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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Switch313, May 9, 2018.

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    So I'm working on a devy custom with ko hercules v2 as a base. I actually quote like the figure, and I fiddle with him a lot because there is very little remorse in damaging/screwing up/ breaking him. However I'm wanting to add some better vehicle parts for the playability (the excavators arm is 2 solid molded pieces, and the crane as well).

    I've searched online a couple hours last night, so thought I'd ask here now. Do any of you have a good recommendation for a website that might sell just certain parts for the scale models? I see scale modeling is a popular thing, and has a big community but I'm not really looking to pony up upwards of $100 for a crane truck just to canabilze the boom from it. Plus a lot of the sites I was browsing last night dont seem all that "official" so to speak and I'd be wary of making a purchase through them.

    I'm asking here before I make a forum account on some of those sites (for some reason i feel like it'd be offensive for me just to create an account to ask this, there).

    None of the local walmarts, toys r us, or targets out here have what I'm looking for either.

    The bruder toy site has a replacement part order search engine (which is awesome) but they're really large pieces that wouldn't fit my ko dr crank either.

    Anyways appreciate any responses. Thanks
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    Looks like parts may be available through ebay stores for 1:24 scale
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