ROTF QC variance.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Brakescream, May 22, 2010.

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    I've just picked up Lockdown (he's kinda new to us UK folk) and I was blown away with how great this figure is. Everything from the design to the quality of the toy. I would say he's the best in the whole line for me, then I remembered I said the same about Thrust. What do these 2 guys have in common? They don't appear in the movie. Skystalker is ace too.

    So why then are the toys that come out when the movie is in its prime, particularly the ones based on movie characters so bad in contrast? I had paint issues with voyager Starscream, I don't think there was a single ROTF fig I had that didn't have at least one floppy joint straight out of the box.

    Are these toys simply rushed out to meet demand? If I didn't know better I would doubt that Lockdown and Sideswipe were even made by the same company. Did this happen with the last movie too?
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    IMO It's not really a QC issue, so much as a design one.

    My theory is that first few waves of movie toys were based on massively complicated CGI characters developed for the screen and then shoehorned into a transforming toy whilst having to meet all the safety tests and cost concerns Hasbro would have, along with the likeness/IP legalities the studio would insist on. The later waves - the ones that didn't appear in the movie - were developed as toys right from the outset.

    With something like BW or TFA they had simpler character designs which were conceptually based on toys (or at least the concept of how TFs work) giving the toy designers way more room to manoeuvre, and we ended up with some really good screen-accurate toys.

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