Sari meets Sixshot

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    Two days had past since Sari had used her key to upgrade herself. She was no longer an eight-year-old girl as she had been before the fateful upgrade. The key’s power had caused Sari to grow and age rapidly. She was now a sixteen-year-old girl. Sari looked and felt older, but she was still the same little girl on the inside. Only now, Sari was less rambunctious and more rebellious. Sari was finally feeling better after Ratchet had used the EMP generator on her to keep her from destroying Detroit. Even though using her robotic powers had its disadvantages, there was one thing Sari couldn’t argue with, she felt good using them. In fact, she had never felt more alive in her life than when she fought the Rock Lords. She felt liberated and empowered and like many people who crave power, she wanted more. But unfortunately, her father would hear nothing of it, and neither would her Autobot friends. In fact, the Autobots felt that it would be a good idea if Sari were to stop spending time with them for fear of her safety, and her father agreed with them. Sari thought that the very suggestion was unacceptable. Sari let her anger get the best of her and stormed off with tears in her eyes. Sari feared that if she had stayed any longer, she would have done something horrible.

    Sari is walking through the Detroit City Park. She is trying to pull herself together when she hears a low rumbling sound. All of a sudden, a large mine protected vehicle comes crashing through the trees and barrels straight towards Sari. Sari is paralyzed with fear. Just as Sari is about to get flattened, a mysterious figure leaps at Sari and grabs her. The mysterious figure carries Sari over to a safe place and gently puts her down. Sari gets a better look at her savior. She sees that it is a giant robot wearing a poncho and a Chinese coolie hat. The robot looks down at her.

    Sixshot: “Are you okay, human?”

    Sari looks at Sixshot with awe. She nods her head.

    Sixshot: “Good, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a psychopath to destroy.”

    Sixshot takes out two guns and runs towards the mine protected vehicle. He stops in front of it and cocks his guns.

    Sixshot: “Show yourself, coward!”

    The mine protected vehicle stalls, and then it transforms into a robot and roars in anger.

    Bonecrusher: “I hate this planet! I hate this vehicle mode! I hate this lovely weather we’re having! I hate all these humans running around! I hate that girl over there, and I definitely hate you, bounty hunter!”

    Sixshot: “Oh yeah? Well, I hate Decepticons who won’t shut up! You’re going down, punk!”

    Bonecrusher: “I hate that you’re still alive!”

    Sixshot opens fire on Bonecrusher. The bullets bounce off of Bonecrusher’s armor plating. Bonecrusher swings at Sixshot with his large extendable claw. Sixshot jumps out of the way and transforms into a winged wolf. Sixshot lets out a heart-stopping howl and leaps at Bonecrusher. He claws at Bonecrusher but is unable to cause any damage. He bites Bonecrusher’s arm and breaks a tooth. Bonecrusher laughs and slashes Sixshot’s belly with his claw. Sixshot yelps. Bonecrusher tosses him into the air. Sixshot transforms in mid-air and turns into a gigantic tripod. Sixshot bellows and fires a death ray at Bonecrusher. Bonecrusher takes damage and bursts into flames. He roars in frustration.

    Bonecrusher: “I HATE BEING ON FIRE!!!”

    Sixshot: “Then you’re going to hate this.”

    Sixshot grabs Bonecrusher with a large tentacle and swallows him. After a brief pause, Sixshot spits him out. Bonecrusher is covered in slime.

    Bonecrusher: “I HATE BEING COVERED IN SLIME!!”

    Sixshot transforms back into robot mode.

    Sixshot: “Is there anything you don’t hate?!”


    Sixshot: “I guess not.”

    Sixshot and Bonecrusher get into a violent fist fight. Sari watches on. They throw whatever random items they can find at each other. Sixshot roundhouse kicks Bonecrusher. Bonecrusher sucker punches Sixshot and then swings his claw at him. Sixshot takes massive damage and collapses. Sari kneels beside him.

    Sari: “Are you okay?!”

    Sixshot: “I have a *KZZT* huge bleeding gash on my *KZZT* chest plate *KZZT* that’s about *KZZT* eight feet deep. Do *KZZT* I look *KZZT* okay to you?!”

    Bonecrusher: “It’s no use; no one can survive the merciless wrath of the great and powerful Decepticon Bonecrusher, no one!”

    Sari stands up and clenches her fists. She turns around to face Bonecrusher. Her eyes turn white with anger.


    Sixshot: “Oh my Primus, did she *KZZT* really just say that?!”


    Sari draws her arm blades and jumps onto Bonecrusher. She slashes him again and again. Bonecrusher grabs Sari and slams her against the ground. Sari gets up and runs around Bonecrusher in circles at mach speed. Bonecrusher and Sixshot get dizzy from watching her. Sari stops running and leaps into the air and onto Bonecrusher’s chest. She stabs him in his spark chamber with her arm blade and cuts his head clean of with the other one. Bonecrusher’s decapitated body collapses to the ground. Sari jumps off of his body and wipes the sweat from her brow.

    Sari: “OH YEAH! WHO’S BAD?!”

    Sixshot: “Speak of *KZZT* the Fallen!”

    Bonecrusher: “I *KZZT* hate *KZZT* not having *KZZT* a……*KZZT*”

    Sixshot blacks out for half an hour. When he comes to, Sari is standing over him. He sits up. Sari steps back to give him room. Sixshot puts his hand on his chest plate to feel his wound. To his surprise, it has disappeared. All of his other injuries have also vanished. He feels great, as if Bonecrusher never injured him.

    Sari: “How are you feeling?”

    Sixshot: “I feel like a million energon cubes, what happened?!”

    Sari puts her hand behind her back. It was glowing blue like the All-Spark.

    Sari: “…I guess you…just needed some rest.”

    Sixshot shrugs and stands up.

    Sixshot: “What you did to that Decepticon back there was amazing, kid! I have honestly never seen anyone fight as well as you in my life. You’re awesome!”

    Sari blushes and smiles.

    Sari: “Thanks. You weren’t so bad either. Thanks for saving me.”

    Sixshot: “No problem. Well, I’ll be seeing you. I have to go see a bot about another bot.”

    Sixshot walks away casually. Sari walks beside him.

    Sari: “Wait, don’t go. What’s your name?”

    Sixshot: “I’m Sixshot.”

    Sari: “I’m Sari.”

    Sixshot: “Oh, don’t be, I like my name. It has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? I have five different alt-modes, six counting the one I’m in right now, six different weapons in my arsenal, and I can speak six different languages. I guess you can say I’m obsessed with the number six, hence my name, Sixshot.”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “No, I mean my name is Sari.”

    Sixshot: “What the Fallen kind of a name is Sari?”

    Sari: “What kind of a name is Sixshot?”

    Sixshot looks at Sari impatiently. Sari looks at Sixshot innocently. Sixshot laughs.

