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    I am needing some cash soon and am deciding to let go of some of my transformers. Its hard to do so but well, if I have to let them go rather see someone enjoy them than just sit around in my boxes. Have all accessories and instructions if loose and will note if MIB. Everything is priced without shipping.

    R.I.D Optimus Prime(missing 1 rubber wheel) $25-30
    R.I.D Ultra Magnus(missing 1 rubber wheel) $25-30

    Cybertron Quickmix(MIB) $20-25
    Cybertron Megatron(MIB) $28-32
    Cybertron Dark Crumplezone(MIB) $20-25
    Cybertron Supreme Starscream(MIB) $32-40

    Alternators Rumble(MIB) $25

    Big junker lot!! -"G1 Rodimus Prime(robot and trailer)-sticker wear and the spoiler is broke off.
    Ratchet's trailer/gun-post(sticker wear, missing a pin holding a side on but restorable)
    Ironhide(Front section with one arm attached, and the rear section both legs, badly beat up)
    Kickback(the grasshopper insecticon, played with, broken half of both arms, 1 attenae half broke, but restorable)
    Perceptor(missing chest piece, scope and the little dials on the arms, played in condition with sticker wear but restorable)
    Skids( missing a wheel, 1 arm not attached anymore but still have it, missing windshield and driver side door)
    G1 Slag(no accessories, sticker wear but in pretty decent shape)
    G1 Blitzwing(no accessories, missing a fist and the tank turret/canopy that sits on top in tank mode, sticker wear but restorable)
    G2 Ramjet(just the main piece, no wings or arms)
    The sound box that went on G2 ramjet(still works too)" All in the " " for $25-30

    Alien Quadrilogy boxed set $45-55

    Also have a huge list of PS1 games and a PS1 i will post up as a lot within the next day or two.

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