Save it or sell it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rodimusprime2007, May 1, 2011.

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    Nov 30, 2006
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    Trying to decide if I should fix it up or sell it. The jeep in my avatar is what Im talking about. More and more problems lately. Water coming in someplace from the roof this time. My problem is Ill just by another JEEP. Ive had a 83CJ7, I restored from the frame up(sold it and my Mustang GT at the same time), 79 CJ7 factory 304(sold itt, had my daughter Scout), 97 TJ (Just got bored and sold it), 2001 Cherokee Sport(totaled by a drunk driver) and this 95 Cherokee Sport. In the last 4 months Ive replaced the heater core, fuel pressure regulator, MAP sensor, throttle cable, and alternator. Other than that it runs like a champ, need to fix some rust but its a Jeep, they do that. Ill probably end up fixing it, need something to do in the garage on the weekends. Oh well.
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    Yeah, my friend has a 2000 cherokee, mean lifter tick on passenger side.

    You take into consideration purchasing the 6 lifters, the upper lower intake gaskets, the head gaskets, the timing chain, diy labor, the cleaning process etc etc.....what 200 bucks + some more.....

    On the other hand, junkyard engine, just drop it in, for 500 bucks?

    Choices choices argh! Great to be living in times like this, though no doubt. Where a forum, and helpful members on specific sites make things easier.

    Good luck on whatever road you choose, but, I have literally "Driven it 'till the wheels fall off!" haha.

    Fix it or sell it? I try the term "a dime a dozen" see them cherokees everywhere it seems. But, when she treated you good, and you forgot she started everytime for ya when you turned that key, no problem, sometimes you gotta pay her back!

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