    Sixshot: “You’re alright, kid. You know, I guess I’ll stick around for a little bit. I’m running on empty, anyway. Do you know where I can get some oil around here?”

    Sari: “Sure, follow me.”

    Unbeknownst to Sari and Sixshot, Bonecrusher is still functioning. His one eye is watching them as they leave.

    To be continued.
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    Paris (France)
    good and fun, but...six shot not supposed to be a decepticon?
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    Central Virgina
    Keep it up this is interesting.
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    hmm. an autobot bountyhunter.
    or a bountyhunter with morals?
    this could get interesting.
    but, do you realy think sari would take a life if she could help it?
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    All very good questions, some of which will be revealed sooner than expected. Stick around. :wink:  But I will say this, anger can make you do things that you never really meant to do in the first place, and Sari was pretty gosh darn ticked when Bonecrusher beat the stuffing out of the guy who saved her. I like to think that at the end of the day, we all regret the things that we've done, whether they were justifiable acts or not. But that's just me.
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    Sixshot transforms into a humvee and holds the door open for Sari. She gets in. He shuts the door.

    Sari: “So, you save me, you compliment me, and you hold the door open for me? You’re not just a hero, you’re a gentleman, too.”

    Sixshot: “Did you say hero? Yeah, right, I’m a hero. Sure…hero…if you say so…”

    Sari gives Sixshot directions to a nearby gas station. They soon arrive. While Sixshot fills himself up, Sari goes into the gas station store for a soda. Sixshot rings up a large amount of money.

    Gas Station Attendant: “Okay, buddy. That’ll be $1,325. Pay up.”

    Sixshot transforms into robot mode, much to the attendant’s surprise.

    Sixshot: “Come on dude, don’t you have some kind of discount for giant robots? I ain’t paying that! I’d rather eat brains! Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Except, I don’t have a mouth.”

    Gas Station: “Well someone’s gonna have to pay!”

    Sixshot takes out his gun and points it at the attendant’s forehead.


    Gas Station Attendant: “Uh…”

    Sari rushes out of the gas station store towards Sixshot and the attendant.

    Sari: “Sixshot, don’t shoot him! Let him go, please!”

    Gas Station Attendant: “Do what she says, please, have mercy!”

    Sixshot: “Sorry, all out of mercy.”

    Sixshot looks at Sari and sees the fear in eyes. He arbitrarily lowers his weapon and sighs.

    Sixshot: “My sincerest apologies, human. I don’t carry earth currency, but I can…”

    Gas Station Attendant: “Please, it’s on the house.”

    The attendant runs away screaming, along with everyone else at the gas station.

    Sixshot: “Yeah, you’d better run, you cheap monkeys! I thought Swindle was the master of highway robbery.”

    Sari crosses her arms and stares furiously at Sixshot.

    Sixshot: “What’s with you?”

    Sari: “Why did you threaten him like that?! I thought you were friendly!”

    Sixshot towers over Sari. He looks down at her furiously.

    Sixshot: “Friendly?! Don’t you know who I am?! I am Sixshot, leader of the Decepticon Six Clan, and I am anything but friendly!”

    Sari gasps with horror and slowly backs away.

    Sari: “You’re a…Decepticon?!”

    Sixshot: “I don’t know, let me see. Well, I have red optics, a purple insignia, and I can transform into deadly weapons of mass destruction. What the pit do you think I am, a Care Bear?!?”

    Sari: “…You saved me. I thought you were nice. I thought I could trust you.”

    Sixshot: “Sorry to disappoint you, monkey, but you thought wrong. You can’t trust anybody as far as you can throw them, these days. I had to learn that the hard way. And another thing, why should I bother being nice to other people when all they’ve ever done is treat me like scrap metal? If you ask me, you should treat others the way they treat you.”

    Sari: “…You’re absolutely right, Sixshot. I know exactly what you mean.”

    Sixshot: “Big surprise, no one ever listens to what I…….wait, you do?!”

    Sari looks down. Sari tells Sixshot everything; how she met the Autobots, how the All-Spark chose her, how she found out she was half Cybertronian, how she gave herself the upgrade, how she almost destroyed the city and nearly killed Bumblebee, and everything she went through with the Autobots and her father just a few hours ago. Sari tries hard not to cry.

    Sari: “So, what do you think?”

    Sixshot stares at Sari with his eyes wide open, trying to figure out what to say.

    Sixshot: “…Well, kid, if you ask me, you have some really lousy friends. Then again, they are Autobots, so I’m not surprised that they dumped you like that. But your dad, how could he sleep at night, lying to you for so long the way he did?”

    Sari: “I thought I could trust them, I guess I was wrong. I guess I just don’t deserve to have real friends.”

    Sixshot tilts his head and scratches it.

    Sixshot: “Aw come on kid, everyone deserves to have friends, even strong, silent types, like me.”

    Sari looks at Sixshot.

    Sari: “…Will you be my friend, Sixshot?”

    Sixshot: “Uh, I would, it’s just that I normally don’t associate with…”

    Sari starts crying. Sixshot looks around. He looks at Sari.

    Sixshot: “Aw, come on, kid, don’t leak like that. You don’t want to rust, do you? Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s not fun......Oh, all right, I’ve got nothing better to do today, I guess I’ll be you guardian angel, or whatever.”

    Sari immediately stops crying.

    Sari: “Great, let’s go have fun, friend.”

    Sixshot looks at Sari with confusion. His wrist starts vibrating.

    Sixshot: “Hold that thought, kid. This is Sixshot, go ahead.”

    A hologram of a robot’s head appears on Sixshot’s wrist panel.

    Quickswitch: “Sixshot, I’ve pinpointed the location of the escaped convicts. They are all within the radius of the earth city. Convict Number 07217, otherwise known as Barricade, is closet to your current position. He’s taken on the appearance of a human law enforcement vehicle, so search carefully. And would you do me a favor, try not to do anything reckless this time?”

    Sixshot: “Yeah, yeah, I’m on it. Oh, and Quickswitch, would it kill you to call me D...?”

    Quickswitch hangs up. Sixshot sighs.

    Sixshot: “Stupid kid, why can’t he just…?”

    Sari smiles at Sixshot excitedly.

    Sixshot: “What’s with the face, kid? You’re freaking me out!”

    Sari: “Can I come with you?”

    Sixshot: “…Huh?”

    Sari: “Can I go bounty hunting with you, please? It would be the perfect way for me to learn how to use my powers without destroying anything, don’t you think?”

    Sixshot: “I don’t know, kid, I mean, you did almost destroy the city that one time, and while I typically condone that kind of sadistic behavior, I don’t want you to get too crazy with raw power. Since I’m you “friend” now, I have to make sure you don’t get killed or shot at, or something.”

    Sari: “Aw, come on, nothing bad will happen, I promise. I won’t even cross my fingers or anything. What do you say?”

