Seacons: Reactivation

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    Here's a little something I whipped up after my TFCC Seacons arrived and I read their bio cards a few too many times. I make no claims of any particular continuity or backstory. :) 

    Prologue: Recovery

    The four steps of metal footsteps echoed loudly in the vast main chamber of Suspended Animation Facility 5325B. "Corpse Warehouse" was a term Thundercracker would have called it, if such brutal honesty was to be preferred. Despite its name, the room utilized very little actual suspended animation machinery, for all of its patients had long been inert. Though it was packed floor-to-ceiling with stasis cylinders of various sizes, from human-sized to gargantuan, it resembled a fleshling morgue more than any kind of Cybertronian medical facility. Hook, at the front of the party, took no notice of the somber surroundings, and strode purposely towards a wall of medium sized storage units. Long Haul, walking behind him, was making no attempt to hide his unease. He looked nervously at the ominous pods which held Decepticons in various states of disrepair, including some states would be previously be called "Death".

    "I don't like this place," Long Haul muttered. "Even after all the trips here this place still gives me the creeps. How many times are we going to have to come back here?"

    At that, Hook stopped in midstride, and turned around to face his subordinate, his metal hands on his hips. "As many times as Megatron orders us to. When we activated all the Deceptions that wait here as we can. When we have the forces we need to finally destroy the Autobots."

    "But Hook, this place is a tomb. Sure, we've been lucky so far, but you've seen what happens when things go wrong... I still can't help thinking of..."

    "That's ENOUGH, Long Haul!" Hook barked, reaching out to grab Long Haul by the throat. "Yes, there have been.... disappointments. But we will not stop until we are ordered to! With the new technologies available to us with the ...fluctuations, there is no reason to expect less than the predicted levels of success."

    Long Haul was silent, and Thundercracker looked to his left as they passed a particularly large, and yet empty stasis pod. The Decepticon script above it said simply "Thrust". Skywarp, the fourth of their party, remained silent even as his gaze flicked to one labeled "Ramjet".

    "Ah, here we are," Hook proclaimed, stopping at a grouping of six drawers, one somewhat larger than the other. He opened the largest, and peered inside. With a grunt, he opened the door all the way, and pulled out the heavy metal slab within. Laying on the slab was an inert robot, his hull looked to be vaguely coral and blue colored under the deep scorch marks and stress fractures. The robot appeared to have large cannons as part of his back, but those too were heavily damaged. The nameplate above the drawer bore the name of "Snaptrap".

    Hook opened the next five drawers, one after the other, reading off a small handheld computer he carried with them. "Overbite, Seawing, Nautilator, Tentakil, and Skalor. They're all here. Long Haul, transform!"

    Long Haul immediately transformed into his dump truck mode. Appearing from subspace was an accessory trailer, which moved to connect to his rear hitch. Hook himself transformed to his vehicle mode, using it's powerful crane to lift Snaptrap's body from the slab, and deposit it more or less gently into Long Haul's dump box. Thundercracker and Skywarp, with a slight bit of unease, piled the five smaller robots into the extra trailer.

    "I wish that fancy Demolisher was here to help with this," Long Haul muttered to himself as he hauled the heavy load back the way they had come. It was a futile wish, for he knew that Demolisher was elsewhere bringing raw materials back to base. Still, he was glad to be leaving the Corpse Warehouse, and even more glad that he wasn't in one of those pods himself.
    Chapter One: Repair

    "So, what's the verdict, Hook? Will you be able to bring these six online or not?"

    Hook made no immediate attempt to reply, pointedly ignoring the impatience in Starscream's voice as he looked over Scrapper and Soundwave's preliminary report on the Seacons, who were laid out on six medberths in front of him. He tapped buttons on his computer, occasionally nodding to himself, running various figures through his mind.

    "Hook?" This time, Starscream's voice had a hint of a threat in it. Sighing to himself, he turned to face Megatron's current second in command.

    "Yes," he began. "Their outer shells will need to be completely rebuilt, but their internal structures will be easily refurbished. The weapons systems on the subordinates will need to be built from scratch. That will take time, but should not present a problem."

