SDCC 2012 FoC Generations Bruticus - ONSLAUGHT Review

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Reviews' started by TheTFReview, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Here is my video review and final review of the individual combaticons. Thats for watching guys!

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    I really like Onslaught too. I was quite surprised as the test shots didn't do it for me but I like him alot better having him in hand.

    For the head, I had the same problem. There are 2 small guides that had a little mold flash on them. I just used a razor and shaved the excess plastic off them and I was able to get the head to go all the way up. It was a pain in the ass to get to in that little spot though. It was only a tiny bit of plastic so it didn't need alot taken off. It definitely helps the robot mode's look when his head is all the way up.

    For the waist piece, there is a hole in the butt area of Onslaught that the large peg on the waist plate can fit into so it sits higher and allows his legs to move alot more. It ends up sitting just a little lower than it would in Bruticus mode.

    The only thing I dislike is that Onslaughts arms pop off their balljoints all the time. They're easy to pop back on but a bit annoying nonetheless.

    Good review though! Looking forward to the combined video. :) 

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