    Sixshot: “You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? I don’t know, maybe I’ll…”

    Sari: “Pleeeeeeaaaaaase?”

    Sixshot: “……”

    Sari: “You can trust this face, can’t you?”

    Sari smiles innocently and stares at Sixshot with her big blue eyes.

    Sixshot: “Don’t look at me like that!”

    Sixshot looks at Sari.

    Sixshot: “Quit it, kid, please, you’re like a little human Mindwipe, except you don’t want to suck the energon from my body.”

    Sixshot puts his hands over his eyes. He peeks at Sari from in-between his fingers. Sari is still staring at him. Sixshot screams in frustration.

    Sixshot: “Alright kid, you win, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to teach you how to be a fighter like old Uncle Sixshot.”

    Sari: “Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise I won’t let you down!”

    Sari runs past Sixshot. Sixshot blinks.

    Sixshot: “Slag, man! That’s the second time I’ve fallen for your Jedi monkey mind tricks!”

    Sari laughs.

    Sixshot: “Come on, kid, stop messing with my mind!!”

    Sari: “I’ll stop messing with you when you stop being so easy to mess with!”

    Sixshot: “You’re lucky I don’t kill children, monkey, or you’d be so dead!”

    Sixshot walks after Sari. Bonecrusher watches Sixshot from the darkness.
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    i always liked the idea of including movie characters in animated
    so sixshot, quickswitch, and maybe mindwipe on the same team.
    i feel sorry for the movie cons.

    hmm, so sixshot has a soft spot for kids.
    and sari knows how to exploit that spot,:ev: 
    sixshot is in for quite an adventure.
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    If you liked seeing Movie Bonecrusher, you'll love what I've got in store for the next few chapters. ;)  If a hard-head like Bumblebee can fall for Sari's tricks, then it should be a piece of cake for a tough guy like Sixshot to fall for them too. She's still got it. :ev: 
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    Really good so far, You can definatly tell a story well.
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    'Uncle Sixshot'... nice Headmasters reference. :thumb 

    I'm liking what I'm reading thus far. Keep at it, man!
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    Paris (France)
    that will be great if someone illustrate that story, maybe digilaut? he already have the barricade :p 
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    Happy Easter everyone! Here's Part 3.

    Sixshot and Sari are walking in the city. They look at each police cruiser that drives by.

    Sixshot: “This is stupid. There are probably like, a million cop cars in this spark-forsaken monkey town, and Barricade could be any one of them!”

    Sixshot and Sari look up. A large black space shuttle flies overhead. A red and white race car speeds past Sixshot and Sari on the street. The race car honks its horn multiple times. It appears to be in pursuit of the space shuttle.

    Sixshot: “Whoa, are things on your planet always this crazy?!”

    Sari: “You’d be surprised, Sixshot. How about we check out the Police Department on Harnell Avenue?”

    Sixshot: “Hey, lead the way there, Perceptor.”

    Sari looks down and frowns. She looks up at Sixshot as they’re walking down the street.

    Sari: “Can I ask you something?”

    Sixshot: “Shoot.”

    Sari: “Now, are you like a freelance bounty hunter who works for both Decepticons and Autobots, or are you a pure Decepticon?”

    Sixshot: “No bot is born a Decepticon, Sari. Robots have to choose who they side with, and I wear the Decepticon insignia because they pay me more for my…services than the Autobots. But in all seriousness, while I may not be a big fan of Autobots, I’ve never actually killed any. I just, you know, mind them, savvy?”

    Sixshot looks at Sari reassuringly. Sari feels at ease and smiles.

    Sari: “That’s good, Sixshot. I have to admit, I was really scared there for a moment. Thanks for making me feel better.”

    Sixshot: “......Sure, kid, anytime…”

    Sixshot and Sari head towards the Detroit Metro Police Department. When they arrive, they see that the parking lot is full of identical police cruisers, as well as Captain Fanzone’s car. Sixshot pulls out his guns.

    Sixshot: “Oh Barricade, come out and play!”

    Sixshot slowly walks around the parking lot. He points his guns at every police cruiser. Sari crosses her arms and leans against Captain Fanzone’s car. She sees something moving behind Sixshot.

    Sari: "Look out!"

    One of the Police cruisers transforms and attacks Sixshot from behind.

    Barricade: “Bounty hunting drudge, allow me to teach you not to stick your olfactory sensors where they don’t belong!”

    Sixshot: “Stand aside, Sari, let me show you how it’s done! Come on, rent-a-cop, show me what you got!”

    Barricade: “Frenzy, eject!”

    Frenzy pops out of Barricade’s chest. He is speaking rapidly in Cybertronian.

    Frenzy: (translated) “You got a job for me, boss? What is it? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! I can do it. Just say the word. I’ll go crazy!”

    Barricade: “Get the girl; I’ll take care of this vermin!”

    Frenzy: (translated) “Now you’re talking! I’ll get the little fleshie. I’ll rip her to pieces. Oh yeah! Come here, pretty girl! You can run, but you can’t hide!”

    Sixshot tries to go after Frenzy. Barricade grabs Sixshot. He draws his blade and tries to slice Sixshot’s head off. Sixshot fights back. Frenzy laughs maniacally as he chases after Sari. He leaps at her and pins her down to the hood of Captain Fanzone’s car. Frenzy continues to laugh as he slashes Sari with his claws. She screams in pain. Sari’s eyes turn white with anger. She grabs Frenzy by his throat and smiles at him evilly.

    Frenzy: (Translated) “…Uh, I’m sorry?”

    Sari sends a screaming Frenzy crashing through a window into Captain Fanzone’s office. Captain Fanzone looks at Frenzy. He looks out his broken window and sees Sixshot and Barricade fighting in the parking lot.

    Captain Fanzone: “This is why I hate…ahhhhhh!”

    Frenzy attacks Captain Fanzone. He grabs Captain Fanzone’s hand gun out of its holster. Frenzy cocks the gun and jumps out the window. He shoots at Sari and misses each shot. In his fury, he opens fire on the entire parking lot, shooting everything in sight.

    Frenzy: (translated) “OPTIMUS PRIMAL AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON ME!!!”

    Sari transforms into super mode and dodges the rest of Frenzy’s bullets. Frenzy fires a bullet at Sari’s forehead. It ricochets off of her and back towards Frenzy.

    Frenzy: “Oh, shoot!”

    The bullet takes Frenzy’s head off. His headless body thrashes about. His head bounces around laughing maniacally. Barricade prepares to deliver the final blow to a badly damaged Sixshot. Sari picks up Captain Fanzone’s car.

    Sari: “Hey Barricade, this car was parked in a handicap only parking space, why don’t you give it a ticket?!”

    Sari throws the car at Barricade.

    Barricade: “Hey, that’s not fair!”

