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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Red Alert, Jun 22, 2009.

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    So starscream finally got hands but there is something not quite right about them.

    Seeing as how the hands were originally meant to fold up and were scrapped for no real reason(cost) i decided to do a little light modding.

    First thing to do is remove the arms from Starscream(in this case Skywarp).

    Remove the 2 screws in the forearm like so

    Remove the top part of the wrist and hand from the forearm like so.

    Now you want to cut right along the wrist like this with a rotary/dremill.

    Remove the center piece of the wrist but leave the pin intact.

    should look something like this when done.

    Take a piece of wire(Tie downs from packages seem to be the right size) and wrap it around the wrist pin and crimp with pliers to secure like so.(plastic can be melted to fill in the gap if desired)Give it about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of slack.

    Reassemble the forearm and make a hole where the wrist will go with a hot wire or other instrument(keep it snug to avoid looseness when sliding the wire).

    Install the new wrist into the forearm and cut off loose wire(About a 1/4 inch is all it needs to slide for the hand to fold in and out and rotate,

    The finished arm should look like this.
    With enough slack it can fully fold in when in alt mode.

    With the elbow mod Starscream can have decent articulation with only a little effort.

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