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    New fanfic being put up! If you want to read it is fine. If not, then don't. No flames for this one either. It is my second one and it is by far my longest. If you like to read about violence, then this fic has alot of it. But it is from a non TF series. Postive feedback will result in both of my fanfics being up dated. Please read and review.

    This will be a teaser only to give you an idea of what it is about. Bios will be up tomorrow.

    SD Gundam Force
    The Movie

    One person…..

    “What the…?”

    One mysterious past…..

    “Who are you?”

    One enemy…..

    “No… It can’t be…”

    So many secrets…..

    “Hello, Haro.”

    Not enough time…..

    “Come on, Captain. You’re gonna be alright. Just hang on!”


    “No! Bakunetsumaru!”


    “Oh, Mana! Protect me by your pact with the Winged Knight!”


    “No, Shute! Don’t do it!”


    “How can we win this, guys?”
    “I don’t know, Shute. I really don’t.”
    Captain Gundam…..

    “Withdraw at once, or I will be forced to open fire!”

    Zero the Winged Knight…..

    “Are you alright, Princess?”


    “Are you willing to taste my blade?”

    Shute Marxworth…..

    “You can’t defeat us!”


    “You can’t understand our strength!”


    “Gundivers, launch!”

    Bell Wood…..

    “No! Please stop!”

    Kao Lyn…..

    “I’m afraid the damage is worse than expected!”


    “We have an intruder, sir!”

    And Gunbike…..

    “Come on! You can do better than that!”

    Together, they will unite as a team to save the city and defeat an enemy unlike anything they have ever imagined.
    One team…..

    “Come on!”

    One last hope…..


    Or all is lost…..

    “You’ve lost! No one can defeat me!”

    Superior Defender Gundam Force: The Movie!


    Coming soon to a fanfic site near you! Are you ready?
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    Oct 21, 2007
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    Bios are coming up. The bios are of characters from a real anime that was cancelled in midseason. Hope you read and review my fanfic.

    Character Biographies

    Captain Gundam: A military Gundam built by the S.D.G. to defend Neotopia, he crashed into Shute’s workshop after a battle one day and was fixed by the boy. Ever since then, he has been Shute’s friend. In battle, he leads the Gundam Force with efficiency and is a capable fighter. It is only when his Soul Drive activates that enemies are sent packing. He might seem naïve at first, but deep inside he is really a caring Gundam, although he hates to admit it.

    Zero the Winged Knight: A Knight Gundam from Lacroa, he was sent to Neotopia to find a way to reverse the effects of the Dark Axis’s main weapon. But upon being captured and brought to their main dimension, he soon was won over by Shute and Captain’s willingness to help each other out. He is now a vital member of the Gundam Force and is willing to fight to save his new adopted homeland from any evil force that wants to destroy it or take it over.

    Bakunetsumaru: A Samurai Gundam from Ark, he was called to Neotopia when the Gundam Force needed his help. At first he was reluctant to accept his exile, but when he fought alongside Captain and Zero, he realized that he was meant to remain in Neotopia. Now a member of the Gundam Force, he fights with Zero and Captain to protect the city. When they are not in combat or on duty, he spends his time arguing with Zero, which has become regular. Or are they doing it to hide feelings for each other?

    Shute Marxworth: Captain’s best friend and a Special Operations Member of the Gundam Force, he is willing to help out even if the situation is tough. He looks at each situation with a positive attitude that encourages the team. After finding Captain unconscious in his workshop and fixing him up, the two became best friends in the days following that battle. Shute can activate Captain’s Soul Drive, which gives the Gundam strength to win each battle. But does the boy have feelings for the Gundam? Or does Captain look to Shute for encouragement because he needs it?

    Guneagle: An avian Gundam built to provide air support for the team, he looks up to Captain. He might seem like a cocky young Gundam with no concern for his friends, but when it comes down to battle, he is willing to give it his all to win the fight!

    Gundivers: The marine supports for the team, the Gundivers are actually brothers! They were designed to transform into a submarine mode for faster travel and reconnaissance. When in battle, all 7 of them can unleash a devastating attack that can send enemies flying out of the water!

    Bell wood: The interdimensional travel expert, he is the head of Lab C, a top secret division of the S.D.G.

    Kao Lyn: The creator of Captain, Guneagle, the Gundivers and many other robots for the S.D.G., he is the robotics expert of the team. He is the one to go to if a robot has any damage.

    Juli: A technician who works under Chief Haro, she is willing to provide the necessary information needed to win a fight. She is also friends with Shute’s mom.

    Gunbike: Captain’s former instructor, he has a gruff attitude and military style, which often makes him quick to anger. While he might seem rough on the outside, he really has the team’s best interests at heart.
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    Very cool can't wait to read the story.
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    I will post it today. It's very looong too. No chapters though. Just one long story plot.
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    This is a bad idea! It will not end well.

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