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    Here are a few pics of Grindor. I hadn't seen any threads or whatnot for him. Just wanted to throw some pics out there of this guy in case anyone was wondering about him.

    He doesn't have the Starscream-ish tattoos. He's got some sort of little Lego looking marks. Still looks neat. He has no kibble at all (I forgot to snap a pic of the bottom of the helicopter, sorry). Its smooth looking. The card says that this is his "Sikorsky Pave Low" mode. The back blades also spin.

    Here he is next to TFA Activators BB. He's a smidge longer than BB.

    This is his bot mode. His arms are kinda crappy. They are on a balljoint at the shoulder, but not much else going on with that. His legs have joints at the knee enabling him a little posability. The head does not move at all.

    Here is the butt-shot. Not much going on here.

    And a comparison to TFA Activators BB in bot mode. About the same side as every other Legend figure in the line. Because his "elbows" stick out, he's a bit wider than most though.

    His transformation is pretty straightforward. The legs can be a pain in the butt sometimes to fold up when putting him back in chopper mode.

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