RTS Windcharger for trade - Here is my want list.

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Scaleface, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I picked up a spare RTS Windcharger, and figured maybe someone has extra something I need, so here is my want list.

    The Windcharger is minty in box, but the item I get can be open, as long as it's complete.

    Hasbro stuff:
    -PCC Heavytread
    -Universe Deluxe Sunstreaker

    3rd party stuff
    -Junkion Blacksmith Infinity Warfare set JB-00 red version, or Headmaster Soundwave, Blaster, Ultra Magnus or Megatron.
    -Phantom of Screamer set B
    -Targetroids Optimax vs. Megashooten
    -Mastershooter Brown King or Mega-Gun
    -Headrobots Hothead (either version), Butcher, or a convention exclusive or prototype colored Cobra.
    -WST Dinorobots Swoop (normal version), or any of the first four dinobots in recolor. Either of the Blasters or Shockwaves.
    -CHMS Air Warrior, Sunstorm or any of the rainmakers.
    -KOLD Blue Konvoy or Black Konvoy

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