Scorn TLK Voyager Class (review).

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    Scorn TLK Voyager Class, is aesthetically more faithful to the CGI design of the film... and it has an important feature that is missing in Scorn AOE Deluxe Class... the physical grandeur (which identifies better, the biggest Dinobot of the film saga)! Compared to the AOE Deluxe Class, the Voyager TLK has a slightly more elaborate transformation, and with some modifications, for example, the head and neck of the Spinosaurus AOE, which become the right arm of the robot, are two distinct components, in the TLK model. In the original concept art the two section of the jaw of the Spinosaurus, become the tassets of the robot's armor, which in the final design of the CGI have been eliminated... but remained in the design of the two toys (AOE and TLK), luckily because I like it better (in my opinion, they were wrong to modify the CGI, because they took away a characteristic detail from Dinobot, instead present in the other members of the team, with the heads of the dinosaur in evidence in robot mode). Leaving the two fake jaws of the toy, only as an aesthetic detail, which in Spinosaurus mode, rotate up 180° to "confuse" with the structure of the thighs. Perhaps for his right arm you cold find a better solution, instead of placing it whole under the Spinosaurus bust... however, it is quite hidden by the front paws and the horizontal position of the dinosaur. The Spinosaurus TLK, is very faithful in aesthetics to the CGI of the film, with additional details for a "dragon" appearance (changes made to all Dinobots AOE, with details "not in compliance" with the original reference dinosaur), for example, the three ridges, instead the Spinosaurus AOE, is more aesthetically in line with its "prehistoric homonym", above hall for its unique ridge! The color of the CGI, is a mixture of gray/silver with shades of dark red opaque, instead the Voyager TLK, is a mixture of dark red opaque with shades of silver, and dark gray... in practice, is in line with the CGI of the film. Many believe that in the Spinosaurus mode of the Voyager TLK, the hips of the robot are evident... instead those are the hips of the dinosaur, because they are evident "the ribs" that give continuity to the structure of the bust of the beast (hidden by the large armor shoulder straps, in robot mode); the hips of the robot, are the lower segment... that in the Spinosaurus mode, are hidden by the pelvis/thigh structure. Perhaps with the red hips, it was better for the Spinosaurus... but in any case the gray enhances it characteristic mixed color! The Spinosaurus joints are: the jaw (which opens about 80°), the double joint behind the head, which allows the rotation of the latter, on itself of 360° plus a lateral rotation of 180°; the neck joint which moves the head down of almost 90°. The front paws are a single rigid piece, with a single joint in the shoulder (ball joint), which allows a rotation of 360°, plus shorter lateral displacements; the hind paws, have a pelvis/thigh joint that allows a rotation of 360° (possible for the lateral position of the paws), and a lateral displacement of 45°. Between the thigh and the knee, there is a joint that allows at the lower section of the paws, a rotation of 360° on itself, and tha knee joint folds the paws of 90°. In the lower section of the paw, there is a joint that serves for the change of position between the paw and the foot of the robot... that thanks to the ankle joint of the latter, allows at the paw of the Spinosaurus, a short forward movement and behind, another joint is that of the rear claw, with its short up and down movement (it also has the function of fixing the paws, in the legs of the robot). The three ridges (hard rubber) are connected to each of the pins, which allow a lateral rotation, the central ridge of 180° (in robot mode), and the two side crests of 90°. The three sections of the hard rubber tail, are fixed to an internal jointed plastic structure (only the first two sections, the tip of the tail is completely of hard rubber), which allows you to fold into three parts; then we have to mention the joint between the "shoulder and the left arm of the robot", which allows the tail to rotate on itself 360°, instead, the correct disposition with the straight tail it must be flush with the lower section of the back of the Spinosaurus (arranged in this way, it is 33 cm long... Grimlock AOE Leader Class, is 34 cm long). The joints of the robot are: the neck (360° head rotation, shorter up and down vertical displacements), the shoulder, double joint that moves the arms sideways of 90°, and forward and back 360° (together with the shoulder straps of the armor); between shoulder and arm there is a joint that makes the latter rotate on itself 360° (both arms). The right elbow joint, fold the 100° arm. The wrist joint rotates the right hand by 180° (because the two spikes block the hand, by hindering the total rotation); the thumb and the right palm are a single rigid piece, the other fingers have a single joint that opens and closes the hand. The joints of the tail/left arm, I have already mentioned before, instead, regarding the legs in robot mode, it is necessary to specify that the pelvis/thigh joint, allows a forward displacement of almost 180°, backward 90°, and lateral of 45°. The two knee joints, same function as in Spinosaurus mode. The two thigh covers, have a joint that allows a short forward movement of 45°... no functional factor, only aesthetic. The ankle joint allows the feet of the robot a short vertical displacement (up and down), and lateral displacement, which together with the other strong joints of the legs, allow the robot to remain balanced on one leg (once the center of gravity is found). The front paws of the Spinosaurus, are exposed on the right shoulder straps of the robot armor, are not evident in the CGI of the film, but on the model Voyager make a good figure (characteristics more from Dinobot, with parts of the dinosaur in evidence in robot mode). In conclusion, the best model of the Dinobot (of the film line) produced so far!

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