2D Artwork: Saber Prime and the Sword of Primus

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    If you don't already know, Saber Prime is a character I created for my story "Transformers: Sword of Primus" which went largely unfinished ending with a cliffhanger.

    Anyway... the story explains the origin of the character Saber Prime but never really got into the fact that the Sword of Primus is actually made up of 3 smaller Autobots. I didn't mention it because I didn't have names for them... until now.

    Astrostar forms the handle and hand guard of the sword.

    Requiem forms the middle bottom half of the blade, closest to the handle.

    Skyboom forms the top half of the blade, the tip of the sword.

    I've also made a slight alteration to Saber Prime's appearance as he and his team now use their own faction symbols. This is mainly due to the fact that I saw the Autobot insignia with a sword in it and went "That would be perfect for Saber Prime" I recolored it to match the traditional faction symbol as it was originally black.

    The other is a recolor I did of the Fallen faction symbol for a new group of Deceptions I've been wanting to make based around reimagining what the human villains of Animated would be like if they were actually Transformers. Meltdown being my favorite villain has to be the leader of this team and The Fallen would make an excellent mold to repaint into a Transformer version of Meltdown. I mean what else would he be other than a guy who is described as a living furnace? I haven't gotten around to actually creating the image yet because the best image I can find of The Fallen I can't really edit out the background because it's all his own flames and I want to put the Decepticon insignia behind him like I did with these guys.

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