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Discussion in 'Transformers Collection Showcase' started by Sammael, Apr 26, 2008.

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    I came back to collecting TFs about a year and a half ago, about the time MP-03 and MP-04 were released. At first, I thought I'd collect just Alts and Masterpieces, but I soon found myself grabbing every TF I could get ahold of.

    Primarily, for now, my plan is to work on my MP, Alts, Titanium 6", A/E/C, Movie, and Universe/Classics collections. After I'm done with those, I may go back and obtain some G1/G2 figures (likely from the Encore line). Although I love the G1 cartoon, I don't think most G1 figures are worth it now - considering that reasonably nice and highly poseable alternatives are available.

    My TFs are displayed loose, but I keep all the boxes for all Deluxe-sized and bigger TFs (for those TFs I didn't purchase loose).

    Featured here is my A/E/C, Classics, Movie, and Universe collection, which I took out of storage yesterday. I'm particularly fond of Micron Legend Shockwave (Tidal Wave) - although I paid a lot for him, he is so much nicer than the Armada one...

    You can see my Picasa web album here.
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    Samael, kad cesh update-ovati slike svoje kolekcije?

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