    Hook flipped to another page, and continued. "What will be more of a problem is fabricating a new combination mechanism. While Piranacon's subspace pocket and personality remain as intact as the Seacons', I do not have the schematics or technical data to recreate his original combination mechanism," he admitted, gesturing to a scorched and twisted lump of metal laying next to Snaptrap's inert form. "The original is beyond any attempts at repair or remanufacture."

    "This is a serious failure, Hook," Starscream said, warningly. "Megatron will be most displeased if we wasted resources and time repairing the Seacons if they cannot form Piranacon."

    "I was not aware Megatron's 'displeasure' was a concern of yours, Starscream," Hook replied, causing Starscream's fists to clench. "i never indicated it was an insurmountable problem. I will just have to modify the mechanism from a more recent Decepticon combiner."

    Starscream crossed his arms. "A more recent one? Why not just use one borrowed from Bruticus or Abominus? Surely, they can be modified to work with the Seacons."

    "Yes, if you want Piranacon to lose his Targetmaster ability. The combination hubs in Onslaught and Hun-grrr are only set to handle five, not six. No, more recent technology will be needed. And don't call me Shirley."


    "Never mind."

    Chapter Two: Retrieval

    "You want to WHAT?" Bruticus Maximus' voice thundered in the chamber, and he bent forward to bring his giant robot face closer to Hook, who summoned all his self-control to keep from stepping backwards.

    "What I need," Hook replied, keeping his voice even, "is to borrow your combination hub so I can reverse-engineer it to work in my comrades. It will be returned to you unharmed. Both Megatron and I promise this."

    Bruticus Maximus drew himself to his full height, and pointed a crystalline blue index finger at the small Constructicon. "The 'Megatron' you serve, is not the one I have served. I have no reason to trust him, or you, much less obey. Besides, how can my mechanism help you? I am not five minds joined as one, I am one mind whose body becomes five individual vehicles."

    "It is not those aspects that I need.... it is the fact that they have the excess data and power linking capacity that I need to duplicate."

    Bruticus' eyes glowed. "But, you cannot scan it for schematics while it functions within me. I would need to be taken offline while you perform your task. I do not trust you that far."

    "I will have what I have come for, Bruticus Maximus," Hook said quietly.

    Bruticus Maximus stood up to his full height, and laughed loudly. "You and what army?"

    In response, the other five Constructicons appeared behind Hook. Hook wasted no time giving the order. "Constructicons, form Devastator!"

    Bruticus didn't even blink as with a smoothness borne from long practice, the six Constructicons combined to form the hulking green Devastator. "You insult me," he sneered. "You are a relic from a different world and a different time, and there is not the slightest chance of you defeating me."

    Devastator rushed forward, his fist posted to strike. In three giant strides, he reached Bruticus Maximus and swung his fist in what promised to be a shattering blow. If, however, it had connected. With a grace and agility that was quite outside Devastator's capability, Bruticus Maximus casually blocked the punch with his right hand, even as his crystalline blue left hand, also formed into a fist, slammed Devastator in the gut, doubling him over. Almost casually, Bruticus Maximus raised Devastator over his head and hurled him back to the ground, breaking him apart into his six components. He stomped forward to stand over Hook, who was holding his hands to his audio receptors in pain. He barely noticed the other five in similar positions.

    "What exactly did you hope to accomplish, you pathetic fools?" he asked, his voice full of amused scorn. Hook looked up at him, then clamped his hands tightly over his audio receptors as his teammates did the same.


    Bruticus Maximus looked puzzled, but only for a half second as a high pitched noise sounded in his ears. The noise quickly and suddenly turned painful, and he didn't get his hands halfway to his head before the noise changed in pitch, and rendered him offline.

    From behind Bruticus Maximus' inert form, the deep blue form of Soundwave appeared. Upon seeing him, the Constructicons immediately got to work; opening an access panel on Bruticus' back.

    "Caution: advised." Soundwave commanded in his eerie voice. "Primary objective: Insure subject survival while retrieving necessary technical data."

    "Don't worry yourself, Soundwave," Scrapper replied. We have no intention of killing him. Primus knows we have enough hornet's nests stirred up these days."

    Chapter Three: Awakening.

    "Progress report, Hook."

    Hook looked up from the circuit connection he was bridging on the prostrate purple robot laid out on the table before him. His annoyance at being interrupted was quickly stifled when he recognized the voice.

