Scout Class Menasor Build - Transformable

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    Hey Everyone, I have built this custom scout class Menasor from the following figures:

    - RTS G2 Optimus Prime - modified helmet-head with carved mouth (neatly done).
    - Leadfoot - modded in connectors
    - Windcharger - modded in connectors
    2 Brakedowns - modded in connectors

    He comes with everything pictured (all bots, sword, menasor head and abdomen section).

    He's connections are both ratcheting power core connectors for his shoulders, and rare earth super, SUPER, strong magnets for his other connections. The magnets fully support Menasor's posing abilities and articulations at the knees, wrists, and neck so no worries about that. His shoulder connectors are the power core connectors (really strong just like factory).

    I was going to paint this guy up for both the stunticons and Menasor as well as vehicle modes, but just have zero free time to do it so I am deciding to sell him as a built, BUT NOT painted custom. You would only have to sand down some joints that would cause paint rub for transformations and then just paint him yourself. OR, leave him action master and don't sand the rub spots...your choice.

    Paypal only, please add 3% to the total, PM me if interested. I will take reasonable offers but I have about $60 into just the cost of figures so that plus material use, labor, and shipping I would like to get a total of $100 for him 'shipped to anywhere in usa'.


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