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    During a creative writing class I was taking for high school last year, one assignment had us write a screenplay. Try as I might to avoid such a path, I ended up writing a screenplay based off of a story I had been thinking of. I figured I would upload it here for fun.

    Anyway, my teacher ended up loving it and asked me if she could use it on her freshman's exam... What? Apparently they had to analyze it and recognize story elements she had been teaching them. I laughed.

    Anyway, have fun reading about Roadkill! Don't take it too seriously!

    (Scene opens. Rows of Decepticon soldiers are lined up in the back of a carrier. A commander walks back and forth issuing orders. In the back of the aft is Megatron watching the scene motionlessly. By his side is Roadkill. Both have their arms crossed and time to time Roadkill looks up towards Megatron's face, but it remains firm. The commander begins to shout.)

    Listen up! We are a thousand feet above the surface of Unaris. The battle, if any of you have been living under a junk pile, has already begun and it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to land. Therefore we've decided to unload you downgrade processors before this carrier becomes a nothing but a flaming frame. Fliers, you have already been briefed on your battle plans. Those of you stuck with wheels, you will have to jump. The gravity here is about 5/4ths of what is is back on Cybertron, so it is especially important that you remember to land in vehicle mode. Failing to do so, your servos will collapse under the pressure, and the last thing the Decepticon cause needs is a crippled bot.
    (pauses to let the troops absorb what he has just rattled off)
    If that happens, you're a dead bot. If you fail to group up with your squadron, you're a dead bot. And if you get captured by the Autobots, well those softies may not kill you… not at first, but I can't think of a single 'con that would go risk his life to save your exhaust pipe.
    (Waits a moment and then with a sweeping motion of his arm, indicating towards the exit of the carrier)
    MOVE OUT! May you be smart enough to not get yourself killed!
    (Troops start to deploy one by one. The terrestrial bound bots pause for a moment and hesitantly leap out of the ship.)
    (the Commander approaches Megatron slowly but does not speak. Megatron does not seem to notice or care that he is there, but remains still. A few moments pass.)

    Commander(clears throat)

    Speak up Commander. If you have something to say, then say it. If you've failed to notice, there's a war going on. And I can not afford to be waisting time to an a bot who can't get his vocal processor to work.

    Well… Well I was just wondering… that is… I was wondering where you were planning on taking position on the battlefield.

    (eyes squint slightly) There's a place I've picked out. There's a small hill in C-9 right behind the frontline. It shall suffice as a place that we can advance our attacks from.

    (turning to Megatron) I was wondering, Majesty, if perhaps my squadron could accompany you at that position?

    (Turning to look down at Roadkill and grasping his arm cannon eagerly) The battle would not be the same.

    (Megatron turns and walks away. The Commander's eyes follow him in awe, but turn away as soon as Roadkill turns to face him. Roadkill, looking away for a second, exits the scene where he comes across Searcher in one of the ship's passageways)
    (softly) Searcher, what are you doing here?

    (jumps in surprise) Oh! Commander! I didn't notice-

    Why are you not with the rest of the squad?

    (Searcher does not answer)

    It will be different. It's not like Garrius, or Kengla. Those were missions; this is a war front. Unaris is essential to moving the Decepticons further into the this part of the Galaxy. I know-

    Searcher (speaking quickly
    I'm sorry Commander. I'm just an intel bot. I've… never really been in a big battle before.

    Yet your record shows that you have excellent marksmanship. Look here, The Decepticons have no room for a bot getting weak on the eve of battle. Stay by my side and you'll be fine. There will be no heroic nonsense to save you're life if you decide to play hero, but if you fight by me, I'll fight by you. Fear has no place, no value: frivolous. Loyalty is the most respected virtue of the Decepticons. It will not go unrewarded. My squadron is made up of the finest soldiers, so don't insult me by acting incompetent. Do what you're told, be a Decepticon soldier, and we'll both make it out alive.

    (Searcher nods, throws his sniper rifle over his shoulder, and salutes.)
    Yes Sir!