    "Snaptrap will be online within the hour, mighty Megatron," Hook replied obediently. "I shall have him online by the time the others are fully charged."

    I.... exist again.

    We... I... are whole again.

    We... I... am... different.

    Snaptrap's first instinct was to scream; to lash out, as the rebuilt circuits in his body came alive, and his memory cells were stimulated with power after so much time inert. He wasn't nearly oriented enough to do that, instead, he grunted and struggled to make his newly-reactivated optics adjust to the lights shining overhead. When they reached 75 percent of rating, he fed power to his motivators in an attempt to sit up. The feedback as he rose to a sitting position confused him... it felt.. like his body, but changed somehow. A quick glance at his subspace pocket indicated that his weapons were present and accounted for, and seemed to be the same ones he had left there, which made him feel better.

    His internal compensators reached 100 percent, and he moved his powerful purple arm away from his head, where his yellow robotic hand had been shielding his optics. He looked up to see the pale green form of Scrapper behore him, checking data on a handheld computer. He shunted power to activate his voder circuits, which too felt slightly unfamiliar.

    "Scr... Scrapper?" he asked, his voice getting stronger as his processing core adjusted further to the new hardware. At the sound, the Constructicon turned to him, nodding in pleasure.

    "Welcome back to the land of the living, Commander Snaptrap," Scrapper said, touching buttons on the panel. "Megatron will be especially pleased to see you back online."

    "Megatron? He is... he lives?"

    Scrapper tilted his head slightly, if considering how to answer. "Yes, Megatron lives. He is... not quite the same as you may remember him. Few of us are; but he is still Megatron."

    Snaptrap stopped to consider that, and his gaze fell to his black legs that dangled over the edge of the medical table.... wait, black? Yellow? Purple? In stunned surprise, he took a scan of his own hull. His body was intact, but his coloration was totally different than he remembered. What had been oceanic blue was now a regal purple. His previously coral-colored legs were now a deep black, and his hands were now a bright yellow, with a surface texture he didn't quite recognize. "What... what have you done to me?" he asked, incredulous, a burning rage starting to grow within him.

    Before Scrapper could answer, Hook entered the chamber and addressed him. "Your original body shell was damaged beyond repair. We had to use more recent sources of materials to repair you. Be thankful that our new technologies allowed us to reactivate you after all this time."

    All this time? Snaptrap thought. He activated his internal chronograph, and took note of the stored date. This was a Decepticon facility, and should have a subspace time beacon installed, for such a situation. With a mental thought, he activated a synchronization command, which was immediately received and responded to by the facility's computer. He compared the date given to him to the date he carried with him and would have gasped, if he had had lungs.

    "Fifteen years?" he asked Hook. "We've been offline for fifteen years?"

    "Give or take," Hook replied, in a neutral tone.

    The word "we" that Snaptrap had spoken caused a thought of concern to manifest itself, even as he paused to monitor his internal diagnostic systems. "My.. team. The other Seacons; are they alive as well?" The thought was barely out of his speaker when he was reassured that they were nearby and online.

    Reassured? By who? Snaptrap wondered... neither Hook or Scrapper had spoken...

    "Your subordinates are in the next chamber, Commander. I should tell you, that you will find that..." Hook broke off, as he realized Snaptrap wasn't listening to him - he had leaped off the medical table and was striding powerfully towards the indicated door. It opened at his approach, and when he entered the room, he was struck by two things - first, that the five smaller robots in from of him had apparently been repaired with differently colored bodyshells as well, and second, that Skalor's stench was worse than ever.

    "Commander!" Overbite exclaimed. His shell was now a mixture of deep purple and grayish-blue. Tentakil was next to him, and seemed to been rebuilt in mainly orange, blue, and black. He was looking from side to side, an unconscious behavior of his that meant he was looking out for someone to fight; Autobot or otherwise. Nautilator was still sitting on his medberth, holding his newly-pale colored hand to his now purple head, which contrasted with the same orange the others shared, that made up his chest. Seeing his commander, he managed to look both slightly relieved as well as his typical cringe at the same time.