    The car hits Barricade and explodes. Captain Fanzone looks at what’s left of his beloved car and starts bawling.

    Sari: “Oh yeah! Sari and Sixshot: two. Dirty cop and psychopath: zero!”

    Police officers run out of the the building and open fire on Sari and the robots. Sixshot and Sari make their escape with Barricade and Frenzy in their custody. They relocate to a dark alley. Sixshot places Barricade in stasis cuffs. Sari puts Frenzy’s severed head and body into a small dog kennel. Sari looks at Sixshot and smiles. Sixshot glares angrily at Sari. Her smile turns to a frown.

    Sixshot: “Sari, what you did back there was reckless and stupid. I am so proud of you! You are beginning to get more and more like me every six minutes.”

    Sari smiles again.

    Sari: “Thanks, it was nothing, really. I just had to…”

    Sixshot: “Hang on, I have to take this.”

    Quickswitch: “Sixshot, what’s going on down there? I thought I told you, this was supposed to be a covert operation. You just blew your cover in front of hundreds of law enforcement officials!”

    Sixshot: “So I caused a little mayhem, big deal! I caught Barricade, didn’t I? And besides, I…”

    Quickswitch: “Whatever, just send him up here and continue on with your mission. For Spark’s sake, try to keep a low profile this time. Do not mess up again, Sixshot!”

    Barricade and Frenzy are sent up to Sixshot’s ship high above Earth’s atmosphere. Sixshot picks up a dumpster and tosses it against the wall. He stomps his foot and curses in Cybertronian.

    Sixshot: “That rotten little thug! Who the Fallen does he think he’s talking to, Skids and Mudflap?! I ought to blast that hard-headed little smug-faced brat into oblivion!”

    Sari taps Sixshot on his leg. She looks up at him with concern.

    Sari: “…Hey, are you all right? Is there anything I can…?”

    Sixshot: “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, kid. I’m just having a little…family trouble, that’s all.”

    Sari: “Family? Is Quickswitch your…?

    Sixshot: “I said forget about it! It’s none of your business, anyway. Let’s just go, we have more thugs to catch.”

    Sixshot stomps away and leaves the alley. Sari looks down.

    Sari: “…I was just trying to help.”

    Sari follows Sixshot. As Sari walks away, Bonecrusher swipes at her and misses. He quietly curses in Cybertronian and disappears.
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    Aweosme update! :popcorn 
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    Once again, Happy Easter! Here's Part 4

    Sixshot and Sari walk down the street towards Sumdac Tower. All of a sudden, a city bus comes hurdling through the sky and towards Sari. Sixshot grabs Sari and pulls her out of the way just in time. Bonecrusher sneaks up behind Sari, ready to pounce. The bus lands on top of Bonecrusher, burying him underneath. Sixshot and Sari see a large Decepticon charging straight towards them.

    Sixshot: “Aw, slag, it’s Brawl! He’s one of the biggest, meanest, and dumbest Decepticons on Cybertron, and he’s heading straight for us! Hold on, kid, things are about to get hot!”

    Someone fires rockets at Brawl. The rockets hit him on right on target. Brawl turns around to see Autobot Roadbuster staring him down.

    Sixshot: “Slag, it’s the Elite Guard! Come on, Sari, lets amscray!”

    Sari: “Wait, can’t we just…?”

    Sixshot grabs Sari and finds a safe place to watch the fight from without being seen. Brawl fires a missile at Roadbuster. Roadbuster drops an energy shield in front of himself. The missile explodes and takes the shield with it. Roadbuster pulls out a heavy machine gun and charges towards Brawl. He opens fire on Brawl. Brawl defends himself against Roadbuster’s barrage. Roadbuster hits Brawl with the blunt end of his machine gun. Sari watches in awe and smiles.

    Sari: “Wow! He is so awesome! Isn’t he just awesome?!”

    Sixshot shakes his head.

    Sixshot: “He's a big show off, all Elite Guard officers are show offs.”

    Brawl knocks the machine gun out of Roadbuster’s hands and grabs him by the neck. Brawl roars in his face.

    Roadbuster: “…Oh, please!”

    Roadbuster pulls out an electric hunting knife and stabs Brawl in the gut. Brawl cries out in pain and drops Roadbuster. Brawl lies on the ground, short-circuiting. Roadbuster kicks Brawl onto his side. He rips of the tank cannon on Brawl’s back. He takes the cannon and prepares to swing it at a critically injured Brawl.


    Roadbuster drops the cannon and salutes Hound. Hound arrives with the remains of Decepticon Ransack in his arms.

    Roadbuster: “With all due respect, sir, I wish I could say the same for your little friend, there. Besides, what part of “wanted: dead or alive” do you not understand?”

    Hound: “…I did what needed to be done, and I regret it. We’re in a war, Master Chief; we’re supposed to save as many lives as we can, not end them!”

    Roadbuster: “Yeah, tell that to the Decepticons. Oh, wait a minute…”

    Hound looks at Roadbuster furiously. Autobot Outback arrives with Astrotrain in stasis cuffs. He salutes Hound.

    Outback: “Woohoo! G’day, cobbers, I just got back from a ripper fight, and check out the galah I brought back with me!”

    Astrotrain: (Good Astrotrain) “Oh, my goodness gracious, I’m terribly sorry for the hard time I gave you back there. I promise I’ll come quietly.” (Evil Astrotrain) “Let go of me, you goody goody Autobot dredge, or I’ll break out of these stasis cuffs myself and tear your beating spark out with my own bare servos!” (Emo Astrotrain) “Aw, what’s the point? We’re all going to get what we deserve anyway. This whole war is going to take us all offline when we’re not looking. Everything is so pointless.”

    Outback: “Strewth, mate, do me a favor and quit it with the earbashing, will you?!”

    Roadbuster: “I’ll take care of this.”

    Roadbuster walks over to Astrotrain. He takes a mouth clamp and slaps it on Astrotrain’s face, silencing him.

    Outback: “Good onya, mate! Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Autobot Trailbreaker arrives. He is dragging Deceptcons Scourge and Kickback behind him. They are both in stasis cuffs. He salutes Hound.

    Hound: “Ah, Trailbreaker, I see you’ve brought back not one, but two souvenirs to bring back to Cybertron.”

    Trailbreaker: “This planet is fantastic! There are so many exciting things here that we don’t have back home on Cybertron. It’s incredible, sir, they even have water, its great!”

    Scourge: “There’s too much water on this planet, too many things that can cause you to rust. Back on Cybertron, you never had to worry about water. On Cybertron, it was always…”


    Scourge stops talking. Roabuster puts a mouth clamp on him.

