Save the Red Shadows!! HELP PLEASE

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    Hello all I wanted to let you all know about something that we need your help on . its concerning the site and the Red Shadows who appeared and will appear again in the Devils Due Comics.

    We need your help and it will only take a minute of you time I promise!

    IF your Not content with the fantastic Classic comic colouring project , or the 21st century's first Action Force comic in ACTION FORCE RED DAWN or Action Force figure customisations, then help us resurrecting the Red Shadows in all their glory in the Devils Due Book !

    To this end, we have devised an online petition, specifically requesting Devil'sDue publishing to reintroduce the classic Shads we all know and love. Please, please, please take a moment to pledge your support here:

    Who knows? With enough interest we may well usher in a Red Shadow renaissance. First they conquer the pages of America's Elite, then the glorious relaunch of the toyline itself !!

    thank you for your support and help in this matter! Again here is the link

    Join me. Change the future. Blood for the Baron!!!
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    Hmm ... sounds interesting.

    Is any of Action Force/GI JOE: European Missions canon with the DDP series? Because they portray Flint very differentely.

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