    Seawing stood stood off to the side, his coloration matching Nautilator's but he was looking disdainfully at Skalor, who was in his monster mode, sniffing with pleasure at the pooled liquids that had leaked from him. Seawing glanced at Snaptrap and murmured "Commander," in his smooth tone. "I trust you are functional, as well?"

    "Yes," Snaptrap answered confidently. "And yourselves, troops?"

    Surprisingly, Nautilator was first to reply. "We've been offline for fifteen years.. I feel.... different..."

    "You look different, and you still sound like a whiny Autobot protoform," Skalor growled from his stomping in his liquids, like he was trying to coat himself with them. Nautilator's eyes narrowed in anger.... something he'd rarely, if ever, had done before their... deactivation. That was odd, Snaptrap thought to himself.

    Overbite stepped forward, and with a glare at Nautilator and Skalor, the tension between them reluctantly subsided, and Skalor went back to his disgusting grooming. "What Nautilator means," he started, "is that the five of us seem to have had our weapons and our weapon modes upgraded. It's slightly disorienting."

    Snaptrap glanced at his internal subspace readouts. "Mine have not," he replied, after taking stock of his atom-smashing rifle and his back cannons. Aside from being colored yellow, they were identical to what he previously remembered.

    From behind them, Hook spoke up. "The weapons systems on the five of you were damaged beyond repair, even with our new resources, during the ... Underbase conflict. so, we took advantage of the situation to install upgraded weapon systems. I'm sure you'll find..."

    Hook was interrupted by the door to the outside corridor opening, and a sneering, arrogant voice. "I heard you got those water-logged Seacons operational."

    Oh no, thought Hook. Not this soon...

    Even Skalor stopped what he was doing at the sound of the voice. Six Seacon heads snapped up, and turned their attention to the sound of the voice, which came from a tall robot in the doorway. They recognized the form as that of a modified Decepticon seeker in robot mode, but the coloration and the face was quite uniquely....

    "Starscream?" Snaptrap blurted in angry surprise.

    "Starscream?" Overbite snarled.

    "Starscream?" Nautilator exclaimed, slightly fearful.

    "Starscream?" Seawing hissed venomously under his breath.

    "Starscream?" Skalor howled, shaking in fury, sending drops of slime in all directions.

    "STARSCREAM!!!???" Tentakil raged at the top of his voice.

    Then as one, all six Seacons screamed as one. "STARSCREAM!!"

    Then, their bodies moved as one, to become one.

    Hook shook his head to himself even as he dived for cover, and cursed the fact the other Constructicons were not present. Scrapper marveled at the fact that no combination order had been given by anyone even as he dived behind a large medberth that could have held a whole team in gestalt mode. Starscream looked up and saw Snaptrap's contorting body leap into the air to meet up with the also-twisting form of Nautilator and Tentakil, who sprouted huge black feet from their bases, while Overbite and Seawing, fully transformed into arms, connected to where Snaptrap's shoulders had been. His right arm straightened to accept the cannon mode of Overbite. Snaptrap's rear shell segment appeared from subspace to connect to the gestalt's chest even as a large robot head, colored purple and blue, with an orange face appeared on top of the robot's shoulders. As the bright yellow blades on the shield moved to bracket the face, it's eyes blazed with activation.

    I am Piranacon.

    We are Piranacon.

    I am whole again.

    I am stronger now.

    Once again, the hunt is on!

    The medical facility was designed to service even the largest Decepticons, so Piranacon had plenty of room to move. Less than a microsecond after activation, he had located his target.

    He is Starscream. He hurt us. He destroyed us.

    From deep within Piranacon, the six minds that formed him were in consensus. Snaptrap fumed at their failure against the Underbase-enhanced Starscream. Overbite felt the same, while Nautilator took advantage of being part of the whole, to let his own fear drive him to a deep desire to destroy Starscream for his own safety. Seawing's thoughts were his own, but he cleared wanted vengeance on the former traitor. Tentakil, was still in a furious rage from the sight of him, and wanted to rip him limb from limb, then rip the limbs apart. Skalor was already tasting Starscream's internal fluids in his imagination, visualizing himself drenched in them.

