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    Welcome to my sales page. Trying to make room for new stuff.

    I can only accept money orders at this time. I've done business in the past with people in here and they are pretty happy. Please check my feedback.

    I ship using Priority mail. Shipping is not included. I will quote the actual shipping price. Thanks and email me if you have any questions.

    Universe 2.0
    Springer-$15 loose complete
    Ratbat-$15 loose complete
    Roadbuster-$15 loose complete
    Dirge-$15 loose complete

    Stealth Lockdown MIB-$15

    Energon Spears from Botcon 2006 (I have Blue and Purple) $10 each
    Autobot and Decepticon pins-$5 each

    More items to come.

    Want list:
    G1 Blaster gun
    G1 Sideswipe shoulder cannons and gun
    G1 Cyclonus right arm

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