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    Savage Prime

    I am the other party in Savege_Prime’s 1st transaction on Tfw2005. On the 1st day (Friday) he listed his initial sales thread we corresponded via PM and worked out a deal for Wing Convoy. Our initial communication was stellar. We negotiated a more than reasonable price and I sent payment the next day (Saturday) via paypal. The earliest he could’ve mailed was on Monday but item wasn’t shipped until Thursday. I’m fine with the time frame because I know that people can’t make it to the post office everyday because of work and other responsibilities. The only issue I had was the lack of communication after the payment was sent. I wanted to know when it would be shipped. I emailed him and asked him to respond ASAP which he did. He told me he was bogged down by work and would mail it the next day. I received a shipping confirmation from paypal and received my item today. The item was in superb condition just as he described. It was shipped securely and quickly. He even tossed in leader prime’s trailer for free. :cool:  I appreciate the quality of the item and transaction. I'm writing this detailed feedback because I know a few people didn’t get a response about their inquiries via PM or email. I wanted to share my experience and assure you all that my transaction with him went well. He apologized for the gap in communication and explained why he was busy. He is a man of his word and I respect that! I understand that everyone wants the best customer service which includes quick responses but I also understand that life can be time consuming. Just because he is busy doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to sell his collection in his spare time. Be patient with out fellow collector, like you would want others to be patient with you. If you can’t do that then you have free will and can decide not to deal with him. It’s your choice but please don’t bash him unless its justified. Take sometime before you judge. I’m the one that sent payment so more than anyone else I had something to worry about but I decided to give him a chance and I’m glad I did. He may lose out on possible customers because of his time constraints but “time preference consumption” will match the right buyer and seller. Overall I'm very happy with our transaction, I would definitely do business again. Thank you for all your help Savage Prime! :thumb 

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    I bought a MP Starscream and Nike Convoy from him; he originally told me that they were complete and MIB, but after I paid he told me he couldn't find the MP Starscream box and we settled on a partial refund but to go through with the deal as a whole. It got here about 10 days after the initial contact and a week after payment; it was very well packed (bubble wrap and peanuts) and everything was mint as described.

    I'd deal with him again.

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