Sacramento - Toy Fusion Free Outdoor Toy Show - 9/14

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    Come one, come all! I'll be one of the many independent dealers hocking his wares at Toy Fusion's Free Outdoor Toy Show this coming Sunday, the 14th. If you're looking for Transformers from all generations, assorted toys, comics from various publishers, video games, electronics, and other miscellaneous items, then come find me, Triformis (look for the nametag), at the show and let's make a deal! For more info., here's a link to the show's page:

    ToyFusion 2008 Toys Online!

    If you're wary of links, then here's the requisite info.: Sunday, the 14th from 9 AM to 2 PM in front of Toy Fusion, 1908 El Camino Ave., Sacramento, CA 95815.

    Mention this ad and where you saw it and I'll knock 5% off your total purchase price at my table. Thanks! I hope to meet some more of the local TFW members. I know there's gotta be a few lurking in the Sacramento area because I met plenty in the Bay Area. See ya there!
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    Well hell, If I would've known you were there I would've said hey! Unless I did and didn't know it... hahaha

    I was the guy with the table inside the store helping Andrew.

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