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    We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone of the rules in the Funnies forum and reiterate them to both those who post their own funnies and those who enjoy reading them.

    - No personal attacks

    Self explanatory. Your "Funny" shouldn't be targetting another member of the forums. You want to chastize Bob Saget? Go for it. You want to chastize someone on the boards? Don't go for it (unless they've expressly stated it's totally okay).

    - No derogatory comments/remarks

    Watch the language. A strip full of swearing and profanity is, contrary to popular belief, NOT funny. Overly profane Funnies will be removed and an infraction given to the individual(s) who post it(them). This also includes any racial remarks (yes, it's happened in the past). We understand and acknowledge that some people may in fact hold their own personal beliefs towards another race or gender, but this is not the forum to express those beliefs. Also nothing sexual. That means no robot-on-robot action. Or robot/human/animal/Razerwire action.

    - Keep your strip in one thread.

    Do not make multiple threads for each update you do ... keep it in the same thread. Reduces clutter and allows the fans of your strip to easily find it when you update it. First time we'll merge them, second time you get an infraction. Reaaaaallll simple.

    If you feel anyone's post, whether it is a Funny or someone's reaction to it, has broken a rule, please use the "REPORT THIS POST" feature!!!

    This little icon:


    Click on it. It'll open a window for you to type a "OMG THIS IS BAD" message that is sent *TO ALL MODERATORS, SUPER MODERATORS, AND ADMINISTRATORS*. It is, 9 times out of 10, handled within minutes of the reporting. Things that are deemed not against the rules are usually ignored, and if you have further inquiry, please feel free to PM the forum moderator, or any Super Moderator or Administrator.

    Do not PM Tony_Bacala about your problems.

    He is probably the most busy individual doing server-side stuff and upgrades to the site/forum when he's online. The best thing to do is, if you have a SERIOUS issue, is to message an Administrator. We will address the issue with Tony at hand if the issue is *THAT* serious.

    We are aware that there has been a cry for more moderation in this forum and we are addressing that issue privately. Keep in mind this website and mesage board are the largest for Transformers anywhere on the Internet, and the number of forums is incredibly high so our energies are often spread out. Until then, yours truly will be checking in these forums multiple times a day and making sure things are running smooth. If you have any inquiries, you may contact Buzzbeak (the forum moderator) or you may contact myself.

    Thanks for your time and BE FUNNY.
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    People have been permitted two thread, one comical and one dramatic.

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