Rouge Ralaxy Completed and...

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    ok spoilers for those for a start but here we go

    i just completed rouge galaxy on the ps2 and im pretty disapointed...firstly Kasala finds her mums died and she doesnt seem to bothered and then everyone else goes back home aside from Jaster and Zegrim and they end up going BACK to Edean to KIDNAP Kasala because she chose to be Queen? yet wouldnt kidnaping her result in a new inter-galactic war with Edean and the rest of the Galaxy?

    I just found this ending MEGA disapointing as i was expecting so much more from it, especially considering how the ending starts off but then the last bit at the end (after the credits) it just feels like the producers couldnt be arsed animating the rest of the ending or something

    anyone else feel cheapend by the ending of this game? i havent felt this ripped off since i got to the end of Xenosaga 3

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