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    Sales List:

    Please read:
    *PM or email:

    *I have ebay feedback under: thostejd

    *Payment by Paypal, personal check or MO.

    *Shipping is not included in prices listed.

    *Prices of "$?" mean I'm not sure what price I want to sell it for, we can talk about it, feel free to make offers.

    *I can post/email pictures of items

    *I don't like dealing with international shipping/customs, etc. so I much prefer dealing in the US. If someone in the UK wants something though, I would certainly help them out if they help me out with getting a Red Armada Powerlinx Thrust or Universe Micromaster Superion.

    *Items in the trade list are in the trade list, not the sales list, don't ask if I will sell it. However, as the Million Dollar Man says "Everyone has a price". If you really, desperately want something in my trade list and are willing to pay a high amount, I'll listen to offers. But again, do not ask me "How much?" I don't intend to sell them so I do not have prices set. The best way to get them is to trade.


    G1 Parts:
    Divebomb guns(2): $5 for the pair
    Perceptor gun: $1
    Hot Spot Mechanical arm tip: $1
    Twintwist gun(3 available): Free with another purchase
    Bruticus foot: Free with another purchase (post broken off)

    G1 Figures:
    Free Broken figures:
    *Afterburner: Free with another purchase (head broken off, hip possibly near breaking, still makes a good leg with his other connector)
    *Sinnertwin: Free with another purchase (head/connector post broken, otherwise great condition, still useless for forming Abominus, nice for monster mode display I guess)

    *Blaster: $5 (no accessories, some sticker wear, door mechanism works, head antenna broken)
    *Steeljaw: $10 (excellent condition, gold version weapons, no gold/chrome wear that I notice)
    *Soundwave & Buzzsaw: $30 (Soundwave has loose knees that make him fall forward, plus sticker and chrome wear, door mechanism works but sometimes sticks a little bit, includes back panel, 2 weapons, 2 missiles, Buzzsaw has a bit of sticker wear and his weapons have chrome wear with barrels broken off)
    *Laserbeak: $15 (excellent condition, great weapons: no chrome wear, intact barrels)
    *Ravage: $15 (excellent condition, 1 weapon has significant chrome wear)

    *Powerglide: $4 (good condition, except 1 tail fin/foot bent in with visible stress marks)
    *Warpath: $5 (excellent condition)
    *Gears: $5 (good condition, arm joints a bit loose, a bit of paint/chrome wear)

    Autobot Cars/Targetmasters:
    *Smokescreen: $20 (good condition but rear windows broken, includes gun, missile launchers and 2 missiles, some chrome wear)
    *Sideswipe: $5 (sticker/chrome wear, no accessories)
    *TM Hot Rod: $20 (excellent condition, slight sticker wear, includes Firebolt)
    *TM Kup: $20 (good condition, some sticker wear, tape over a loose sticker, includes Recoil)

    Large Figures:
    *Ultra Magnus: $30 (excellent condition except for some sticker and chrome wear, plastic wheel version, missing large left fist, has all other accessories: cab/robot, trailer/armor, large right fist, both small fists, UM head, rifle, 2 missile launchers, 4 missiles, chest plate, 2 belts/hitches)
    *Megatron: $70 (good condition, sticker wear and a few loose joints, slight chrome wear, includes all accessories: scope(3 pieces), stock(3 pieces), silencer/barrel(2 pieces), gun)
    *Perceptor: $20 (good condition, missing 1 shoulder cap panel, some chrome wear, includes gun, missile launcher, 1 missile and both wrist dials)

    *Predaking: $120 (All 5 figures & their accessories listed below, has all Gestalt pieces, missing 3 guns and 2 swords)
    **Divebomb: $30 (excellent condition, metal version, complete with wing pack, Predaking fist, sword, and 2 guns, one hip is loose but easily tightened with a screw driver, though probably better to leave slightly loose to more easily attach/detach Predaking fist)
    **Rampage: $30 (excellent condition, metal version, complete with Predaking fist, sword and 2 guns)
    **Razorclaw: $25 (excellent condition, plastic version, tip of 1 shoulder gun broken, includes Predaking head and gun, only missing sword)
    **Tantrum: $25 (excellent condition, metal version, missing 2 guns, includes sword and Predaking foot)
    **Headstrong: $25 (excellent conditino, plastic version, missing 1 gun and sword, includes 1 gun and Predaking foot)

    *Overbite: $8 (mint, unused, all weapons/parts, not removed from bubble tray)

    *Cerebros & Spike: $? (red, white and blue, no other accessories, very good quality plastic for a KO, no worries about it breaking, though the techspec meter is non-functioning and arms don't slide back to regular robot mode position)
    *Knockoff Mini Devastator: $4 (boxed, "Micromaster"/"Mini-bot" sized yellow version, not the "WST size", decent quality)

    Japanese Minicons:
    *Processor -- Superlink Micron Booster Red Thunderclash: $5 (box and bag opened to identify but unused)
    *Micron Legend X-dimension Air Military Team: $? (MOSC)
    *Micron Legend X-dimension Emergency Team: $? (MOSC)

