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    According to this pic, "Reveal the Shield" Mindset (of the 2010 Transformers line) has these tech specs.

    Name: Mindset
    Tech Spec - Faction: Autobot
    Tech Spec - Official Bio: Change does not sit easily with MINDSET. he likes things the way they are, and it is the weight of tradition that drives his opposition to the DECEPTICONS. They upset the balance of things, an offense for which he can never forgive them. The only alteration with which MINDSET is comfortable at all is that wrought on the landscape by one of his missile barrages.
    Tech Spec - Strength: 8
    Tech Spec - Intelligence: 6
    Tech Spec - Speed: 3
    Tech Spec - Endurance: 9
    Tech Spec - Rank: 7
    Tech Spec - Courage: 5
    Tech Spec - Firepower: 8
    Tech Spec - Skill: 6

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