    (Montage: The two of them, accompanied by Roadkill's troops, fly down to the battle field. Piles of decepticon and Autobot chassis alike line the terrain, all dead or begging to be. The air is thick with exhaust from gunfire and all around cannons flash as beams of energy crisscross over the landscape. An Autobot smashes a Decepticon head against the armor of a fallen bot. A decepticon spins around and shoots down three charging Autobots. Moments later, a sword pierces his armor and he falls to his knees as the attacking Autobot removes his blade, drenched in fresh energon. The scene then focuses on Megatron and Roadkill, fighting back to back with Roadkill's squadron fighting beside them. They feet smash the remains that accumulate under their feet. A ambitious Autobot rushes Roadkill only to be caught in his grasp)

    Autobot #1:
    (screams) No! Please, please not my arm!
    (The arm is sawed clean off by Roadkill's knife. Another bot attacks similarly, but hunches over as Roadkill's knife penetrates his chest armor. A third bot runs up from behind screaming, about to bring down a sword upon Roadkills head. Turning around, Roadkill sweeps the small bot off the ground and holds him in the air clenching his neck as the shocked bot squirms having dropped his weapon, knowing his life is already gone, and all he can do now is suffer.)
    Roadkill (Looking pleased)
    Very good Autobot! You would have made a rather fine Decepticon soldier. (Swings the Autobot around to where he knows other Autobots can witness) Naturally now you will become just another name amongst the hundreds that I've killed, but do not take it personally. Courage is an honorable trait! Yet you were arrogant, sloppy, and reckless, and for those mistakes you will die. Do not blame me, blame the war in which we are both soldiers. You understand, don't you?
    (Autobot nods)
    (A quick snap springs from the Autobot's neck and Roadkill throws his lifeless body amongst the corpses. His eyes sweep over the awestruck Autobots)
    I find it hard to believe that the Autobots are incapable of training anyone worthy of my time. Is there no one? (waits for a reply) Very well then (draws his knife) Ready or not…
    (A voice calls from behind as an Autobot emerges from the rubble with heavy weaponry strapped to his sides)

    (Megatron and Roadkill turn around hearing their names)

    Autobot (throws a missile launcher over his shoulder, popping up the scope and aiming directly towards Megatron
    (fires the missile)

    Roadkill (Shocked)
    (Roadkill dives towards Megatron to knock him to safety, but it is already too late. He is caught instantly in blast and an explosion shatters the area, sending metallic fragments everywhere in a powerful explosion that sends the surrounding squadron tumbling down the hill. As the pull their heads from the ground, they can only watch helplessly as the missile's impact dies down, leaving only a wispy smoke and a pile of parts where two bots once stood. The assassin's silly smile of shock and success is shattered by a direct shot to his forehead. The assassin Autobot falls down dead as Searcher lies wide eyed on the ground with his sniper rifle still smoking. He stands up, stumbles, but manages to retain balance. Then, seeing the smoke where Megatron and Roadkill stood, he is snapped back into reality.)
    (Searcher Runs towards the scene, joined with the rest of the squad who begins searching through the rummage. Searcher wades his way through the energon stained parts before seeing the head of Megatron. frantically clearing parts around it and discovering that most of his body is intact, he pulls Megatron from the rubble and rests his body against his arm.)

    MEDIC! Oh slag! Oh Slag!
    (looks around with a terrified expression
    Will somebody get a slaggin medic! (calling) MEDIC!

    A Decepticon MEDIC bot rushes to the scene, his arm opens up revealing a series of medical tools and a monitoring screen folds up on his forearm. He places his devices on Megatrons chest using a heavy spike to penetrate his armor.

    His spark is fine, life signal is stationary. It seems he somehow made it out intact. His limbs are locked up due to the shock from the explosion, but there's no external injuries as far as I can detect, but we need to move him to a secure location.

    Searcher (looking relieved for a moment, but is quickly seized again by panic)
    What about Roadkill!

    Medic (looking at Searcher with disbelief)
    Are you kidding? If Megatron is in this good of condition, who do you think took all the damage? I'm sorry, but we simply don't have any time to be digging around for sentimental scrap metal. Now are you going to help me move Megatron or not?!
    (Searcher helps the Medic lift Megatron from the ground. Under the cover of their fellow decepticons, they move their way through the raging battlefront until they arrive at one of the small camps set up. A commanding officer at the tent waves his arm, signaling for Searcher and the Medic to hurry up. When they reach the door to the tent, he stops them, observing Megatron stirring as he comes back online.)
    Megatron (coughing a couple of times before speaking weakly)
    Where… Where is Roadkill…
    He… He…

