Sabertron Toys Divorce Sale Continues...

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    Hello fellow TF Fans, yes the Divorce sale continues...please help out a fellow TF'er by bidding on any or all of these auctions :) 

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    We have still available:
    LOt of Prime Shrine
    Lot of 100% complete all figures for the Animated line
    Lot of Universe
    Lot of Classics
    Lot of Alternators
    Lot of RID
    LOt of Cybertron
    Lot of Energon
    Lot of Armada
    Mint On Card Animated Deluxe

    Upcoming Auctions:
    Lot of Megatron/Galvatron Shrine
    Lot of Generations
    Lot of Powercore Combiners
    Mint in sealed box Animated

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