Say one genuinely nice, and one not-so-nice thing about each TF series.

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    agile house
    This is a little game. say one nice and not nice thing about each, or just one, Tf series.

    G1: The toys today are great novelties. The cartoon is sub-par by today's standards.

    BW: The series, toyline and show, as a whole was great. The Fuzors toys were fugly, though.

    RID/CR: The new toys were awesome. Most of the characters were repaints.

    Movie: The new designs look great on screen. BB peeing on Simmons will never be funny to me.

    Armada/ML: Had some really fun gimmicks. Most of the toys lacked sutible articulation.

    Energon/SL: Gave us lots of homage characters. The show was a major "WTF?"

    Cybertron/GF: Some really fantastic toys. The design style was getting repetitive. (sp?)

    Animated: All around a solid series. The human villians are not everybody's thing.

    Classics/Universe: Lots of great toys based off old characters. Some not-so-great ones, too.

    Please limit it to one, simply because I don't want this to turn into a rant thread. That way people just get out their one favourite thing and one major gripe. I know a lot of people will openly object.
  2. Lock Cade

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    G1: Really memorable series. Wish the Quints weren't in season 3

    BW/BM: Nothing to say about this series until I get the chance to see it.

    RID: Nothing to say about this series until I get the chance to see it.

    Armada: Hot Shot is the coolest. Why do the minicons and the kids have to be so annoying?

    Energon: Nothing to say about this series until I get the chance to see it.

    Cybertron: Nice storyline. Wished the Planet Cup race didn't take so long, and why does Bud have to be so fricking annoying?

    Movie: Epic win... except there should be less humans, more robots and no mentioning of masturbation.

    Animated: Best story line ever! God, get rid of those human villains... especially Professor Princess

    Classics/Universe: Awesome figures. Nothing bad to say about them.
  3. Fairlady_Z

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    G1 - my favorite series and the one that started it all and got me hooked. It only lasted 3 seasons.

    BW - best storyline and got me back into TFs as an adult. Some toys could have been better.

    BM - I liked the evolution of Cheetor into a leader. Hated Saladtron.

    RID - Skybite! Don't like Megatron's VA.

    Armada - the Uncron Battles were good. Those kids, blech!

    Energon - it brought back Rodimus as a toy and a character. Wasted potential for character arcs.

    Cybertron - I love Override! Stock footage and some weird accents.

    Movie - Cullen IS Prime! Not enough robots, too many humans.

    TFA - made by people who are truly fans of the franchise. It's only lasting 3 seasons.
  4. Taurucis

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    G1: Rather enjoyable to watch when my brain's too fried to follow a plot. Ruined by the movie/s3/s4, though.

    BW: A rather humorous series, but it could be serious when needed. They killed off my favorite characters :throw 

    RiD: Outright hilarious - usually dubs of animes are cheesy and cliche when it comes to humor, but not RiD... The voice acting was kind of "o_O "

    Armada: Rather decent storyline. Too much emphasis on minicons/humans, though.

    Energon: Big explosions, lots of action for when I'm in the mood for some senseless violence. The storyline was pretty bad however.

    Cybertron: Femmebots - we need more of them. The racing arc was too long (it's like 10 episodes or something :X)

    Movie: OP = sex. Again, too much emphasis on the humans...

    Animated: A perfect combination of action, storyline, character development, and humor. Some of the character models are... freaky.
  5. Human Beastbox

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    I'll play.

    G1: Made my after school afternoons great and loved the toys. Pretty crappy to me today after taking off the nostalgia glasses.

    BW/BM: Innovative break away from G1. Didn't really dig the character designs too much.

    RID: Another nice break from G1. Once again, didn't entirely dig the character designs.

    Armada: Haven't seen much of it (no opinion)

    Energon: Do I have to say something nice? See number 1.:wink: 

    Cybertron: Liked a lot of the character designs. Didn't like the animation too much.

    Movie: Nice to see my childhood imagination come to life. Not so nice to see muddled, busy robot designs and robo-urinating.

    Animated: Fantastic G1-ish toys, stories and humor. Too many human villains in the beginning.

