Heavy/Scratch: ROTF Leader Megatron - Removable Arm

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    I don't remember posting about this, but I figured I probably should.

    Anyway, the ROTF Leader Megatron has two problems. 1) the hunk of plastic murder arm, and 2) the woefully underscaled gimp arm.

    Having already corrected problem #1, I set out to fix problem #2.

    I was provided with a junker Movie 1 Megatron arm that I painted and used as a donor arm, but this presented problem 2b: there's nowhere to put it when it transforms.

    Being the enterprising sort, I used parts from the original arm and a peg from a junker Demolishor so that I could remove it when I transformed it.

    If you have questions, just ask!

    The full figure:

    The shoulder. I drilled a hole through the plastic for the peg to fit in to.

    The arm shoulder. It's about a half inch long or so.

    And the arm shoulder again.

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