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    What the hell, right? Maybe something good could come of it. My ultimate ideal but most likely impractical list of figures I still want


    ROTF Voyager Skywarp
    ROTF Voyager Mixmaster
    ROTF Voyager Long Haul
    ROTF Voyager Demolisher
    ROTF Legends Devastator
    ROTF Legends Arcee

    DOTM Cyberverse Hatchet
    DOTM Cyberverse Leadfoot
    DOTM Cyberverse Topspin

    Movie Trilogy... well Hasbro that's your cue, keep true to your SDCC 2012 comments of trying to get movie trilogy/ last DOTM wave out in retailers. I'll have a much bigger respect for you if you succeed on this.


    PRID Deluxe Airracnid
    PRID Deluxe Vehicon
    PRID Deluxe Rumble
    PRID Deluxe Kup

    I'll add things later that I think of, and remove things should I miraculously find what I'm looking for.

    If it comes to it that I start considering selling some figures I have, I will also update this page to include a section as well.
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