograph. The objects needed are:

    Tri-point Boomerang
    Spear-like weapon
    Body Armor

    Dimensions of Spidrax figure (Based on original):
    Height: 6 3/4" high
    Torso length: 2" long
    Grip: 1/4" diameter

    I will be puchasing an original Spidrax figure which will be painted exactly like the one on the card. I would like to know which figures/toylines will have the pieces similar to the illustration I can find for the kitbashing project. A second thread will be forthcoming on the same principles for his arachnoid companion. The picture is on the lower right hand of the unproduced cardback of Night Fighting Dargon picture. I found this picture on Thank you for your time and assistance on this project.

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