    They added their six voices to Piranacon's own as he screamed the hated traitor's name, the yell echoing even in this vast chamber. Starscream himself began backpedaling in surprise and astonished fear as Piranacon leveled his weapon at the Seeker. He realized there was no liquid nearby for the stormsurge cannon to draw on, so the barrel on the end changed to a laser barrel even as it came to bear on Starscream's form. The subconscious order to fire came from all six components as one, Overbite's subconscious mind adding all the power he could to the bright purple bolt which blazed out of the barrel as the gestalt pulled the trigger.

    The blast would have holed a fleshling aircraft carrier, but the Seacons weren't the only ones who'd received an upgrade over the years. Starscream, with reflexes honed from millions of years of intense self-preservation, leaped into the air mere microseconds before the shot blasted through the reinforced wall of the repair bay. Immediately alarms began to blare, filling the room and the shattered corridor with pulsing red light.

    "What are you DOING?" Starscream yelled, even as he transformed into his jet mode, thinking to get as far from the raging gestalt. Piranacon made no reply even as he lined up his cannon again on him. Starscream fired his engines hard, trying to get some distance, while Piranacon at another suggestion from Snaptrap reduced the power setting to fire shorter, more energy efficient bursts. He fired a rapid series of shots, trying to line up Starscream in his sights, but all his shots did was explode against the far distant wall as Starscream dived and rolled in the vast chamber in complex evasive maneuvers. Traitor or not, Starscream was still one of the most talented flyers the Decepticons possessed.

    Enough of this, Starscream thought to himself, bringing his null-rays to bear on Piranacon; specifically his cannon. My null rays won't affect Piranacon, but maybe they can knock Overbite offline long enough for me to get away, he thought, as he achieved a target lock on Overbite. He fired, the bolts hitting the stormsurge cannon even as Piranacon lined up another mountain-shattering shot.

    Piranacon felt the null ray jolting through his weapon, and felt Overbite's portion of his mind momentarily flicker out with a gasp of pain. He pulled the trigger, but a flash of energy feedback cascading over Overbite's form were all he received. He took a quick diagnostic - Overbite had been disabled by the null-ray, but he would be back online in ten seconds.

    Ten seconds he might not have, as Starscream, flying right towards him, had his underwing cannons now switched to laser mode. He heard the high-pitched cycling of Starscream's lasers even as the bolts ricocheted off his armored chest. It wasn't enough to cause serious damage, and Seawing's predator instincts told Piranacon that Starscream would most likely keep coming for another three seconds before breaking off to his upper right, to fly through the hole in the wall to escape.

    Well, Piranacon had more weapons available, than just his Stormsurge cannon. Snaptrap's atom-smasher rifle was too slow against one as fast as Starscream, even in laser mode. Almost too fast to see, he summoned Snaptrap's thermite sword into the fist at the end of Seawing, he drew on Seawing's marksmanship skills and hurled the glowing sword at the oncoming Starscream like a javelin.

    Starscream's reflexes were enough for him to avoid a direct hit, but even he wasn't quick enough to keep the sword from drawing a searing gouge across his left wing. Starscream spun out of control, unable to compensate as he crashed into the wall, involuntarily transforming as he slid to the floor, knocked offline.

    Now, finish him! Tentakil and Skalor's minds screamed, while Overbite and Seawing agreed silently. Nautilator agreed, but his slight fear caused Piranacon to be slightly wary even as he retrieved his sword, willed it to full temperature, and raised it over his head, the end pointing straight down. He put down the cannon-form of the recovering Overbite so he could use both hands. As he raised the sword to strike, Overbite, from his vantage point on the floor, sent a urgent warning over the shared link. Piranacon looked up just in time to see a gray spiked fist smash into his face.

    The Seacons would later marvel at the fact that they were still alive, much less still combined at the force of the blow that sent Piranacon flying backward. He would have hit the back wall if the foot made up of Nautilator hadn't caught one of the medberths, sending Piranacon into a tumble with him crashing flat on his back. Piranacon managed to sit up, to see a large mechanical form made up of robotic animals, in a mixture of black, orange, gold, and red standing a hundred yards away.

    He is Predaking. He is our comrade.

    Piranacon got to his feet. Nautilator's fear, backed up by Snaptrap's caution, overrode Skalor and Tentakil's desire to continue the fight. Even Seawing agreed that in a one and one match against Predaking, they stood no chance of a draw, much less a victory. Or did they...?

