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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by iheartarcee, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I'm working on a custom bumblebee for a friend of mine and Ive used all tamiya acrylics. I took his legs arms, torso, and upper body from each other to paint and am almost ready to put him back together but should I seal his joints? When the leg arm and torso joints go back into place will the paint ive applied on those areas scratch or chip off? Should I seal them before putting them back in, or after, or at all?

    I definitely want to seal the car mode so the color has a bit of shine to it. Can I spray it directly onto the car without covering the windows or will I need to protect the windows?

    What kind of sealer should I use? If i shop at walmart for it, what kind and where in the store is it sold? Can I find in in Micheals? If so where? I know they have some at my hobby shop but I dont like paying their prices for stuff like that. Thanks in advance to everyone and pics on the way!!

    Any help is appreciated..
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    I would first buy some flat and gloss krylon acrylic spray paint. If you want to make the car glossy but everything else not I would buy paint masking tape(blue tape) or use cooking foil (Reynold wrap) and wrap all the car panels with it then lightly spray a couple of coats of the flat to all the robot parts lightly so you don't gunk up and be sure to move the joints in between dry time and re-coats. After your satisfied and you let the clear coat cure (24 hours) transform him into alt mode and just use the masking tape to cover the windows(but only if you want to, and it looks good either way IMO) then lightly spray him again with the gloss spray and let that cure and you should be done.

    Edit: realized that you said that your figure was taken apart, but I would still put it back together and then seal it, that way you can see how the joints are going to move and then deal with the rubbing by using the super glue method that Jin posted. Oh and everything I mentioned can be bought at wallmart for about 15 bucks or so. Good luck.

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