    Megatron (closing his eyes knowingly)
    That's too bad
    (As Megatron is carried into the base, Searcher falls silently against the side of the tent staring out into the battlefield with a shocked expression. He puts his head deep into his hands as the screams and explosions of battlefields play behind him. Screams of retreat can be heard, and the footsteps of soldiers rumbles by Searchers position as troops fall back as their military organization begins to decentegrate. Already behind Searcher, Decepticon ships can be seen leaving the battlefield in a mass exodus of a retreat. The screen goes black)
    (fading in, a holographic decepticon flag can be seen fluttering in and out of existence on the empty battlefield. Weeks have now passed since the Decepticon troops abandoned Unaris. The the skeletons of war remain, littering the surface of the warm planet like leaves on an autumn night. They are rusting, cracking, and in many cases the ghosts of an Autobot or Decepticon who tried to crawl away from the battlefield, but was never rescued by his allies. The hill in C9 where Megatron and Roadkill fought side by side, remains a blistered crater full of burnt pipes and metal parts. A single arm pulls free, lifting the ravished body of Roadkill from under the pile of enemies and allies. Roadkill looks across the empty battlefield where the war had once gone on. Then looking downwards, he screams as he realizes something he previously failed to notice: that his entire lower half of his body is gone, blasted clean off. He instantly pulls up a data sheet on his left arm to assess his damage.

    Roadkill (Shocked for a moment, but then eyes widening and smiling in a horrendous, frightened grin)
    No… No Spark! (laughs lightly) With no life force, I must be a ghost! How fitting! How fitting that I may be trapped in such a dreadful hell as the battlefield where I died! Is this your doing, Primus? Leaving me to walk for all eternity alone for my sins because I wasn't one of your precious Autobots? (he drops his smile and pauses as he thinks) MEGATRON!
    (Crawls over to the smoldering pit, leaving a trail of energy dripping from his lower body. He begins to frantically dig through the scrap pile, throwing the metal bits everywhere as he searches for Megatron.)

    (Staring wide-eyed) He's… he's not here.

    (Some time passes, and the battlefield has now rusted over. The unclaimed, unrecognizable corpses rot and decay into a brownish hue that now covers the large area the war once took place. A scout appears in the atmosphere, flying through the thick atmosphere and making a slow decent onto the forgotten planet. It lands, making a loud cling as it secures itself, sending and echo across the land. A hand of an unseen hand grabs a knife that gleams under the hot sun. The ship's door opens and extends from which two bots emerge. They are both recognizable as being part of Roadkill's team. They raise walk out of the ship, raising their hands to shade themselves from the gleam of the sun. Seeing a rustle in the woods, they raise their guns. Switching views, the quick movements of an approacher can be seen. Back with the two bots, they cautiously raise their guns, and the closest one to the woods cocks his head, trying to see what is out there. Back to the unknown approacher, panting can be heard and sunlight begins to be seen. As he exits the woods, the two scouts can be seen looking in shock and they quickly aim their guns. The intruder is Roadkill who is covered in parts cannibalized from other robots which he appears to be using as armor. His legs are replaced with frail makeshift frames without much metal plating surrounding them, leaving his lower half to be skeletal.)

    Scout 1 (smiling and lowering his gun)
    Roadkill! By the matrix! We thought you were dead!

    I am
    (Scout 1 turns his head curiously. Roadkill seems not to be aware of their existence and seems distracted)

    Scout 2
    Roadkill! (Roadkill snaps his head to look at Scout 2) It's good that we found you! Things have fallen apart since you've been gone. Megatron-

    Roadkill (interrupting, but eyes examining a pile of scrap metal)
    Megatron? Megatron's… alive?

    Scout 2
    Well… yes. He survived missile strike. We just assumed he died.

    And what will you do when you return?

    Scout 2
    We… (turning curiously towards their ship) we can take you back. I'm sure Megatron will be pleased to know that you-

    (Blood splatters from Scout 2's neck as a knife, thrown by Roadkill, pierces his neck. Roadkill leaps towards Scout 2's corpse to retrieve his weapon.)

    Scout 1 (Screaming in surprise)
    What the-! What are you doing! (aims his gun and begins to fire)

    (Roadkill spins around, using his knife to cut off the end of Scout 1's gun. Catching Scout 1 off guard, he rushes him and cuts into his chest, tearing the knife up his chest and then watching as Scout 1's body fall to the ground.)

    Roadkill (quietly)
    I'm sorry. I can't let you do that.

    (Roadkill pulls out his knife and walks into the ship, staring at the artificial light with extreme curiosity. He scrutinizes them, removing them from their socket and examining the mechanical workings. After placing them back, he notices from where he stands the contents of the medical room. Grabbing a rather large medical knife, he walks out of vision.)