    Predaking stood there in the rubble, his predator glare focused on Piranacon. He made no move to attack, but the low hum from the X-ray cannon on Predaking's right arm indicated it was fully primed and ready to fire.

    He is our comrade. He is a Decepticon. He is not attacking us.

    As the two mammoth robots stared each other down, Piranacon's gaze was drawn to Starscream, who had managed to drag himself online. The Seeker winced in pain as he looked up at Predaking. Summoning a sneer to his face, he pointed a somewhat-shaky arm at Piranacon.

    "Don't just stand there; subdue him!" Piranacon couldn't believe it as Predaking began striding toward him.

    He is attacking us. We must defend ourselves.

    The word "upgrade" flashed across Piranacon's mind; he couldn't quite tell who it had come from. In the space of a nanosecond, he drew upon his status monitor to find this "upgrade"... and quickly founded some new information in his joined weapons system.

    We are upgraded. Clusterfire attack!

    At the command, Piranacon leapt into the air, and his four limbs disengaged himself from his torso, yet his head and chest piece stayed in place. The charging Predaking stopped short in surprise, thinking the Seacons were giving up. But, they were not surrendering. As the onlookers looked on in surprise, Piranacon's four limbs transformed into weapon mode, and hovered close to their positions. Overbite, already in weapon mode and fully recovered, rose to float in the air behind Predaking, his laser barrel pointed at Predaking's back.

    Stormsurge Cannon Laser Mode: Online.

    Dual-Photo Cannon: Online

    Coral Cannon Laser Mode: Online

    Slimespray Rifle: Online

    Mass-Compression Cannon: Online

    Firing sequence chosen. Activate.

    As one, Tentakil, Seawing, and Skalor's weapons modes fired. The twin streams from Skalor's Slimespray rifle hit Predaking first. His armor was too tough to be quickly damaged by the corrosive acid, but just enough to let the cybertoxin cause the off-guard Predacon gestalt another moment of hesitation dealing with sudden hallucinations. This delay was enough for Seawing's dual-photo attack to strike. While Predaking could not be ripped apart due to his sheer mass, it was enough to overload his nerve relays while Tentakil's Mass-compression attack added further pressure to Predaking's structure. As he stood there, disoriented and momentarily paralyzed, both Nautilator in front of him, and Overbite behind, fired in laser mode, catching Predaking between them, actually causing the giant to fall to his knees, then to fall flat on his face. Even as the Seacons, Hook, Scrapper and Starscream looked on in disbelief, Piranacon summoned his limbs and stormsurge cannon back to him.

    Even as he watched his fallen opponent, he checked his internal status and grimaced to himself. Before the attack, he had been running at eighty percent power. Now they were reduced to thirty nine percent and falling. Apparently Clusterfire mode was very inefficient from the needs of firing all five while disconnected from the central core, meaning they had to draw on the Seacons' individual energy reserves.

    Predaking was not done, though. While knocked offline for a few seconds, he recovered, and showing the speed, agility, and strength he was feared for, he used his arms to push himself into the air. He hit the floor running and delivered a mountain-shattering shoulder slam square to Piranacon's chest, causing him another short range flight ending with another rendezvous with an inconveniently placed wall. Piranacon still managed to send off a few more blasts from his cannon, but Predaking was now surrounded by his purplish energy-dampening shield, and was not harmed. The shots also conspired to drain Piranacon's energy further, and Snaptrap sent a thought that they did not have the energy to continue this fight, overriding the continued urges to fight from the team save Nautilator; who fully agreed this was a fight they could not win. If they only had more power...

    More power is needed.

    Even as the damaged Predaking still lumbered towards him, it was obvious the fight was telling on him too. Piranacon had a few seconds to act, as Nautilator offered up a detail of his Coral Cannon that he had learned. Piranacon acted, and four of the Seacons, save Seawing, detached. Tentakil went to take Nautilator's place as the right leg even as Skalor reconfigured to become Piranacon's left leg. The laser barrel at the end of Overbite vanished, to be replaced by a yellow fist as Nautilator reconfigured back into Coral Cannon mode; and the orange triple barrel on the end rotated a sixty degree turn.