    *Decepticharge: $? (MISB)

    *J.E. Alvarez’s Japanese TF book: $20 (Unused, sealed in shipping plastic wrap, accidentally got 2 from Amazon awhile ago)

    Fleer Armada cards to trade/sell: $?
    Almost all Silver, Lots of Gold, tell me what you need
    Armada Comic Art: 5, 12
    Armada Poster: 7, 8(x2), 10
    Flapper: 1 Hot Shot
    Autobots/Decepticons: 1*, 3(x2), 4(x2), 5(x2), 7, 8 *AD #1 Cyclonus is slightly damaged, top portion of card got "sealed" in packaging end

    BW Catalog posters:
    Single: $3 each(1-sided)
    Special: set of 4: $8 (Predacon & Maximal 1997 & Predacon & Maximal 1998)
    Special: set of 13: $25 (P&M 1996, P&M 1997, P&M 1998, P&M 1999, Maximal, Vehicon, & Beast Wars 2000, M&V 2001)

    (Smaller, slightly modified desktop versions of most can be viewed/downloaded here: )


    Trade items list:

    Sealed Figures:
    Flamewar & Bagged set of 7 Botcon 2005 exclusives
    Ehobby Gold Jazz
    Ehobby Anime Bluestreak
    Ehobby Crosscut
    Ehobby Road Rage
    Ehobby Detritus
    Ehobby Hauler
    Black Starscream
    New Year Reissue Sideswipe and Red Alert

    Tech Cards to trade:
    WM Dinobot Grimlock sticker card
    WM Dinobot Swoop sticker card
    Armada Tidalwave sticker card
    Armada Demolishor sticker card
    Armada Galvatron sticker card
    Armada Super Optimus Prime sticker card
    KB RID Jhiaxus sticker card
    JBW C-1 (Beast)Convoy tech card
    Superlink SD-16 Chromehorn tech card
    Energon Steamhammer tech card
    Energon Jetfire tech card
    Energon Ironhide tech card
    Energon Bulkhead tech card
    Energon Scorponok Fleer tech card (#128)
    Galaxy Force Ramble tech card(2)


    "High Priority" Want list:

    1986: gray plastic chest Swindle, Metroplex body(intact body with good waist pivot, no parts needed)
    1988: Crankcase, Backstreet, Override, Spinister, Quake, Landfill, Squeezplay, Fangry, Hosehead, Nightbeat, Siren, Getaway, Slapdash, Joyride
    G2 Go-bots: Optimus Prime, Megatron
    BW: Rattrap (original, not TM)
    2005: KB Universe Downshift

    Breakdown: gun
    Wildrider: gun
    Snapdragon: gun(2)
    Doublecross: gun
    Grotesque: gun
    Quickmix: Boomer(TM gun), Ricochet(TM gun)
    Roadbuster: left bar, missile
    Whirl: fist cover, leg gun, wing gun, wing rocket pod
    Downshift: gun
    Thrust: missile(2)
    Sandstorm: gun

    Wanted Fleer Armada Card:
    Armada Comic Art: 8, 11
    Armada Poster: 5
    Flapper: 2

    Wanted Tech Cards:
    WM Dinobot Terranotron sticker card
    BW2 Apache
    BW2 Scuba
    BW2 Tasmania Kid
    BW2 Tripledacus
    BW2 Liojunior
    BW2 Magnaboss
    BW2 Megastorm
    RID individual tech cards for all JRX, Buildking, and Valdigus members


    Lower priority stuff I'd be somewhat interested in:

    1984: Bumper/Bumblejumper, Red Bumblebee, Yellow Cliffjumper
    1985: All 3 Powerdashers: Sky Dasher, Drill Dasher, F-1 Dasher
    1986: Reflector
    1988: Gunrunner, maybe other regular Pretenders and Pretender Beasts
    1989: Skyhammer, Pretender Monsters(Monstructor), Decepticon Sports Car patrol, Mudslinger, Erector, Overload
    1990: Decepticon Race Track patrol, Autobot Hot Rod patrol
    G2: Red Slag, Green & Red Snarls, Blue & Teal Grimlocks, Electro, Volt, Sizzle, Loose G2 Hooligan(complete figure, missiles not needed), Loose/Complete G2 Autoroller Roadblock
    A/E: Tidalwaves
    Botcon Exclusives: Vicegrip, Packrat & Fractyl, Nightracer
    Foreign Exclusive: Micron Legend Crystal STD Convoy, Superlink Cosmo-type Shadowhawk, Exclusive Translucent Orange Wreckerhook, Turbomasters/Predators (except Skydive/Darkjet & Flash/Spinroad), G2 Sparkabots/Firecons

    Scorponok[need the 2 "tall"/narrow radar dishes, I have the 2 with a wide top/monitor]
    Skyquake[launcher, missiles]
    Clear Beast Convoy[Black sword(1)]
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    Pm sent.
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    om and emailed u for a huge trade offer
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    Hi, would that afterburner display in the bike mode well any pics ?

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