    Classics/Universe: Love the toys, truly. Downside--no cartoon to support them.
  6. Eric

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    G1: It was the show that started it all!/Prime's death pretty much ruined seasons 3 and 4.
    BW: Downright awesome!/I wish Dinobot hadn't died...
    BM: The designs were different./Story-wise, it sucked.
    RiD: Cheesy yet fun to watch./I couldn't stand some of the voices.
    Armada: Okay storyline./Bad voices.
    Energon: The toys were good./The show was SHIT.
    Cybertron: Very well done animation wise./They just can't get the voices right, can they?
    Movie: Blackout, 'nuff said./Little to no voicing for any of the Decepticons except Megatron.
    Animated: Best thing to happen since Beast Wars./Sari's a little annoying.

    MACRAPTRON Well-Known Member

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    G1: It was awesome. It ended.
    BW: same.
    G2: WTF, WTF.
    Car Robots: the first genuine step into what we have today (Classics), horrible cartoon
    BM: dark plot, stupid toys and ending.
    Headmasters: Lame.
    Masterforce: cool story, cool toys. Non-transforming Seacons sucked.
    Victory: Awesome battles and toys. Boring story.
    Zone: Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber. Everything else sucked.
    BattleStars: Lame and lame.
    Operation Combination: Lame.
    BW 2nd: LioConvoy, the rest sucks.
    BWNeo: AMAZING toys. It could've been an amazing TF series wasn't for the stupidiest ending ever, paired with the BM ending.
    Henkei: It sucks that there's no cartoon for Henkei. Everything else rules.
    Animated: innovative, but Hasbro's marketing time ruined it.
    Armada: good for small children but overall, a huge step back into G1 bricks.
    Energon: Arcee. Never bothered with the anime or the other toys.
    Cybertron: Primus. Haven't watched the anime.
    Comics: Marvel Comics, specially the Matrix Quest. Never had interest in reading the others.
  8. Omega Charge

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    G1: It's the foundation and the beginning for what the franchise is today. It's outdated.
    BW: Great story and excellent characters. It had to lead to Beast Machines.
    BM: I liked the animation. Bad story and horrible characters compared to BW.
    RiD: Haven't watched.
    Armada: Haven't watched.
    Energon: Haven't watched.
    Cybertron: Really got me into TF's, I actually love the characters and story,and they translate to great toys. The kids were annoying.
    Movie: Catapulted Transformers to the top, brought out a new sense of passion and excitement, I also like the revolutionary designs. There didn't seem to be a lot of time for robot conflict, but I won't comlain because ROTF is promised to contain a lot more stuff.:)  The masturbation scene was poor comedy.
    Animated: Very enjoyable show and toyline. Human villians will never equal Decepticons, but the Cons are great, so no major complaint.
  9. Backpack

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    G1- The first Season of the show to me was the best in TF history. Seasons two and three had lots of weird outlandish stories that didn't fit with the more down to earth eps of Season 1.

    Japanese G1- Victory, second best season ever (after US S1). Headmasters sounded great on paper-but was boring as hell.

    G2- It was great to see Transformers come back after G1 was cancelled. The toys, re-edited cartoon ...both pretty much sucked.

    BW- I really got a thrill from a new TF series and toys..... the show wasn't to my taste style wise, but it won me over. I wasn't into the whole concept of Beast Wars... it only made me miss G1.

    BW2 and Neo - Lots of cool toys. Bad- never seen more than bits of each series.

    BM- The show looked fantastic! Massive improvement over BW. The shows story however was HORROR! Organic Cybertron?? WTF??

    CR/RID - Loved the Toys beyond words. I became a my old TF fan self again when I saw the figures online in Jan of 2000. The Cartoon was goofy... to silly to go with such an awsome line of figures.

    ML/Armada - So fantastic to have a real full line of Transformers again, the characters were great and iconic, a more serious show. That being said, Armada played a little flat.... and the errors got really annoying.

    SL/Energon- I liked the Megatron and Scopinok figures. Everything else, show and toys were big let downs.

    GF/Cybertron- Toys were big improvement over Armada and definatly Energon. The show sucked as much as Energon (if not worse).