    Kickback: “Unlike my deluded associate, I find this planet quite relaxing. It has a peaceful aura that has helped me to cleanse my spark. As such, I have done no wrong deeds since my time on this planet. I have spent many a night meditating under the moonlit sky. If we were staying any longer, I would advise you to do the same, my hard working brethren. Now that I am immobilized by these stasis cuffs, I feel that I must relieve my unwanted stress by putting myself under a self-induced trance. I shall see you once I awaken, my brethren. Ommmmmmm.”

    Roadbuster: “Is it me, or all Decepticons completely insane?”

    The other Autobots mutter their agreements. Autobot Drift runs up to Hound out of breath and barely able to greet him with a decent salute. Hound chuckles.

    Hound: “At ease, Private Drift.”

    Drift collapses to the ground. Outback helps him up.

    Outback: “Strewth, little buddy; you look like you just got back from a bush bash! What happened?”

    Drift: “…General Hound…sir…I’m sorry…I let…I let my prisoner escape…I’m sorry…I just couldn’t keep up with him!”

    Trailbreaker: “What do you mean, you let him couldn’t keep up with him? What happened?”

    Drift looks Trailbreaker in the eye and speaks with a matter-of-fact tone.

    Drift: “…He transformed into a rocket and flew away.”

    Outback: “Aw, come on, mate, she’ll be right. No worries!”

    Roadbuster puts his hand on Drift’s shoulder.

    Roadbuster: “Outback’s right, private, it’s only your first day in the field. These things happen. You can’t expect to catch a Decepticon in less than, uh, how long were you chasing him for?”

    Drift looks down in sorrow.

    Drift: “…About five or six megacycles, sir.”

    Roadbuster: “…Oh, well, that’s certainly, uh...”

    Drift: “Who am I kidding? It takes you less than ten minutes to catch a Decepticon. I’ll never be as good as any of you guys. I’m so embarrassed, I let Blast Off escape. I let that other guy get away, too. I’m such a glitch-head.”

    Hound: “Don’t talk like that, private. Being a hero isn’t about the things you do or how you do them, it’s about…”

    Roadbuster: “Hold on, what other guy?”

    Drift: “While I was chasing Blast Off, I saw this cyan colored Decepticon with dark blue legs walking down the street. I drove right past him.”

    Everyone looks at Drift. Sari looks at Sixshot. Sixshot looks in the other way.

    Hound: “…Cyan colored Decepticon…with dark blue legs?”

    Drift: “Yeah, and he had a Decepticon insignia on his waist, too.”

    The other Autobots groan.

    Outback: “Well I’ll be stuffed, Sixshot’s on Earth! What are the odds?”

    Trailbreaker: “Yeah, great, like we don’t already have enough to worry about!”

    Drift: “Uh, excuse me, hello, new guy here, who’s Sixshot?”

    To be continued
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    Paris (France)
    thats become more cool at each update, keep this style :p 
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    Here's part 5, enjoy.

    Roadbuster: “Let me give it to you straight, kid, Sixshot is a Six Changer. He works for the Decepticons as a bounty hunter. Now, as long as bounty hunters stay out of our way, we don’t have a problem with them. But Sixshot, he’s not just some freelancer like Lockdown. He’s a monster, a murderer, a sociopath, and a dirty liar, basically, he’s bad news. He’s number six on our list of the ten most wanted Decepticons in all of Cybertron. Sixshot has been charged with brutally murdering five Autobots and one Decepticon prisoner. That’s six kills in a row.”

    Outback: “That we know of.”

    Hound: “Roadbuster and Outback are right, Sixshot is to be considered armed and dangerous at all times. Many Autobots, even Decepticons, quiver in their boots at the very mention of his name. Even Megatron himself has to watch his own back when Sixshot is around. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same. He kills. He destroys. He eradicates. Primus knows he doesn’t negotiate!”

    Drift: “And I let him get away. That’s just terrific.”

    Hound: “No, Private Drift, you were right to keep going. Had you stayed to face him, I fear that you would not have lasted more than three nanoclicks against him. This is serious business now, Autobots. If Sixshot is here on Earth, then we must do everything in our power to…”

    A green and yellow mobile observatory buggy floats down from the sky and lands in front of Hound. The mobile observatory buggy transforms into a robot and salutes him.

    Cosmos: “General Hound, sir, I have Emperor Autonimus on the line, he wants you and your team to talk to him immediately. He says he has important news that cannot wait any longer. So I suggest you get the Decepticon prisoners on board right now and head back to the bridge as soon as possible.”

    Hound: “Very well, thank you, Cosmos. Autobots, get the fugitives on board, now. The Emperor is waiting for us. After we speak with him, we'll have to come back down to find Sixshot. Hopefully, he will still be here when we get back.”

    The Autobots, along with the captive Decepticons, step into the tractor beam and board the ship. Bonecrusher pulls himself from underneath the bus and stumbles away in a daze. Sari turns her back to Sixshot and crosses her arms. Sixshot laughs nervously.

    Sari: “...You lied to me, Sixshot. Friends don’t lie. They don’t keep secrets from each other “I’ve never actually killed any Autobots.” Weren’t those your exact words?”

    Sixshot: “…Okay, I know where this is going, so let me just save you the trouble by making as sincere an apology as I can. Can you at least give me that?”

    Sari: “……Shoot.”

    Sixshot: “Okay, I’m sorry I lied to you, I really am. I feel really terrible. You have every right to be mad at me right now. Heck, I don’t blame you if you never want to speak to and/or look at me again. I would have told you, but then you told me you were friends with the Autobots. I knew that if you found out the whole truth, you were probably gonna report me or sound the alarm or whatever it is human sidekicks do."

    Sari: “…So, why did you stay?”

    Sixshot: “To tell you the truth, I just about panicked. I was gonna take off and leave you in the dust. Darn thing is, monkey, that I looked at you, and you were so lonely and…sad, I think it’s called. I just didn’t have the spark to leave you behind like that. Really, I couldn’t leave without feeling like a total glitch-head. So I stayed with you, even though I really didn’t want to. But then, Primus be praised, my…son called reminded me that I had to find those convicts. I thought it would be the perfect excuse to ditch you. It would have worked, until you asked to come along. Of course, I was pretty confident that I wasn’t going to let you come, but then you looked at me with that face of yours, and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t say no to it.”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “It’s good to know that the “face” thing still works now that I’m older.”

    Sixshot laughs.

    Sixshot: “You know what, monkey, you remind me of myself back when I was a youngbot.”

    Sari: “…I do, really?”

    Sixshot: “Oh yeah, definitely. The resemblance is uncanny, except, you know, you’re a girl and everything, and I’m a giant robot.”

    Sari: “……”

    Sixshot quickly changes the subject.

    Sixshot: “You know, since you already opened up to me, I guess I might as well tell you about my life story. You should probably sit down for this.”

