RtS Perceptor shoulder design flaw / change?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by alldarker, Mar 26, 2011.

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    So I bought a RtS Perceptor this week, and finally got around to play around with him today. Got him in robot mode alright, but when I transformed him back to alt mode using the instructions, I noticed something strange about him, especially his teal colored shoulder attachments to the front wheels. In a couple of the steps in the instructions, the wheel assembly seems to have been turned 90 degrees compared to what it is in the toy. This is noticeable in steps 2 to 5 (changing to robot). Also, the teal parts directly attached to the arms seem to have been mirrored when compared to the toy (most obvious in steps 3 to 5). Interestingly enough, in steps 11 to 14, the parts have been drawn as they actually are in the toy!
    I've checked out some pictures of the RtS Perceptor on the 'net, and they all seem to be exactly like mine is, with the awkwardly visible arms in alt mode, so there doesn't seem to be a assembly QC problem.

    I get the feeling that with the design of the shoulders as in the early steps of the instructions, the arms would have been hidden further under the hood, and would have given his alt mode some more ground clearance. I also wonder if the 'original design' would have allowed for better tabs for fixing the back pack.
    Finally, I wonder why the 'original design' had to be changed? Anyone have any ideas?

    P.s. apologies for the current lack of pictures! They can be arranged, though...

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