    Scene 2
    (Roadkill walks knee deep in the liquid waste flowing through the "sewers" of the Decepticon battleship. His hands trace the walls, falling into to small notches that he runs his finger over a second time. Turning his head in the darkness, he continues his way through the narrow drainage system. A half lit, utility light, is off in the distance, spreading its dim light against the old, metal walls. The shadow of a figure passes through the dim light and instantly Roadkill pins himself against the rusted walls. The sounds of wading can be heard and roadkill draws his knife. The sound of the sliding knife coming free of its holster turns the attention of the intruder towards Roadkills location
    Searcher (quietly)
    Roadkill? Roadkill is that you? (waits for a reply) I know you're there. It's me, Searcher. You remember me. (waits again) We need to talk.
    (Roadkill moves himself into the light, knife still clasped tightly)

    Searcher (astonished and frightened)
    (In awe) Roadkill. I… I never thought I would be seeing you again.

    How did you know I was going to be here

    I… Well you see, Binder and Snapper had been sent to Unaris on a scouting mission to see if we could receive valuable military equipment… because you know how hard it is to produce some of that stuff… Well when we lost contact with them, I reported it to Megatron. (notices Roadkill's confused face.) I… I'm head of Decepticon intelligence now. Anyways, it's not unusual that a ship that far out in the galaxy may loose contact due to solar disruptions, but it's necessary to take precautions, you know? I… I've never been able to get that battle out of my thoughts, so I thought it was an odd planet to be popping up again. That's when I started digging around

    What are you talking about?

    Something about that incident never seemed right to me. The assassin, the fact that Megatron received little damage, the lack of a search for you, it was all… unsettling. Well when I went back through the report files, I found some connections that should have been spotted before… That is, unless someone didn't want them to be discovered. The assassin, for instance, was never identified, however his energy signature is remarkably close to that of an Autobot soldier who's psychiatric report warned of traitorous desires. He could have gone turncoat and played Autobot so he could act as an assassin without being known to the Decepticons. Also, things like the explosion that hit you; it could have only been caused by a shell intended to scatter the explosion on impact. Those things were being tested around the time of the attack for artillery frontline weapons. Fact is, they weren't done testing and as it turns out, the initial prototypes scattered so much explosion that they couldn't even concentrate on one target. A normal bot would probably escape with a limb or part of his torso blown clean. That's when I suspected you were alive.

    Searcher, I died back there. My spark is offline.

    It's probably just malfunctioning equip-

    Roadkill ( cutting him off)
    You still haven't answered me. How did you know I was going to be here?

    Here? Oh, well back when I served with you, you always said this would be the easiest way to break into a battleship. So when the scout ship logged back into our network, I came looking for you here. What happened to those two anyways.

    They wanted to tell Megatron about me. I couldn't let that happen. What about you? (Searcher jolts frightened) Will you tell him?

    I… I never was going to. I want to come with you… you know, to see Megatron. I mean, everything I found out is pointing to the fact that he-

    (Searcher is interrupted by a loud clanging noise coming from above the tunnel. Instinctively, Roadkill pulls Searcher from the light and waits a moment to make sure the coast is clear.)

    Fine. You can come with me since you're worth something more than me killing you. You know your way around the ship better than I do. Besides, we want the same thing: the truth. That's enough for me.

    (The door to the bridge slides open letting a shiver of light shine in to the otherwise darkened room. Instantly the crew of the bridge spins around, grabbing their guns at the sight of Roadkill, who towers over Searcher. The two stand quietly without a word, the difference being that Searcher's eyes are full of fear an uncertainty. Slowly Megatron rises from his seat and turns to the intruders.)

    Roadkill, I was wondering when you would arrive. I see that Searcher has accompanied you. (To Searcher) Are you ok with this?

    I've… I've made my decision

    Very well. (To the surrounding troops) Leave us.

    Troop Commander
    But Sir!

    Commander, if you ever again doubt my ability to handle a situation, I'll melt you down for spare parts. I said, get out.

    Troop Commander
    (hesitantly) Sir.
    (The troops leave the bridge unwillingly, looking back to eye both Roadkill and Searcher. As they leave, the door to the bridge closes and they are engulfed in darkness once again save for the green hue from the monitors that line the room.

    Roadkill. How good it is to see you again. I thought you were dead.

    I am.

    (In a more serious tone) I know why you've come. You've come to find out the truth. The truth behind the attacker, the truth behind your death, and, perhaps, the truth about the Decepticons. (Turning to Searcher) That's at least why you've come, isn't it?
    I… I need to.

    Very well then! You want the truth? You shall have it. You're suspicions are correct, Searcher. Don't be surprised to realize that I know what you've been up to the last few days. I know you've been researching the explosion; the attacker. Yes, the Autobot was, in fact, a new recruit who I had sent on a mission. A double agent, if you will. After he decided he wanted to be a turncoat, I had him stay amongst his Autobot colleagues for a little while… Long enough so he could kill you, Roadkill.

