Sale to help cover medical bills. TFs and more!

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    Hey everyone. I've been a bit out of the loop for a while, I had a horrible issue several weeks ago stemming from an almost year old back issue, uncontrollable spasms were bringing me to the ground daily. It finally resulted in a costly ER visit and subsequent physical therapy. My insurance covered most of the ER visit, but there is still a few hundred to pay, but my insurance will not cover my physical therapy though.

    So now I have the following to sell off, I am listing prices, but will entertain reasonable offers, and I will be updating this as often as I can with photos and new items.

    I do not have any photos available at present, but I am going to try and snap some this coming weekend and upload them.

    Shipping is not included in any pricing


    RTS Perceptor (loose) - $10
    RTS Tracks (MOC) - $15 - on card but bubble pulled away from card on its own.
    RTS Dirge (MOSC) - $20
    Classics Sunstreaker (MOSC) - $25
    Classics Starscream (1st release gray version)- loose - SOLD
    CHMS KO Henkei Thundercracker (Loose) - $20

    BT & ALTERNATORS - All boxes have been opened but figure are mint and never transformed.

    Alt Swerve - MIB - $50
    BT Tracks - Blue - MIB - $75
    BT Tracks - Yellow - MIB- $75
    BT Swindle - MIB - $55
    BT Alert - MIB - $75
    BT Ravage - Corvette - MIB - $50

    MISC TFs

    Titanium Scourge, - loose, no stand - $10
    Robot Masters Thundercracker & Skywarp - MIB - $60
    Robot Masters Starscream - MIB - $30
    Robot Masters Starscream - Loose - $15
    Quick Change G1 Devastator KO (yellow, smaller than G1) $20
    Micromaster Six Turbo re-issue (loose) $25


    Atomic Laser Repro Tech Specs - These were put together from production proofs of the sets. They are identical to the released version, but they do not come with the decoder or title card

    1984 (28 cards)- $25
    1985 Volume 1 (23 cards) - $20
    1985 Volume 2 (22 cards) - $20


    FAO Schwartz X-men 4 pack exclusive - Comes in plain brown box & includes Cable, Trevor Fitzroy, Forge, Deadpool - MIB, poly bags still sealed - $40

    12 Han Solo on Taun-Taun (POTF) - Figure is MIB but the box is beat up - $25

    Electronic Power FX X-Wing MISB - $90

    Xbox 360 w/ failed optical drive - Comes with original box, power supply (have to pull to box out of storage and will update w/specs here ASAP) - make offer

    More to come!
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    Jun 8, 2003
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