    Movie- Blew my mind -I almost cried. The toys were okay, but kind of a let down.

    Animated- Best series, show and toys since G1 season 1. Most fun I've had with both show and toys since I was 12-14. The only bad things I can see about animated is, some of the figures were stupid wastes of time... like all Megatrons except the Leader Class... or the Optimus Prime's except the Voyager..... Voyager Lugnut is to small..... and the series was way to short. I wanted it to go on for many years.

    Movie 2- (from what I know so far) I have faith the movie will be as good if not better than the first. Some of the toys are fantastic improvments over movie 1 toys... leader Prime, Voyager Starscream, Alliance Bumbebee.

    Bad- I'm starting to loose interest in collecting Transformers. Devistator/Constructicon toys all kind of suck.
  10. Autobot Burnout

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    Moxxi's Bar
    G1: The series started here, but went downhill after the movie.
    G2: Gave us some molds that would later be awesome (Laser Prime when redecoed into RID Scourge), but otherwise was just crappy neon repaints.
    BW: More mature attitude was apreciated, but the toys could have been better.
    BM: It gave us Megabolt Megatron in a way, but most of everything else sucked.
    RID/CR: We got a Megatron that turned into a hand. To bad the show wasn't that great or as widley distributed as it should have.
    Armada/ML: We got Unicron at last as a toy. Wish they hadn't made that whole "AlexisXXXStarscream" bit, though...
    Energon/SL: We got Omega Supreme, but the Autobots were all screwed up so they could all "powerlinx" as a gimmick.
    Cybertron/GF: We got Primus to go with our Unicron along with one of the original thirteen (Vector Prime). The show was terrible, though.
    Movie: The Transformers make a triumphant comeback after falling out of the public limelight after Cybertron. Hasbro is milking this cash cow to death it seems, however...
    Animated: G1 actors + BW writing team + new animation style= WIN! Too bad it's getting canned because of ROTF, though...
    Alternators: Great concept gave us some neat toys, but was limited by the need of licences.
    Classics/Universe: Gave us awesome molds like Cyclonus. Also gave us Galvatron, or rather Flimsytron
  11. Boulder

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    G1: Set the ball in motion. Animation errors.
    BW: Solid story arc/ great characters. Some of the fuzors made no sense whatsoever.
    RiD: Return to vehicle forms. Began that trend of annoying sidekick kids. (though, techically that would be Headmasters I suppose)
    Armada: Introduction of Mini-cons/linking concept. Concept may have been overused.
    Energon: Um, It ended? It was like watching a bad translation.
    Cybertron: Megatron/Starscream. The race that never ends.
    Animated: The homages. Style takes a while to get used to.
    '86 Movie: New characters. Pretty much ONLY new characters.
    '07 Movie: About as well as it can be done and still appeal to a general audience. Robot personalities not clearly defined.
  12. Bumblejazz

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    Broken Arrow, OK
    G1: The movie was excellent; the cartoon wasn't
    BW: Great toys and cartoon; Transmetals and Fuzors are ugly
    BM: Cartoon had really nice animation; the toys weren't that good
    RID: Optimus looked cool; the rest sucked
    Armada: The Unicron Battles episodes were great; too much filler
    Energon: Can't think of anything to say.
    Cybertron: Nice toys; key gimmicks sucked
    Movie: Really cool robot designs; the toys are too hard to transform
    Animated: Very show accurate toys and excellent cartoon. I can't think of anything bad to say.
    Classics/Universe: Lots of great toys like Cyclonus and Hound; too many repaints
  13. ams

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    G1: The characters were INCREDIBLY strong. It went on past it's prime and became a mess in Season 3.

    BW: The show was well-written and the voice acting was very strong. The "my robot mode looks a lot like my alt mode standing up" offset a lot of people from the toys.

    RID/CR: New toys were feats of engineering. Slapstick stuff was offputting for me.

    Armada/ML: Unicron and Minicons! The kids really get in the way.

    Energon/SL: The return of combiners and other GREAT molds... the basic class, Dreadwing, Sharkticon. Show is unwatchable.

    Cybertron/GF: Best Prime and Megatron molds in many years, plus Primus! Force chips > Cyber Planet Keys.