    You should have died with me then, Megatron. I've come to correct that.
    Have you now? (lowers his head, and raises his arm cannon) Then lets see you do it. Lets see you fix history as you see fit.

    (Roadkill rushes Megatron, ready to kill. Megatron, prepared, fires his arm cannon which skims off Roadkills shoulder and he charges. Roadkill swings at Megatron with his knife, but it is deflected by the hard metal of the cannon as megatron moves to block. Using this opening, megatron swings a kick, catching Roadkill in the stomach and sending him tumbling across the room. Roadkill gets up, showing in his face considerable pain, before glaring at Megatron, ready for his next strike.

    Drop the cannon Megatron. Fight me with honor!

    (Dropping the cannon, which steams as it is released from his arm) I don't need my cannon to kill you, Roadkill. (Letting the glowing, energy mace extend from his arm as his hand retracts, being placed by the heavy weapon) I'd kill you with my bare hands. I'd kill you no matter what if it meant that you would stay dead!

    (Megatron runs towards Roadkill, swinging the mace over his head and yelling. He swings it down over Roadkills head, only to have the chain caught by Roadkill's knife. Roadkill slams Megatron in the chest with his fist, buckling him before kneeing him in the stomach. Tumbling back and regaining his stance, Megatron swings a punch towards Roadkill, catching the side of his face, and following the strike with a swing of his mace. Roadkill dodges the swing, letting the mace smash into the metal flooring. While it is stuck in the ground, Roadkill snaps his leg towards Megatron, springing him from the ground and crashing into the other side of the wall. Stunned and weakened, Megatron can only watch as Roadkill rushes towards him once again, knife raised. He pins Megatron to the wall, his knife blade, running like a chain saw, skimming the metal of Megatron's neck.)

    Let me tell you something, Megatron, from the moment that missile blew away my body, I knew. I knew that it was you that killed me. I knew. I knew. I didn't come to find that out. I didn't even come to kill you, it's just might happen. But the only reason I came back was so you could answer one question for me. One question that has haunted me day, after day, after day. I've been wondering, what is our limitation? Is it the cruel, unfair, curse of the Decepticons to climb incessantly up the ladder of authority until we exceed our usefulness? Answer me, Megatron! (letting his knife slowly chip of more and more metal as it inches into Megatron's neck slowly, letting energon seep from the opening and drip down.) Answer Me!

    (Gunfire sounds in the chamber and slowly Roadkill collapses to the ground, eyes open, staring at Megatron as he falls. Behind him stands Searcher, speechless, trembling, letting the light smoke trail from his gun. Breathing in sharply he drops the gun, which clatters against the ground.

    He was…! He was going to kill you! (Breathes in deeply to calm himself down, then looking down.) He was going to kill you, but it was because he already knew the answer to his question. I… I need to know it for myself. I'm not like the others; I came online after the war began. While every other soldier had the choice wether he was going to be an Autobot or Decepticon, I had no such choice. In every since of the word, I was one of the few who were "born" into the Decepticons. That's why… That's why it's so important to me to find out. That's why it's so important for me to know what it means to be a Decepticon. (looks up at Megatron who is standing right in front of him) So please, answer Roadkill.

    As Decepticons, we know only one thing: to seize power. We claw our way to rank by proving ourselves, no matter the consequence. It makes us strong, skilled, and courageous, but it also can fill us with deceit and treachery. Roadkill was different. He believed in the Decepticon conquest and our natural destiny to spread our reign across the galaxy, but he also wanted to rid the Decepticon forces of the foulness that brewed within us as we strain to prove our worth. He didn't want any of it, and it got attention, especially from those who saw the Decepticon cause as derailed and insane, losing the true, glorious purpose it once held, drawing a line in the sand in an already divided war. So the answer is yes, I killed Roadkill because of the very thing promised to any Decepticon in exchange for his service to the cause: power. Not many Decepticons gain enough to pose a treat, but there are some, and if they are allowed to continue their existence, they would certainly spell our own destruction. That's why Roadkill is dead.
    (Megatron, leaning over to reattach his arm cannon, turns back to Searcher.)
    You know that I can't let you live, knowing all that you do, don't you?

    Searcher (sadly)
    I know. It's alright. I made my peace with it a long time ago.
    (Megatron raises his arm cannon and fires, blasting Searcher's head clean off and spraying a trail of energon against the wall. Searcher's lifeless body collapses against the floor, collecting a pool of energon around his corpse. It seeps around Megatron's feet.)

    What a waste
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    Dude... THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Other than a few grammatical errors, and in one instance the use of 'blood' instead of 'energon', I second the awesomeness!

    I look forward to anything else you decide to share here!

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