    Coral Cannon mode: Online Target Acquired: Activate

    With a mechanical stacatto sound, Piranacon's Coral Cannon spit out dark globs of a strange crystalline material at the lumbering Predaking. Predaking's field was design to block energy, and wasn't currently set to repel solid matter. The semigelatinous solids passed right through it and splattered all over Predaking's arms, chest, and legs. He tried to angrily scrape it off, but it would not be removed, to his surprise.

    Surprise was quickly followed by pain, as the coral suddenly began literally sucking energon from Predaking's body, draining his power reserves and causing the coral to glow brightly with siphoned energy.

    Coral Cannon Siphon mode: Activate.

    The barrel on Nautilator's weapon mode rotated another sixty-degree turn, and made a subsonic hum. Immediately, the stored energy in the coral shot from the glowing lumps into the cannon, going directly into Piranacon's power reserves, raising his power level from twenty-two percent to over seventy percent. The drained coral turned to inert crystal, and fell from Predaking's body. Piranacon wasted no time switching Nautilator to laser mode and firing a full power blast at the staggering Predaking. It caught him square in the hip plate below Razorclaw's beast mode head, and it was Predaking's turn for a round of Robot versus Wall.

    Feeling victory in his grasp, Piranacon strode forward, as all six Seacons rejoiced internally. Their rejoicing was cut short, as drawing upon need and emergency reserves, Predaking aimed the gigantic cannon on his left arm at Piranacon and fired. Caught totally unprepared, Piranacon was wreathed in purple energy that seared every centimeter of his form. It was all he could do to maintain cohesion, and there was nothing left to keep him from falling to his back. He could only look up as Predaking staggered to his feet, and was aiming his weapon at him again. Piranacon braced himself for the end, but Predaking's weapon glowed slightly, but then failed with a sputter.

    Damage reports were coming in from all of his internal systems, but Piranacon staggered to his feet, draining his own power reserves even as his self-repair systems took priority over his remaining energy in an attempt to compensate for the damage. There was no power left to do anything but stand there opposite his opponent, and Snaptrap judged they had less than thirty seconds of power left because they would have to separate. Assuming they could, of course.

    Before either combatant could do anything, a bright fusion blast impacted the floor between the two of them, the shock wave sending them both back down on their backsides. "Enough!" a commanding, evil, and threatening voice called out, even as a new set of footsteps echoed through the rubble and haze from the battle.

    Voice identified. 98.5 percent probability of belonging to Megatron.

    As in confirmation, Megatron appeared in front of Piranacon; his oddly modernized fusion cannon pointing at his head, one of his strange rotor-blade swords in his hand.

    He is Megatron. He... does not totally resemble Megatron.

    We're not the only ones that might have changed in fifteen years, came a thought from Snaptrap, which Piranacon regretfully accepted. Tentakil and Skalor, as his legs, had been knocked offline by Megatron's fusion blast. Seawing offered nothing as usual, and Overbite and Nautilator were barely conscious from the damage and energy drain.

    "You have two choices," Megatron thundered, even as the end of his fusion cannon began to glow with power. "One, you keep resisting, and I blow your head off, and find six other Decepticons to inhabit your body. Second choice, you submit, and agree to use your upgraded power to help us destroy the Autobots!"

    Piranacon struggled to point his Seawing arm at Starscream, who was being tended to by Hook and Scrapper. "Traitor.... Underbase. Destroyed us..."

    Megatron turned to look at the injured Starscream. "Starscream has been dealt with during your deactivation, and he knows well enough not to try such foolishness again." Starscream managed to look sheepish. "Enough. What is your decision, Death, or service?"

    He... he is Megatron.

    He is our leader.

    We have made... a decision.

    Silently, Piranacon transformed back into the Seacons; his limbs falling into an unconscious stupor, even as Snaptrap struggled forward, to fall to one knee in front of Megatron.

    "We... we yield, mighty Megatron," Snaptrap vowed, bowing his head. "We will serve you. This I promise, on behalf of my team, which will surely thank you," he said looking at their unconscious forms, "for your mercy."
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    THat was one of the best stories ever. Seriously! Imagine the don drawing that story. Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This was very good.
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    Well written brother, I thouroughly enjoyed that. You did well at intermingling several different era's into that. I liked alot.

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