    Movie: Michael Bay's $320M+ middle finger in the face of raging fanboys. Unfunny jokes were unfunny.

    Animated: Finally, a well-written, cohesive show. The style of the animation, and thus, the toys were a total miss for me.
  14. Malunis_T

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    G1: Great first two seasons. Subpar third season.

    BW: Has great potential (I've only seen a few episodes so far.) A current video game system can make better graphics (Though it WAS one of the first CGI shows, so I forgive it in that aspect.)

    RID: Omega Prime. Show isn't memorable for me.

    Armada: Some nice designs. Bad toys.

    Energon: Combiners rock. Wait, weren't the Mini-cons important before?

    Cybertron: I know nothing of the show but I like Soundwave's design (on Classics Blaster~). CGI shows usually suck, like this and Energon, oi.

    Classics/Universe: Lots of great new molds. Not enough good quality control from what I've heard.

    Movie: Epic robotic designs. Toyline (at least the first movie) could not always capture the character design that greatly.

    Animated: Everything. The possible abrupt end of the series. (I sound like a fanboy, but yeah XD)
  15. AnimatedFan

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    G1: The one that started it all, got the ball rolling. Terrible quality, doesn't stand the test of time.

    G2: Helped give a tie in for the recolored/repackaged toys. The Energon Cube? 'Nuff Said. (Although I'll add that it was a sonovabitch. A dirty, dirty, filthy smelly sonovabitch.)

    BW: Incredible stories, still entertaining to this day, launched some of the best toys ever made. Too short, kinda felt left open ended (which was necessary for Beast Machines) when it would've worked great as a stand alone series.

    BM: Definitely mature for a TF series, had a nice dark tone without being terribly excessive. Ugly designs, even uglier toys, the show itself was quite awful and didn't deserve to be a successor to BW.

    CR/RID: Fun, bright and cheery, lots of humor, one of the best TF lines to date. Some of it was just a bit too silly, the show's basically unwatchable at this point.

    Armada: Tie in for the great toys. Terrible show, made your soul cry a little.

    Energon: Better show, toys were excellent. Still not up to snuff, Kicker was a pure pain in the ass to watch.

    Cybertron: Quite possibly the best toyline of the trilogy, episodes looked nice with the cellshading. The show was so terrible that the stories are completely forgettable, none of it really stuck with you.

    Movie: Surprisingly better than expected even if imperfect, toys had some major win in their design, Automorph ROCKS. No real story, the characters are empty and flat, the toys took two years to become almost perfect, and even then they're still in need of some work.

    Animated: Without a doubt, the absolute best TF series, period, with a kickass human partner, and an absolutely wonderful toyline that pwns your mom. (YOUR MOOOOM!) The human villains (aside from Meltdown and The Angry Archer) are just terrible, even kind of pointless, the show's being killed.
  16. smkspy

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    Jul 1, 2004
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    G1: A classic, the model for all subsequent series. Horrible 80s animation errors.

    G2: Prime of Justice, one of the best evah. Gah, those colors hurt my eyes.

    BW: Great cartoon, best Transformers series by far. Rhinox had a horrible toy.

    BM: A great attempt at darker transformer story telling. Horrible toys, a step back from BW.

    RID: Great characters. Horrible stories.

    Armada: Unicron was awesome. human characters were not so awesome.

    Energon: Never watched enough to make a comment.

    Cybertron: see response to Energon.

    Movie: Bot action was cool when it happened. The rest not so much.

    Animated: Nice sense of storytelling and overall plot progession. Horrible asthetic.
  17. Sol Fury

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    G1 - A fantastic universe of characters and personalities in the different media. Unfortunately it became increasingly centered on high-tech vehicles and gimmicks later on and lost the simple appeal of "real world vehicles that you see in the street turning into giant robots"

    G2 - Introduced some fantastic new designs and ideas, but its cartoon was a half-hearted rehash of G1.

    Beast Wars - Top quality production on the series all around. Unfortunately some of the toys were a little uncreative in their transformations (animal legs to robot legs etc crops up so many times).

    Beast Machines - It was dark and mature, and different to everything before and since. Unfortunately the toys were not very show accurate / two words - the ending.

