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    NOTE: These are still a work in progress, and I'm still tweaking details here and there, but I'm expecting to have them done today.

    I sincerely apologize for the picture quality, the camera's terrible.

    I apologize for no in depth steps or pictures, once I got into it, I was so engrossed that I just didn't even think about it.

    Without further ado:

    In thumbnail 2, I'm showing you where I took part 1, and placed it in location 2. (This is the same for both guns.) The red circle on the handle is show that I kept the handle, but beefed it up a bit with Styrene. (It's not perfect, in fact it's ugly, but it works.)

    In thumbnail 1, I'm showing you which pieces were used to make this work.

    The panel circled in yellow is being used for the hand guard (some scenes of the film show it, others don't, but the Buster Prime seems to use it.) The way I have it shaped is the way I cut it to fit my 'bash.

    The light blue on the smokestack ties into thumbnail 2.

    The black circled exhausts are being used on the back end of the guns.

    The dark blue part has nothing to do with this kitbash.

    In thumbnail 2, you see the guns as they originally were. I removed the gun barrel/smoke stack assembly and kept the screw for later use. The hinges that allow the smokestack to swing up and around for vehicle mode, I swapped them to the opposite gun.

    Next, I took the exhausts, circled in black in thumbnail 1 (I don't know what they're called, actually, but for the rest of this thread, I'll call them exhausts.) I removed the screws to open them (they come apart in two pieces) and I seated them around the hinge where they'd have been fastened to the gun originally (the screw hole), tightened the screws back up, and that part's done.

    Using a rotary tool (in case anyone asks, it operates at 16,000 RPM, one speed only.) used the smallest drillbit I could find (I can't remember the size) and bored holes through the smokestack, and the shaft of the spring loaded section of the gun. (NOTE: I glued the missiles in place before doing all of this.) I then used the screw that came from the smokestack originally, and used it to fasten the stack to the side of the gun. I super glued the edge of the hinge box to the back of the main gun to further secure the piece.

    Next, using a cutting disk, I cut off the smokestack tips, sanded them down so they were nice, even, and clean. I then proceeded to super glue them to the front of the permanently attached missiles to create the barrel.

    Using the cutting disk, the drill bit, and a bit of careful hand work, I cut the leg panels circled in thumbnail 1, off of the Voyager's legs, and then cut the panels to shape so they'd fit the gun and Prime's forearm. The rods/shafts I mentioned earlier were cut in two, to use as spacers to give the guards room so the gun would fit in hand, but not scratch the paint on the forearm/hood pieces themselves.

    I drilled two holes, through the panels, the spacers, and the side of the guns, and using the screws taken from the Voyager's legs I secured the guards to the side of the gun, resting on the outside of the hand, in between the forearm/hood piece. NOTE: Once these guns are in Prime's hands, the swords cannot fully deploy, they will block the sword from coming all the way out. (I might fix that.) This sword blockage is not permanent.

    I cut pieces of .3mm Styrene sheet in the shape of the gun handle, and padded four pieces of Styrene (two on each side of it) and used super glue to fasten the pieces to the handles. (Cutting these small pieces out was one of the most time consuming aspects of the job.)

    I correct myself here, I did not use Sharpies, or paint pens. (sorry for the confusion.) I used SRX Metallic Colorsharp pens from MEGABrands. I used silver, gold, and blue (which shade, I couldn't tell you.)

    I painted the guns themselves completely silver. I painted the details and what I felt needed a break of the monotone, with gold. I then used the blue to color the guards to be a closer match to Leader Prime's blue. Not the same shade, but it was a better match than Voyager's blue. I might come back and correct the color on the blue later.

    I let the markers fully dry, then gave another coat, then let dry again. So that I was able to handle them without any loss, or colorbleed, and I placed them right in Prime's hands. They fit. Not perfect, but they fit and due to the bulking up of the handles, they're seated tightly as well.

    So, that, in a nutshell is my kitbash of Optimus Prime's BFGs. Now, if only I could get those camera pics so you folks could see the finished product. (I'm working on it, I swear.)

    EDIT: As you can see, the smokestack circled in green was affixed to the front to become the barrel.
    The yellow circle shows the very top of the guard. (The black arrow is pointing to the spacers, that are barely noticeable) And the blue of course shows how I have the main piece of the smoke stack attached with the exhaust hanging off the back.

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