ROTF, HFTD, Animated, PCC and Generations Figures for Trade

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Quickdrawn94, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Jun 19, 2011
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    All these figures are complete and loose. I'm mainly looking to trade, but I'll list prices. CASH ONLY. Contact me if interested.


    ROTF Voyager Long Haul $20
    ROTF Voyager Skywarp $20
    ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe $10
    ROTF Deluxe Ratchet $10
    ROTF Deluxe Skids $10
    ROTF Deluxe Mudflap $10
    ROTF Deluxe Thrust $10
    ROTF Scout Rollbar $5
    ROTF Preview Deluxe Bumblebee $10
    HFTD Deluxe Bumblebee (Rampage Among the Ruins) $10
    HFTD Battle Ops Bumblebee $30
    HFTD Legends Devastator (G1 Colors) $25
    HFTD Deluxe Ravage (Rampage Among the Ruins) $10
    HFTD Deluxe Electrostatic Jolt $10
    HFTD Legends Long Haul $5
    HFTD Legends Rampage $5
    Animated Deluxe Soundwave $10
    Animated Activators Megatron $5
    PCC Combaticons with Bombshock $15
    Generations Deluxe Thrust $10
    Generations Deluxe Dirge $10


    ROTF Human Alliance Barricade
    ROTF Voyager Megatron
    SDCC 2009 Universe Classics 2.0 Soundwave Reissue
    US Masterpiece Wal Mart Exclusive Skywarp
    Generations Deluxe Darmount
    DOTM Leader Bumblebee
    DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime
    DOTM Human Alliance Leadfoot
    DOTM Cyberverse Shockwave with Vehicle
    DOTM Leader Ironhide
    DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime
    DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime
    Kre-o Megatron
    Kre-o Optimus Prime with Trailer
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