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  1. Well I am trying to clear up a little space and preparing for a move in the near future.

    And I have decided to list a few items here for sale.

    This is my first time listing anything here so I have no feedback here.

    But I do have 100% feedback on Ebay. ((Link is below))

    If there are no pre set prices

    "PLEASE" make an offer.

    "PLEASE" PM all reasonable offers.

    Even a pre set price is not set in stone, so again

    "PLEASE" make an offer.

    Taking offers on a first come first serve basis.

    I prefer to ship Priority Mail with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation.

    And at this moment I do not plan on shipping outside of the U.S..

    I accept only PayPal.

    * Just started up a feedback page for my transactions. ((Link is below))

    Re-Issue Version Landcross (Multi-Color): Make an offer.
    (Two of the figures were removed and transformed. The others have not been removed from plastic.)




    Heroes of Cybertron: Optimus Prime and Soundwave: Make an offer.
    (Optimus seems to be falling apart and there is wear on both cards. The wear is causing bubbles to become unattached.)


    Universe 25th Dinobot and Universe Ironhide: Make an offer
    (Both MOSC.)


    Universe 25th Starscream: SOLD :thumbs2: 

    Universe SE Drag Strip:


    Universe Sideswipe: SOLD :thumbs2: 

    Universe 25th Cyclonus w/Nightstick: SOLD :thumb :

    KO Frenzy and Laserbeak: SOLD :thumbs2: 
    (KO but MOSC.)

    Misc. Lot of Gobots: SOLD :thumbs2: 
    (All figures have significant playwear (loose joints or chipping paint mostly.))

    Lot of GI Joes/Street Fighter: SOLD :thumbs2: 
    (Figures are in very good condition and all except E. Honda are complete with weapons and file cards) (Pics below) Make an offer.

    Lot of GI Joes/Mega Marines: Moved to Ebay :( 
    (All figures are in excellent condition withh all accessories and file cards. Also, included is the moldable armor which seems to be dried up froms storage. I am told a little water can remoisturize this.) (Pics below) Make an offer.

    Lot of GI Joes/Misc. Weapons Both pics one lot. SOLD :thumbs2: 
    (Great lot of miscellaneous GI Joe weapons and accessories.) (Pics below) Make an offer.

    Lot of Accessories G1/Megatron
    (Lot in good condition with average wear.) Make an offer.


    Lot of Autobots - Misc.
    >>Various misc. Autobots<<

    Lot of Gobots - Misc.

    Lot of G1 Seekers - Junkers
    >>G1 Seekers Lot<<

    Lot of G1 Autobots - Junkers
    >>G1 Autobots Lot<<

    Lot of G1 weapons/access. - Misc.
    >>Misc. Weapons/Access.<<

    Lot of G1/G2 Aerialbots - Junkers
    >>Misc. Aerialbots<<

    Lot of Minibots

    Also, not pictured:

    • Classics Optimus Prime (From the vs. pack, in good condition)
    • Classics Megatron (From the vs. pack, in good condition)
    • Throttlebots Freeway X2 and Rollbar X2 (Good condition with motors working.)

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