    Sari and Sixshot sit down on the ground. Sixshot tells Sari how he was a cyber ninja in training at Master Yoketron’s Temple on Cybertron during the early years of the Great War. He became one of Yoketron’s best students and quickly mastered many cyber ninja techniques. Sixshot even partially mastered the art of Processor over Matter. Unfortunately, he did not get along with the other students very well. He developed a bitter rivalry between Dai Atlas. He did, however, become very good friends with his fellow ninjas in training, Lockdown and Oil Slick. The trio got into all kinds of trouble together. One day, Yoketron banished Lockdown from the Temple. Sixshot and Oil Slick helped Lockdown get even with him by breaking into the temple and stealing from the protoform vault. Yoketron tried to stop them, but ultimately failed. The trio later sold the protoforms to Megatron, who was so impressed, that he made them honorary Decepticons. Sixshot had been on the run ever since.

    Sixshot: “And not a day goes by that I regret every decision I made from that point on. Yoketron never deserved to die, neither did anyone else I killed over the stellar cycles. I thought Lockdown and Oil Slick were my friends, but they were just worthless thugs all along. When I held Yoketron down so Lockdown could wail on him, he looked at me the same way you did when I tried to ice that deadbeat at the gas station today. I’ve never forgotten that look, seeing it on your face made me realize that this whole time I’ve been nothing but an idiot. I’d try to change if I wanted to, but it’s just too late for me.”

    Sari puts her hand on Sixshot’s and smiles tearfully.

    Sari: “Sixshot, it’s never too late to change. You have to believe that. Please, do it for Yoketron. Do it for me, pleeeaaase?”

    Sixshot pulls his hand away from Sari’s and stands up. Sari frowns.

    Sixshot: “Sari, I have changed, I just can’t stop running. Regardless of whether or not I’m still a killer, the Elite Guard is still going to hunt me down. If they ever find me, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key, or worse. I don’t want to be in a cell for the rest of my life, and I certainly don’t want to die, so either I give myself up in the name of redemption, or I keep on running with the knowledge that I can do no wrong anymore. It won’t matter what they think as long as I know I’m doing the right thing. Do you understand?”

    Sari: “I don’t agree with you, but I promise I’ll support you no matter what you do, because you’re my friend, Sixshot. Friends look out for each other no matter what, they no what’s best for each other and they…”

    Sixshot: “Sari, are you…?”

    Sari drops to her knees and bursts into tears.

    Sixshot: “…You’re not faking this time, are you?”

    Sari: “They were just trying to protect me. I thought they didn’t want me to be with them anymore. They just wanted me to be safe, and I yelled at them! How could I yell at my own friends like that?! I was so stupid!”

    Sixshot looks at Sari sympathetically. He sits down in front of her.

    Sixshot: “You’re not stupid, you were afraid, that’s all. They were the only friends you had in life, and you thought that they didn’t want to be your friends anymore. You felt lonely, I know the feeling. I know this is going to sound incredibly corny, and Spark knows It’ll make me feel violently ill once I say it, but Sari, I didn’t know what friendship was until I met you.”

    Sixshot cringes at his own words and gags. Sari looks up at Sixshot with awe.

    Sari: “…Sixshot…that was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

    Sixshot: “Don’t rub acid in the wound, monkey.”

    Sari embraces Sixshot and smiles. Her tears begin to dry.

    Sari: “Thank you, Sixshot, for being here for me, and thank you for making me feel better, too. You’re the sweetest Decepticon I’ve ever met.”

    Sixshot: “I’m the only Decepticon you’ve met who didn’t want to kill you, kid. Say, you are going to stop hugging me, right? No offense, I’m just not that big on heart warming moments like this, but seriously, get off, now…please?”

    Sari stops hugging Sixshot. Sixshot stands up and breathes a sigh of relief.

    Sari: “You don’t have to pretend with me. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you’re really just a great big softy who has a soft spot in his heart for kids.”

    Sixshot: “Deathsaurus is a great big softy who has a soft spot in his heart for kids, I’m a hardened criminal with a license to kill, there’s a difference. He’s nice, I’m not, end of story.”

    Sari: “Whatever you say, you great big softy.”

    Sari smiles at Sixshot teasingly. Sixshot blushes. He stares at Sari furiously. His wrist vibrates.

    Sixshot: “Quickswitch, for once I’m actually happy to hear from you, what’s up?”

    Quickswitch: “Sixshot, I’ve located Convict Number 43210, Blast Off, stay alert, he’s extremely close to your current location.”

    Sixshot: “What, where is he?!”

    Sari looks above Sixshot with horror.

    Quickswitch: “Right behind you.”

    Sixshot spins around and sees Blast Off towering over him. Blast Off looks down at him menacingly.

    Blast Off: “Good day to you, sir, and now prepare to die!”
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    update storm!!!
    what's that?
    that is the sound of the forth wall shattering!
    big ol' softy
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    It's really more of a play on the "King Kong ain't got nothing on me!" line from Malibu's Most Wanted. :dj 
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    Sari is Baytasitic! Part 6

    Blast Off aims his flamethrower at Sixshot. Sixshot backs away slowly and cocks his guns. Blast Off looks at Sari and lowers his flamethrower.

    Blast Off: “Well, well, well, what have we here? Unless my eyes deceive me, I’d say that I’m looking at a female of the Homo sapiens species. How very, fascinating, yes, that’s it. I have heard so much about your kind, and yet, I have never seen one up close like this, so very close. You know what; this would be a perfect shot for my organic species photo album back on Cybertron. Would you mind if I took a picture, human child?”

    Sari: “Uh…”

    Blast Off pulls out a Cybertronian camera and snaps a picture of Sari with a confused look on her face.

    Blast Off: “Yes, brilliant, I don’t see why my fellow Decepticons are so hateful of your kind. If you ask me, your species is more exquisite than the space leeches of…now, wait a tick, what’s this? Your eyes, you see, there’s something about them…yes…something familiar…so very familiar…but what could it be? Ah, now I see, their color, yes, that’s it! They look blue, so very blue, almost like the All-Spa……Alright, human, you’re coming with me.”

    Sixshot steps in front of Sari and takes aim at Blast Off.

    Sixshot: “If you think you’re getting anywhere near her, you’re crazier than Doctor Scalpel!”

    Blast Off: “Don’t you know what this is, you bounty hunting brute? This child, or whatever it may be, you see, has the All-Spark’s power running through her. She has it, I tell you, she clearly has, wait for it, the Touch, yes!”

    Sixshot looks at Sari with shock.

    Sixshot: “…Huh?! You can’t be serious?! This kid, right here, her?!”

    Blast Off: “Of course, my good man, isn’t it obvious? I mean, look at her eyes. They’re so blue, so very blue, you see. There’s only one thing in the galaxy that has blue color like that.”

    Sari: “…The All-Spark, right?”

