RTS, Universe, G1, and also Joes and MOTU for sale or trade

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    Hello guys I've got these for sale or trade. Looking to trade for RTS Perceptor and Wreck Gar. Or make an offer. PM only. (so I don't miss you)

    All these are carded.
    RTS G2 Prime,
    RTS Solar Storm Grapple x2
    Universe Prowl

    These are both loose.
    Snaptrap, with chrome winged back piece. Excellent shape
    Wreck-Gar, missing front wheel, includes both weapons, Reprolable stickers applied. Excellent shape.

    Marvel Universe
    All carded. Will trade for other Xmen Universe characters, (trying to collect an Xmen team) can be loose.
    World War Hulk $10
    Punisher $15
    Jim Lee costume Cyclops $18
    Thanos $18
    Cable $20
    Mystique x2 $18

    also have 80s GI JOE, and Masters of the Universe

    Pictures and lists of Joes and MOTU coming soon.

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