    Robots in Disguise - Brought back real world vehicles with some fantastic designs, although some like Side Burn were sometimes too complicated for their own good.

    Armada - Good, solid, fun toys, but after six or seven years of super-articulation, they felt like a step back with their simple chunky designs and sometimes limited movement.

    Energon - Fantastic toys. Show collapsed into a confused muddle that forgot plot points and had bad pacing after the midway point.

    Cybertron - The toyline was well-designed, fun, and also diverse with beasts, spaceships, race cars and tanks all side by side. The series was good but had some pacing issues - it spent too long on the races, then rushed through the last arc cutting short the use of some characters.

    Classics - Amazing updates of many iconic characters. Too bad it was never meant for more than a filler line.

    Movies - It brought Transformers into a whole new level of publicity and got the line on top of many "top boys toys" charts. Unfortunately, as good as they look on screen, the toys simply don't do it for me.

    Animated - The toys have real personality to them. The first season was a bit of a slow burn although the character-centric episodes are a definite plus. Yes, I love the series enough that even my negative ends up positive!

    Universe 2.0 - The new molds are mostly fantastic additions to the Classics stable. However, I find Galvatron to be a bit disappointing in terms of design and not all that worthy a representation of the character, which makes him doubly disappointing to be quite honest.
  18. Sage o' G-fruit

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    G1: The one that started it all. I wish the Quints didn't make the TFs.

    BW: Best Prime/Megatron ever. Some really dumb episodes in season one.

    RID: Some very nice toys. Some really UGLY toys.

    Armada: First TFs I ever owned. Articulation is very lacking in some toys.

    Energon: Definite improvement over the Armada series and awesome homages. Show's animation is about as good as 70s animation.

    Cybertron: Best. Dubbed. Series. Ever. Some scouts and deluxes suck.

    Animated: Best. US made. Series. Ever. Getting cancelled.

    Classics/Universe: A great way to have G1 toys without the cost, articulation issues, or general suck-ness. Loose joints on some and too many to keep up with.
  19. on_a_warpath

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    G1: A robot that turns into a gun is win in my eyes. The toys aren't my cup of tea.
    G2: Neon. Skyquake.
    Beast wars: Awesome cartoon. Not very impressed with some of the toys.
    Beast machines: Fail all around.
    RID: Great toys, great cartoon.
    Armada: Jaam. Jaam.
    Energon: Sharkticon. Hot Shot
    Cybertron: Great toys. Really REALLY bad cartoon.
  20. Kickback

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    Denver, CO
    Good - Memorable characters that are iconic 25 years later
    Bad - Over-glorified toy commercial, no emphasis on setting up a real storyline or continuity.

    Good - Some amazing toys, especially towards the end
    Bad - The colors. WHAT THE FUCK.

    Good - Toys we hadn't had yet!
    Bad - Exclusive to like KB Toys. Bummer.

    Good - An emphasis on story and continuity that made the characters so much more real
    Bad - The confusion in the beginning ... was it Optimus Prime and Megatron from G1 like the toy bios said, or were they new and different like the cartoon said?

    Good - A rich, deep, dark storyline with so many references to modern day issues
    Bad - It's morphing time! (they didn't transform, they morphed). Oh, and the toys.

    Good - A return to realistic vehicle Transformers
    Bad - The beginning of the imported anime

    Good - An amazing cartoon storyline, especially towards the end
    Bad - A line of McDonalds Happy Meal toys, more or less.

    Universe 1.0
    Good - A chance to own previous molds
    Bad - It felt more like G2 2.0

    Good - The Decepticon toys were AMAZING.
    Bad - The cartoon. Ugh.

    Good - The toys were really, really amazing.
    Bad - The line seemed to drag on and on...

    Classics 1.0
    Good - Iconic G1 yay.
    Bad - Simply a filler-line

    Movie 1
    Good - Transformers is uber popular again
    Bad - Transformers is uber popular again

    Good - Amazing toys!
    Bad - Quality control :( 

    Universe 2.0
    Good - Amazing toys of iconic G1 figures again
    Bad - Paint selection, and quality control

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