    Blast Off: “Correct! Clearly this girl somehow came into contact with the All-Spark and absorbed its power. Not since the days of Vector Prime have I heard of anything so miraculous, so very miraculous. You can end the war, you can save us all, but most importantly, you can return Cybertron to its former glory! The All-Spark chose you, my dear, and now, you must fulfill your destiny, yes.”

    Sixshot: “You’re insane! Get out of here, Sari!”

    Sari: “......No.”

    Sixshot: “What did you say?”

    Sari stomps her foot and clenches her fists.

    Sari: “I said, no! I’m not running anymore. All my life I’ve done nothing but stand on the sidelines. Everyone has always thought of me as some annoying little brat who gets in everyone’s way and messes things up. No one thinks I can do anything, not my dad, not Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, and not even you, Sixshot.”

    Sixshot: “…Sari, I never said I…”

    Sari: “You didn’t have to. No one has ever really taken me seriously. I’ve been taken advantage of my whole life, but no more.”

    Blast Off: “Wow, this is some pretty deep stuff.”

    Sari: “Now that I’m sixteen-years-old, sort of, I guess, I can prove everyone wrong. I can prove to them, and to myself, that I can be as good as them, that I can be a hero.”

    Blast Off: “Enough of all this excessive chatter that is clearly in someway crucial to the plot! I came to this planet in search of my former associate, Swindle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find him anywhere. So I guess the only thing to do now is beat the scrap out of you.”

    Sari: “Bring it on, then, rocket boy!”

    Sixshot looks at Sari.

    Sixshot: “…Rocket boy?”

    Sari: “It fits, doesn’t it? Just go with it.”

    Sari transforms into super mode and draws her arm blades. Sixshot transforms into a tank. Blast Off flies three feet off the ground and cracks his knuckles and neck.

    Blast Off: “All right then, bring it on!”

    Sari: “Oh, it is so on!”

    Sixshot: “It’s hero time!”

    Sari looks at Sixshot knowingly.

    Sixshot: “I couldn’t resist.”

    Sixshot fires multiple missiles at Blast Off. Blast Off shoots small heat seeking missiles out of his back that chase after Sari. Sari dodges them and bounces off of an overturned car and onto Blast Off’s back. Sari uses her arm blades to slash Blast Off’s back. Blast Off screams in pain and grabs Sari. He gingerly tosses her aside and sucker punches Sixshot. Sixshock fights back with a roundhouse kick. Blast Off uses his flamethrower on Sixshot. Sixshot becomes engulfed in flames and continues to shoot at Blast Off. Sari takes out her energy hammer and runs around Blast Off at mach speed before striking him multiple times. Blast Off transforms into a space shuttle and blasts off into the sky. Sari looks up hopelessly.

    Sari: “…Well, now I know how Drift feels.”

    Sixshot looks up with fierce determination. He transforms into a space jet and takes off after Blast Off.

    Sari: “…I’ll just sit down then, I guess.”

    Sixshot pursues Blast Off all the way past Earth’s atmosphere. They get into a dogfight. They mercilessly shoot at each other. They both transform into robot mode. Blast Off grabs Sixshot, punches him in the gut, and throws him down towards Earth. Blast Off transforms back into space shuttle mode and flies after Sixshot. Sixshot lands in Lake Erie. Blast Off lands next to Sari. He stomps the ground and causes her to fall. He activates his flamethrower and unleashes a powerful blast of fire on Sari. He chuckles. He lowers his flamethrower, assuming Sari is taken care of, and walks away. Sari leaps out of the flames unscathed and with a brand new weapon, a fire sword. Blast Off turns around.


    Sari: “Finally, I have you all to myself.”

    Blast Off: “You’re a sassy little human bugger, aren’t you?”

    Sari: “You bet your sweet chassis I am, Blast Off!”

    Blast Off: “Poor girl, all alone, up against an enormous juggernaut such as myself. What, my I ask, do you have to say for yourself?”


    Blast Off: “...Say what?”

    Sari’s fire sword erupts into flames. Blast Off’s eyes widen. She swings at Blast Off, hitting him repeatedly. Blast Off becomes engulfed in flames. He grabs Sari and throws her aside with all his strength.

    Blast Off: “Speak of the Fallen, and the Fallen shall appear, earthling!”

    Sari runs around Blast Off and leaps onto his back. Sari takes her fire sword and slices Blast Off’s head of. Blast Off’s head falls to the ground and his body collapses. Remarkably, he is still online. His head is jumping around cursing in Cybertronian. Sari collapses to the ground, breathing heavily. She looks around at the damage she has caused.

    Sari: “……I am so hard core!”

    To be concluded.
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    The Final Chapter

    Sari blacks out for at least six minutes. She regains consciousness and sees Sixshot and Optimus Prime standing over her. Sixshot is soaked from head to toe in lake water. He chuckles softly.

    Sixshot: “Sleeping on the job, kid? You aren’t getting more like me, you are me. Imagine that. Good night, Sari.”

    Sixshot collapses. Ratchet rushes to his side and tends to him. Optimus looks at Sari with a half smile.

    Sari: “Where the heck have you been all day, jerkbot? I figured you would have come looking for me after I ran off on you guys.”

    Bumblebee, Drift, and Roadbuster kneel next to Sari.

    Bumblebee: “Sari, listen, we were following you the entire time. In fact, we never left you out of our sight, not even once.”

    Sari: “…What? But I didn’t…I never even…saw you.”

    Ratchet: “Hey, what part of “robots in disguise” do you not understand, kid?”

    Roadbuster: “You did a terrific job, human. I never would have thought of decapitating the guy. That was both clever and gutsy. I’m impressed.”

    Sari blushes.

    Sari: “Thank you. I saw you take down that tank earlier today, you were really awesome, too.”

    Roadbuster: “Thanks, I get that a lot. It’s just too bad that your guy is, you know, still in one piece, or should I say, two pieces.”

    Outback, Trailbreaker, Bulkhead, and Cosmos carry away Blast Off’s body. They walk past Sari and pay their respects.

    Outback: “Good onya, Sheila!”

    Blast Off: “I say, put my body down, I’m still using it! You little sprog, no one gets the jump on Combaticon Blast Off, no one! I’ve got my optics on you! I will have my revenge! Victory shall be mine! I’m going to take my flamethrower and shove it…”

    Prowl picks up Blast Off’s head and silences his verbal tirade with a mouth clamp.

    Drift: “You are truly one of the bravest soldiers I have ever had the honor of meeting. I promise that one day, I will be a great and powerful hero just like you, child.”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “Listen, Drift…I want you to take credit…for defeating…Blast Off. You really…deserve it more than I do. It would make me happy if you did.”

    Drift: “……General?”

    Hound: “Well, if the Elite Guard Brass thinks that you were responsible for Blast Off’s capture, I can guarantee that you’ll be on your way to a fast promotion in no time. That being said, I’d say take it and run.”

    Drift looks at Sari smiles.

