SDCC Blaster/LDR SS/HA Jazz/Uni Minicon

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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I have a few things I need to clear up this week so here we go.

    I ship via USPS Priority and can only ship within the US at the moment.

    Sorry International fans but I will not be able to psychically go into a post office for Customs packages this month.

    Shipping is not included. I only accept Paypal. Standard or gifted is fine.

    For Sale:

    MIB SDCC Blaster - $40

    Item is in great shape but there is a bit of quality control chrome paint issues on Eject. Nothing too bad. Transformed once and put on display.

    MISB Human Alliance Jazz - $25

    Mint and sealed with minor shelf wear on box.

    Loose/complete/Broken connector piece ROTF Leader Class Starscream - $25

    This piece was mint until the plastic connector that holds the hood behind his head broke.

    I was able to push it back in and the plastic stress is hardly noticeable. In fact, it holds in without glue rather well. Some modeling or super glue would seal it perfectly but not needed. All accessories are included and electronic sounds work.

    If requested, I can take pictures.

    MISB Universe Mini-Con Armada Series 12 pack - $20

    This is a Kmart exclusive that came with Backstop, Bodyblock, Knockdown, Heavytread, Makeshift, Flatfoot, Suppressor, Blight, Brimestone, Cloudraker, Boltflash, and Skyhammer.

    Box has never been opened however the tape has broken on one side of the box.

    Buy everything for $100 and I'll toss in a loose TRU reissue insecticons!

    Insecticons come with some stickers applied. Box with shelf wear included. Bombshell has the middle leg off his left arm missing. Came form Hasbro that way. All accessories are included.

    Hey can't say I didn't try. :popcorn 

    Everything comes from a Smoke free environment. I pack well and ship quickly once payments are received.
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