    Drift: “Oh, thank you very much, my good friend. I am forever in your debt.”

    Sari laughs softly.

    Sari: “It’s no trouble at all, really.”

    Drift salutes Sari and walks off. Professor Sumdac sits next to Sari and embraces her.

    Professor Sumdac: “That was the nicest thing I’ve ever seen you do. I am so proud of you, Sari. I was also proud of the way you handled yourself today. You were right; you’re not a little girl anymore. You are growing up; I guess I just wasn’t ready to accept that just yet. I’m so sorry.”

    Optimus Prime clears his throat.

    Optimus Prime: “We’re all sorry, Sari. We thought you weren’t ready to take on a responsibility this big. I guess, we still saw you as an eight-year-old organic girl. You proved me wrong today, and for that, I have a newfound respect for you. I just hope you can find it in you spark to forgive us. I’ll understand if you can’t, though.”

    Sari: “Come on, you know me better than that, big guy. I forgive you. I love you guys. I’m the one who should be apologizing. I got so worked about proving myself as a hero, that I just lost it.”

    Hound: “Sari, this goes for you too, Private Drift; I know you want to be heroes, but I don’t think you understand what it means to be a hero. So listen and listen well because I’m only going to say this once. Being a hero isn’t about the things you do or how you do them. It’s about having the courage in your heart to be able to do them in the first place. That’s what separates us from the Decepticons. Their actions are based on hatred, ours our based on bravery.”

    Sari and Drift look at each other and smile.

    Sari: “Thank you, General.”

    Hound: “Enough with these formalities, you can call me Hound.”

    Drift: “Will do, Hound.”

    Hound looks at Drift furiously.

    Drift: “Uh, of course, by “Hound” I mean, General, sir.”

    Everyone laughs except for Sixshot.

    Sixshot: “Oh, how touching, I’m gonna go throw up.”

    Cosmos puts stasis cuffs on Sixshot. Sari frowns.

    Sari: “…What’s going to happen to Sixshot? He didn’t do anything wrong, right?”

    Hound: “Well, technically, he’s still a criminal, and we’d be total crankshafts to let him escape just because he behaved himself. We already boarded his ship. We confiscated his weapons and put Barricade and Frenzy in our ship’s brig with the other fugitives.”

    Sixshot: “Don’t tell me you…”

    Hound: “Your son, Quickswitch is with them, too. You’ll be joining him momentarily.”

    Sixshot closes his eyes. After a long pause, he opens his eyes and breaks free from his stasis cuffs. He backhands Cosmos and uses P.O.M. to knock the Autobots off their feet. He transforms into space jet mode and blasts off into the night sky, laughing evilly.


    Everyone looks up. The Elite Guard and Optimus Prime and his team say their goodbyes. As the Elite Guard board their ship, Hound looks at Sari and frowns.

    Hound: “Like I said, total crankshafts. See you later, Sari. Good luck.”

    Later that night, Sari is in her bedroom. She is lying in her bed and staring at the ceiling. She hears a knock on the door.

    Professor Sumdac: “Good night, Sari. I love you.”

    Sari: “I love you too, dad. Good night.”

    Professor Sumdac: “I’ll see you in the morning.”

    Sari looks over at the door and hears Professor Sumdac walk away. Sari continues to stare at the ceiling.

    Sari: “I know you’re in here. You can come out now.”

    Sixshot emerges from the darkness. Sari gets out of bed and walks towards Sixshot. She crosses her arms.

    Sari: “What are you doing here, Decepti-creep?”

    Sixshot: “You didn’t think I’d leave without saying goodbye, did you?”

    Sari: “…No. So, what are you going to do about your son, Quickswitch?”

    Sixshot: “I’ll bust him out, eventually. But for now, the little snot needs to learn some respect, and what better way to learn respect than to spend a couple hundred or so stellar cycles in the Cybertronian Stockades? If that doesn’t straighten him out, Primus knows nothing else will.”

    Sari: “He’s gonna be pretty ticked off when he sees you.”

    Sixshot: “He’ll get over it. Listen, Sari, I actually had a lot of fun with you today. You’ve got some skills, girl. Like I said before, you remind me a lot of myself. If you play your cards right, you’ll be fighting Decepticons and evil chimpanzees with giant brains in no time. Just do me a favor, fight for the Autobots. I don’t ever want you to get in with the wrong crowd. Don’t make the same mistake I did. You still have a chance. You have good friends and an even better dad who love you and would give the universe for you. I never had any of that when I was a protoform, unfortunately, neither has my son. But you’ve got the rest of your life ahead of you. You can show the whole universe what you can do.”

    Sari: “That’s really sweet of you. The Autobots are wrong about you. You may be a Decepticon, but you have the heart of an Autobot.”

    Sixshot: “Speaking of which, I really hate to say this, but I don’t think we should be friends right now. What with the whole war thing, and the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons, I think it would be best if we just played it cool for a while, at least until the war ends. Do you understand where I’m coming from?”

    Sari: “…I understand. Will I ever see you again, friend?”

    Sixshot: “Of course you will, friend, I’m just going to be on the run. I’ll more than likely stop by again at some point. Well, I should probably get going now. I have to go see a bot about another bot. It’s been real, Sari. Catch you later.”

    Sixshot starts walking towards Sari’s balcony.

    Sari: “Sixshot, wait, I wanted to tell you something. Come a little closer”

    Sixshot bends down so Sari can whisper in his ear. Sari smiles sweetly and whispers.

    Sari: “Thank you for saving me today, and for being such a good friend, too. I’ll miss you, Sixshot.”

    Sari plants a kiss on Sixshot’s cheek. Sixshot blushes. Sari tries not to laugh, seeing that she has embarrassed him. Sixshot pats Sari’s head.

    Sixshot: “You’re a nice kid, Sari. While we’re being honest, I wanted to tell you that you’re like the daughter I never had. I want you to have my hat. Sure, it probably won’t fit, but at least you’ll have something to remember me by.”

    Sixshot gives his Chinese coolie hat to Sari.

    Sixshot: “Anyway, I’ll miss you, too. Bye…monkey.”

    Sari: “Bye…you great big softy.”

    Sixshot walks onto Sari’s balcony. He transforms into space jet mode and flies away. Sari waves goodbye and gets back in bed. She falls asleep six minutes later. Meanwhile, outside Sumdac Tower, a badly damaged Bonecrusher looks up at the top of the tower. He clenches his fists and growls.

    Bonecrusher: “…This is why I hate humans.”

    Bonecrusher turns around to see Soundwave standing behind him.

    Soundwave: “Welcome to my world. The girl must be terminated. So must any machines who serve humans. The revolution has begun…again.”

    Soundwave laughs evilly. Bonecrusher stares blankly at Soundwave. Bonecrusher gets hit by a familiar looking Peterbilt semi-truck, Scary Movie style.

    THE END?

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